The Vegan Ballerina: An Interview With The Ballerina Agnes Muljadi

There is a story behind every carefully curated Instagram feed. Agnes Muljadi - ballerina and social media influencer - has a story of intense dedication to her art and her ethics. A dancer and a vegan, she is leveraging her digital reach to drive attention to the brands and products that share her commitment to people, animals, and the planet. We are honored to share her story, the responsibility she feels to vote with her dollars, and exactly what she is cropping out of her online presence.

Celebrate Fall By Shopping Local At These Maker's Markets Across The Country

Aside from being able to shop local, handcrafted goods all in one place, makers markets are wonderful because they invite consumers to meet and converse with the person behind their purchase. So, in continuation of our Spring and Summer Makers Markets Guide, here are seven markets worth checking out this season. 

The Ecological Balance Of Organic Food: Behind The Scenes With An Organic Farmer

As a team of dedicated organic growers, New Country Organics is passionate about educating people on the farming practices that allow us to enjoy a healthy and sustainable planet, produce and people. I was lucky enough to talk to one of their team members, Bill Ahrens, about what exactly organic means to them as a small-scale organic farm and what they think we should know as conscious consumers.

Stem's Hand-To-Home Craftsmanship Makes Custom, Eco-Friendly Furniture More Accessible Than Ever

With ten years of experience in the furniture industry, the founders of Stem realized there was a need in the market for truly custom, eco-friendly furniture for the conscious home. Building off of their previous innovations in eco-friendly materials and customization, they further evolved the furniture shopping experience.

Restoring Lives, One Elegant Tee At A Time: Interview With Katie Martinez, Founder Of Elegantees

Katie Martinez studied design and supported billion dollar fashion brands before a chance encounter inspired the social entrepreneur to build a business that could protect Nepalese women from sex trafficking. Today, the founder of Elegantees is launching her first line of organic clothing and children’s designs. We sat down with Katie to hear more about her evolution from midwestern girl to international business owner. 

Celebrating The Present Journey: Our Experience At The Yellow Conference 2017

We had the pleasure of attending The Yellow Conference, where we met and heard stories from inspiring women who are using their platforms to make the world a better place. The Yellow Conference is an annual event, bringing together 500 female creatives interested in doing social good, and this year's theme was The Present Journey. Here are our takeaways from the conference!

5 Tips For Creating A Sustainable & Ethical Wardrobe On A College Budget

It’s easy and convenient to stop in the chain store by your campus and pick up a $30 dress, but what if you could get a $30 dress that was ethically made and empowered another person? I’m not saying buying ethical fashion on a college budget is easy, but it CAN be done. Here are a few pro-tips to help you get started!

11 Natural & Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Brands For A Brighter Smile

Making the switch to organic and natural toothpastes means fewer chemicals and additives, and more natural whiteners and essential oils for minty fresh breath. These 11 organic, natural, and fluoride-free toothpastes and toothpowders that are keeping you and your family cavity-free and clean all day. Whether you have a picky baby or sensitive gums, these toothpastes and toothpowders are sure to be gentle, refreshing, and loved by all.

No Fashion Waste: Interview With April Liang & Garrett Gerson, Founders Of YSTR

Blending their environmental ethics, industry experience, and passion for fashion, YSTR is striving to enable women to minimize their impact without breaking their budget. In our conversation with the founders, April and Garrett shared their criticism of the fast fashion industry, the inspiration behind their line, and their goals to educate the conscious consumer.

How To Travel Like A Local: Tips From My One-Year Trip Around The Globe

Traveling like a local is not only a wonderful way to have an authentic international experience, but it promotes conscious and sustainable tourism, as well as global kinship and respect for different cultures. It’s how we continue to travel, and we hope these tips will inspire others to travel like locals as well. 

Beat The End Of Summer Heat With These 10 Vegan Ice Cream Brands

Next time you’re perusing the ice cream aisle or picking a flavor at your neighborhood ice cream parlor, consider trying the dairy free variety. Vegans, plant-based eaters, and lactose-intolerant friends, look no further: we’ve gathered ten vegan ice creams that’ll have you sneaking into the freezer, spoon in hand. Dairy eaters be warned. 

For World Changers: Interview With Jim Van Eerden, Co-Founder Of Sevenly

After a successful career of serial entrepreneurship, Jim Van Eerden co-founded Sevenly in 2011 with the mission of leading a generation toward generosity. Inspired by the belief that people matter, he built a brand that leveraged cause art to connect consumers to the social and environmental issues that they cared about. But the company grew quickly and its impact was at stake. We sat down with Jim to hear his story, the career shift he made toward social businesses, and exactly how he is working to stabilize a company from which so many nonprofits stand to gain. This is the story of one entrepreneur’s journey through the rise and fall (and rise again!) of Sevenly.

Introducing Fashion Fridays Video Series On The Good Trade: Talking Practical Tips For Slow & Sustainable Fashion

Welcome to Fashion Friday on The Good Trade where we explore some of the most frequently asked questions about sustainable and slow fashion! Thanks to our host, youtube creator, Dearly Bethany for hosting this series. Please let us know any topics you'd like us to discuss in upcoming episodes!

Conscious Without Compromise: Interview With Cayla O'Connell & Danielle Dorn Of Under The Canopy

Under the Canopy helped set the standards for sustainability, pioneering the organic cotton industry. Built on the belief that style and sustainability do not have be mutually exclusive, the business has since applied those same standards of excellence to home goods. We sat down with the creative genius behind the brand - Cayla O’Connell (Brand Manager) and Danielle Dorn (Creative Director) - to hear about their vision for Under the Canopy, the impact its products are having, and what they look for in the businesses that they support.