Living With Less: Joshua Fields Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus From 'The Minimalists'

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, known to their readers as “The Minimalists,”write about living a meaningful life with less stuff. These gentlemen mix humor and satire with insightful and practical steps for living a minimalist lifestyle. Longtime fans of their work, we were thrilled to talk more about their journey and get their insights on where to begin to when simplifying your life.

9 Beautiful Gifts That Give Back Under $50

Gift season is upon us! Giving gifts that made with fair trade practices, ethical sourcing and give back to charity are a wonderful way to double the impact of your giving during this wonderful season. We've rounded up our favorite finds under $50 and we feel each product carries a meaningful a story and does well by both people and planet. Happy giving! 

Win The Holiday With These 6 Curated Ethical Gift Boxes

Gift season has arrived! With it comes the opportunity to share meaningful gifts with those we love the most. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite curated gift boxes to inspire your generous spirit and make holiday shopping a bit simpler. Each of these gift box companies carefully selects ethically made goods that give back in some way.

6 Ways Having Less Things Makes Room For More Happiness

There’s a reason the saying “less is more” exists. People apply this to be effective communicators, cut out unnecessary resources in business or even use it as a mantra for their fashion choices. But this statement can also be used when you think of all the “stuff” you have hanging out in your life — both physical and emotional. How do you get started? Here are six ways to help you cut out the unnecessary and help prioritize the things that truly matter for your happiness.

Full Circle's New Ziptuck Collection Will Forever Change The Way You Use Plastic Bags

Wee are constantly on the lookout for brands that make everyday life a bit more sustainable and allow us to be more conscious of our environment while going about our day to day activities. It can be a struggle to find well-designed, functional and environmentally conscious products for the home. Since its founding in 2010, Full Circle has created  innovative, health conscious and unique products for the home and conscious consumers. 

Come In From the Cold - The Ethical Fashionista’s Guide to Winter 2016

A sharp blast of arctic air has announced the arrival of winter with on mistake. As much as we’d like to try and hold on to balmy Fall days and being able to go out in lighter layers or even a bare leg, it is time to take a deep breath in and embrace that winter wardrobe. Our Winter Guide is here to help you find the ethical brands of the season. So cosy up next to a crackling fire and let us help warm up your soul with our winter wonders.

Advocating For Animals, Conscious Living and The Malibu Sessions With Colbie Caillat

Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Colbie Caillat has captured our generation with her effortless music style and timeless harmonies, but her work and passions extend beyond the stage to be a longtime advocate of animal rights and conscious living. In our recent interview, Colbie shared about her passion for advocating for animal rights and sustainability - and some of her favorite resources for learning more.

The State Of Sustainable Fashion: Shannon Whitehead Lohr, CEO of Factory45

Factory45 is an online accelerator program that takes sustainable apparel companies from idea to launch. The company recently published a report on The State of Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurship. Factor45's founder and CEO, Shannon Whitehead Lohr shares some of her findings on the growing industry. 

5 Reasons To Consider Joining A Cohousing Community

Just as a home is more than its walls and windows, cohousing homes are more than standard condos. To the people who create, join and live cohousing communities, they join an active and involved community of neighbors who know and care about each other and together live more consciously of one another and the earth. Successful communities generally share 5 key characteristics that may tempt you to consider a cohousing community for your next move. 

Making Content That Matters: SoulPancake's CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi

We've been longtime fans of SoulPancake's work and their CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi, who's part general manager, part executive producer and often the dance party instigator at SoulPancake. Shabnam oversees a growing team of creative minds who produce video content in fun, uplifting ways. A former journalist, Shabnam has a longtime love for a good story. We were thrilled to hear more about her work at SoulPancake and her take on the direction of positive media and content creation.