Pack With Purpose: 13 Sustainable Carry-On Items For The Conscious Traveler

It can be difficult to navigate airports and flights with all the pre-packaged meals, plastic wrappers, and disposable containers. Small choices can make a difference, so we’ve compiled a list of conscious carry-on travel essentials that ensure convenience, comfort, and sustainability - even while in the air. 

The 6 Conscious Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying New Clothing

When we’ve learned to shop from a crowded rack with nothing more than a vague tag to hint at some semblance of a back story, what do we need to ask to make considered, conscious choices? Here are six questions to ask yourself before making a purchase to ensure that it's a sustainable and ethical choice.

6 Natural Beauty Bloggers Share Their Beauty Routines & Must-Haves For Travel

Staying fresh after hours on a plane or in a car can be a challenge. Not to mention, it's not always possible to fit our full beauty routine into our suitcase or carry-ons! So what's a girl to do? We sought out some of our favorite organic and natural beauty bloggers to get their product recommendations and beauty hacks that they turn to when they're traveling. There's advice here for the minimalist makeup maven and the maximalist beauty queen!

MATTER Prints Is The Socially Conscious Brand Creating The Perfect Travel Clothing With Stories To Tell

MATTER is a socially-motivated lifestyle brand connecting communities to opportunity and creating garments and accessories for the everyday. Their clothing is designed with story and soul, as they incorporate traditional printing, weaving and dyeing techniques into their modern styles.

The Ethical Fashionista’s 5 Reasons To Love Fair Fashion Brands

Fair trade is a philosophy all about respect between human beings. Fair trade brands ensure that they pay their suppliers a fair price and that their employees are also paid a fair and living wage and provided with job security, development and training. There are so many reasons to choose fair fashion, not least the clothes themselves. The ethical fashionista’s wardrobe is built on fairness and equality - here’s why.

7 European Hostels Committed To Environmental Sustainability

With so many hostels scattered across Europe, travelers can find almost any type of accommodation to meet their preferences, including hostels with a sustainability model. All of the hostels on this list recognize that tourism leaves behind a carbon footprint - the goal is to reduce this footprint as much as possible. Through environmentally-friendly initiatives, sustainable practices, and community involvement, here are seven hostels offering conscious backpackers sustainable and affordable accommodations in Western Europe.

A Traveler's Guide To Versatile Packing — So You Can Enjoy Your Trip Without Worrying About Your Clothes

Liv is a simple living & slow fashion blogger in the midst of a cross-state move. She shares her tricks to a more streamlined packing process for travel or a move, and also shares her thoughts on how an intentional wardrobe can help empower and propel you in the right direction.

15 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses You’ll Love Saying Yes To

Our contemporary wedding industry can make planning your big celebration a high-pressure, costly experience. This is why we encourage values-based wedding planning to not only ease your soon-to-be-married mind, but make a positive impact on the world and other people. Planning with sustainability in mind will help you set off on the right foot as you enter this exciting chapter of life. Plus, choosing a made-to-order design with high quality natural fabrics will only result in a dress you wholeheartedly adore. And for those who are less attached to their dresses, secondhand shopping and rental services are an excellent option!

Conscious Living 101: Don’t Forget About Yourself!

You want to make an impact - whether through conscious consumerism, social entrepreneurship, activism, or simply by fostering better conversations within your personal circles. It’s easy for people to get so caught up in changing the world and helping others that they neglect the most important thing they need to actually make a difference: themselves. Self-care and self-love isn't selfish, it's necessary to fuel those of us looking to change the world.

10 Conscious Travel Magazines Inspiring Wanderlust + Cultural Appreciation

Skip the tabloids and pick up a digital or print copy of one of these impactful and inspiring publications. Each magazine is carefully crafted by dedicated storytellers and creators who all have one thing in common: a longing to better understand the world and its people. Readers are invited to explore culture, place, and identity while allowing themselves to see the world through the eyes of others.

5 Farm-To-Table Inspired Cookbooks To Add To Your Shelf

In the summer months, piles of cherries, mounds of kale, and towers of lanky rhubarb stalks spill over from farmers markets stands right into in the fridge. It’s hard to resist picking up a little of everything when it comes to seasonal produce and it’s easy to buy more than you’d planned. We’ve gathered cookbooks that take the freshest ingredients from the farm and turn them into thoughtful, wholesome meals. With these volumes on your shelf, there’ll be less food in the compost and more on the dinner table. 

7 Socially Responsible Investment Platforms That Help You Invest In Both Purpose & Profit

The way we manage our finances is one of the most direct and simple ways we contribute to values-based positive change in the world. Advancements in technology are continually making this task less intimidating and more accessible, enabling consumers at all investing levels to support sustainability efforts. With the assistance of easy, automated, transparent, and customizable investment platforms, you can use your money for good. This kind of financial empowerment enables us to value all forms of capital, including human and natural, and invest wisely as stakeholders on Earth. 

10 Conscious Vacation Essentials for Your Summer Travels

Summer is here, your plane tickets are booked, and your itinerary is planned. Now it's time to pack your bags. These 10 travel essentials will enhance your summer vacation and even serve as conversation starters as you make new friends on your adventure. Each item makes our world a better place by improving the lives of workers, the environment, the welfare of animals or all of the above! Safe travels. 

Considering a Gap Year? These 8 Long-Term Internships and Volunteer Opportunities Help You Give Back at Home or Abroad

It’s not unusual for recent graduates, as well as those contemplating a career break, to take a gap year or spend time volunteering with a nonprofit or humanitarian organization. Whether exploring short-term options or year-long opportunities, here are a few of our favorite organizations that leave a positive social impact.

Social Impact Business Models: Is Impact Employment The New Charity? 

Impact employment & impact sourcing stem from the idea that social impact is not just about donating money to charity, it’s about providing opportunities to disadvantaged people to help them rise out of poverty for good. Here are four companies who are succeeding with this business model - and inspiring us in the process!

5 Luxury Designers Bringing Sustainable Fashion To The Runway

Some brands are completely sustainable, others have sustainable couture sections. Here are our favorite eco-friendly high fashion designers. Catch outfits by these designers strutting on the red carpet or on celebrities working the paparazzi on the streets. These designers show that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Dream, Create, & Inspire: Interview With Brit Gilmore, President Of The Giving Keys

Brit Gilmore was hired by The Giving Keys in 2012 as a production manager. Five years later, she is president of the social enterprise and was most recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list. We recently had the chance to sit down with Brit, learn more about the business model, how she cultivates an enticing workplace culture, and the skills she’s honed to find both balance and success.