Making Content That Matters: SoulPancake's CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi

We've been longtime fans of SoulPancake's work and their CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi, who's part general manager, part executive producer and often the dance party instigator at SoulPancake. Shabnam oversees a growing team of creative minds who produce video content in fun, uplifting ways. A former journalist, Shabnam has a longtime love for a good story. We were thrilled to hear more about her work at SoulPancake and her take on the direction of positive media and content creation. 

Creating A Better Planet For Our Little Ones: Alyssa Kerbel, Founder of mini mioche

mini mioche was founded in 2008 by Alyssa Kerbel after the birth of her daughter. At that time, Alyssa found it very difficult to find great, simple ethically-made basics especially in neutral colors. Drawing upon her decade long experience in the fashion industry, she set about creating her own collection of infant and kids' fashion basics. 

Highlights From The First Trade + Impact Summit

Nestled high in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco more than 100 attendees gathered for the first ever Trade + Impact Summit.  The Summit was the culmination of more than five years of fundraising, partnerships and event planning to bring together Africa and the Middle East’s brightest artisan entrepreneurs, women-led enterprises, social impact investors, and buyers/retailers with linkages to larger markets. 

Conscious Living 101: 5 Books & 5 Documentaries That Will Open Your Eyes To The "Why" Behind Conscious Living

One aspect of committing to the journey to conscious living means continuing education and diving deep into the issues and industries that are causing and contributing to problems like human trafficking, climate change, modern day slavery, and poverty. Here are five documentaries and five books that will help expand your understanding of what it means to live a conscious lifestyle. 

Green Is The New Black: Tracy Mulligan, Creative Director At People Tree

People Tree has long been a pioneer in ethical and environmentally sustainable fashion. For over 25 years, the brand has partnered with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections. An award winning designer and the lead Creative Director for People Tree, Tracy Mulligan has helped People Tree transform ethical fashion into something contemporary, accessible, and desirable. I was eager to hear Tracy's passion for working with People Tree, her perspective of the brand's design direction and her insights into ethical fashion trends as we head into the cooler seasons.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Positive: 5 Types Of Jewelry With Deeper Meanings

Life is complicated enough, without all the fuss and frills of keeping up with fancy trends. Adorn yourself with positive energy by keeping it simple and letting yourself shine. Since ancient times, various stones and symbols have held sacred beliefs when it comes to love, luck, happiness and the battles of everyday life. Here are five kinds of jewelry to infuse your life with abundance and positivity. 

Fair Trade Products We Love For Autumn 2016

Fall has finally come. With it comes the cooler temperatures, the vibrant turning of leaves and the golden hues of an Autumnal sun. There is something profound about this time of year that offers such a marked changing of seasons. It can invigorate, motivate and inspire. To celebrate the start of the new Autumn season, we've collected a few of our favorite new ethical and fair trade products.

In Honor Of World Tourism Day - A Few Resources For Traveling Responsibly

There are more than one billion people traveling to an international destination every year. That’s 83 million every month! The impact of this industry is a powerful force - especially for developing countries and for the sustainable development of the world. Here are just a few resources to help you make a positive impact during your next get away. 

Breath, Life, Flow: Gaye Straza, Founder of Kai Fragrance

Gaye Straza was a wanderlust woman in love with the sweet scent of the tropics. Nostalgic for the salty air and floral scents of tropical vacations, she created her own distinct fragrance. kai has since jumped from her bathroom vanity into the hands of men, women, and celebrities around the world. From boutique owner and boat dweller, Gaye talks us through her inspiration for the brand, its environmental impact, and her constant search for balanced beach-side living.

Innovative Ways Big Businesses Are Going Green For Big Impact

Going green isn’t just for small changes. They all help, of course, but recycling paper and changing lightbulbs only take you so far. Companies need to constantly look for innovative ways to help the planet, and big businesses are in the best position to do that. Here are a few steps big businesses have taken in recent years to go green and are making an impact on sustainability at incredible scale.