15 Best Companies To Work For That Are Actually Making A Difference In The World

We wholeheartedly believe that professional work can be a life-giving reflection of our values and heart for both the world and its people. With a new wave of graduates this spring, the workforce is increasingly filled with individuals searching for meaningful work opportunities with organizations and companies committed to social good. The 15 companies listed below are passionately committed to positive change amidst a variety of industries.

Curated With Love: Interview With Katie Bogue Miller & Justine Lassoff, Founders of LOVE GOODLY

We sat down with Katie and Justine, the inspiring duo behind LOVE GOODLY - a subscription service that delivers cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, eco-friendly and vegan products right to our door! These mothers and social entrepreneurs are working to make the healthy choice the easy choice for thousands of individuals looking for less toxic products to put on their bodies and in their homes.

7 Decluttering Steps To Help You Make Space For Living A Life You Love

Clutter leaves us feeling weighed down, overwhelmed and frustrated, and those feelings can get in the way of doing what we love most. To allow for more indefinite action on our life’s path, here are 7 steps to clear the excess so we can have more space for our goals, dreams, and special moments in between.

10 Must-Read Books To Inspire Empathy & Joy This Summer

With the summer months finally approaching, it’s time to refresh your reading lists! These thoughtful reads will guide you in meditations about the meaning of life, the power of human interaction, and the significance of identity. We hope you find encouragement and inspiration from these highly-respected authors and beloved stories.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Interview with Joy Stoddard, Development and Outreach Director of Whole Planet Foundation

Joy Stoddard is the Development and Outreach Director for Whole Planet Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Whole Foods Market, where she travels the world working with microentrepreneurs. We were lucky enough to have a conversation with Joy about her motivation to give back, stemming from her earliest job as a candy striper to her career with Whole Foods.

Telling Stories Of Social Change: Interview With Kassia Binkowski, Founder & Creative Director of One Thousand Design

Kassia Binkowski is an invaluable contributing member of our editorial team and an experienced storyteller. We discussed the most essential elements to successful storytelling, the common struggles social good enterprises face when sharing their message, and how her most recent journey - becoming a new mother - has woven into her career.

Clean Energy For All: Interview With Grace Mahary, Model & Founder of Project Tsehigh

We had the opportunity to chat with Grace Mahary, the founder of Project Tsehigh as well as a stunning international model, about her solar-focused nonprofit. We talked about what inspired her decision to go solar, why she combines fitness with her fundraisers, and she shared some short but sweet words of encouragement for people embarking on their own endeavors to better their communities.

16 Ethical & Conflict-Free Engagement Rings For The Socially Conscious Bride-To-Be

For the socially conscious bride-to-be an ethically sourced engagement ring is a must. Thankfully there are a range of stunning and affordable options. These 14 jewelry companies source recycled or fair trade gold, and vintage and conflict-free diamonds and jewels to create their engagement rings.

Discover The Soul Of Craft: Interview With Liza Moiseeva, Co-Founder of GlobeIn

Russian entrepreneur Liza Moiseeva and Vladimir Ermakov set their sights on bringing ethics and sustainability to the subscription box space by co-founding GlobeIn. We interviewed Liza about this challenge, how conscious consumerism can transform an industry, and how GlobeIn is making a global and local impact.