Pay It Forward: Interview with Courtney Roberts, Director of Marketing + Creative at The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys is a unique, Pay It Forward social enterprise that creates inspiring key necklaces and employs those transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles. We interviewed Courtney Roberts, the Creative + Marketing Director at The Giving Keys about the origins & impact of this social enterprise, their plans for International Pay It Forward Day, and what words have been inspiring her lately.

Who Made My Clothes? How To Get Involved During Fashion Revolution Week

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza tragedy killed over 1,100 garment workers in Bangladesh and wounded over 2,200 more. The incident left consumers all over the world questioning who makes the clothes we wear everyday and in what kind of conditions? As conscious consumers, it's more important than ever to vocalize our objections to make a positive difference for the people making our clothes and goods.

One For You, One For Me: Justin Wolff, Chief Giving Officer at Yoobi

While practicing law, Justin Wolff spent much of his day isolated in a fancy office, going through mountains of paperwork. In 2012, he met Ido Leffler, the CEO and co-founder of Yoobi. Today Justin oversees Yoobi's buy one, give one program, developing strategic partnerships in order to ensure that donated school supplies make their way to the kids that need them most, right here in the US. 

Avocado Mattress Is The New Green Mattress Company Disrupting A Worn-Out & Toxic Industry

Jeff and Alexandra D’Andrea couldn’t find a truly green mattress at a price point they could afford, so they set out to make luxury mattresses as eco-friendly and non-toxic as possible. Avocado Mattresses are handmade to order in sunny California by people who are paid a just and living wage using eco-friendly, sustainable and organic materials.

Fashion That Feeds: Christian Black, Co-Founder of HALF UNITED

Christian and Carmin Black, a brother and sister team, managed to remain best friends while building a successful social enterprise. We sat down with Christian to hear his story about making the move from being a creative college student working on his own t-shirt business to the co-founder of HALF UNITED - a fashion company that feeds children in need.

Sustainable City Guide: 12 Places To Eat, Stay & Shop In Charleston, South Carolina

Whether you’re visiting to catch some waves, explore the historic Old District, or find the very best shrimp and grits in town, you’ll find yourself enchanted by Charleston’s southern charm and hospitality. Charleston makes sustainable travel easy in her own historical preservation and environmentally conscious efforts. Experience all the richness of the city while returning the favor. Let’s give Charleston at least another 400 years.