12 Plus-Size Brands Making Sustainable & Ethical Clothing Available To Every Woman

Fair Fashion For Every Woman

For sustainable fashion to transition from niche to normal, it’s vital that fair fashion be accessible to everyone who wants to engage in it—and that it include ethically made plus size clothing. For many women, the path to adopting the slow fashion movement is blocked as brands fail to offer inclusive sizes. 

Looking into the issue further, the problem often lies with the fact that so many sustainable brands are sole ventures or tiny, independent companies. But as the demand from conscious consumers has grown, so has the ethical fashion industry and its ability to offer broader and more inclusive product ranges. We were thrilled to find 12 sustainable brands offering ethically made plus size clothing for the curvy woman, from everyday basics to fabulous formalwear.

Thank you to our friend Sophie Benson for her collaborating research on this guide! 

1. Hackwith Design House

Ethics | Made in the USA
Best For | One-of-a-kind pieces for plus size clothing
Price Range | $$ - $$$
Sizes | Up to US 28

Hackwith Design House, or HDH, treads the line between trend-led and timeless; fusing classic silhouettes with current season details. Determined to support local industry and reduce waste, all HDH products are made in-house in their Minnesota studio by their own seamstresses. The Plus range follows their limited edition model; there will never be more than 25 of each piece made, meaning you can invest in a sustainable exclusive in sizes spanning from US 14 to 28.

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2. Karen Kane

Ethics | Ethical production process, supply chain transparency
Best For | Dresses
Price Range | $$ - $$$
Sizes | Up to 3X

‘Sustainability through longevity’ is a mantra of the family-run Karen Kane brand. Since launching in 1979, they’ve shown their commitment to creating a Made in the USA collections with almost all of their clothes being cut and sewn in LA. Boasting an “effortless style with a laid-back luxe California vibe,” Karen Kane’s clothing is feminine and versatile. In sizes up to a 3X, their Plus Apparel line covers everything from work wear to comfy bamboo basics.

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3. SmartGlamour

Ethics | Ethical production, fair wages, transparent pricing
Best For | Formalwear, special occasion dresses
Price Range | $$ - $$$
Sizes | Up to 6X

SmartGlamour is the NYC brand that aims to cater to every size, style and identity. Offering bold and fearless pieces in sizes ranging from XXS to a 6X; their ethical approach is open to all and each piece is handmade in their Queens studio using fabric sourced from local businesses. As transparent about pricing as they are about their design process, SmartGlamour’s mark ups are kept as low as possible in order to further their ethos of accessibility.  

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4. Reformation

Ethics | Made in USA, uses sustainable fabrics, tracks environmental footprint and purchases offsets, pays living wages
Best For | Eco-friendly summer pieces
Price Range | $$$
Sizes | Up to US 22

Reformation's sustainable, modern pieces will till be stylish well after the season is over, and we're excited to find that they're offering up to size 22 in their Ali Tate Cutler collection so that more women can rock their bold and unabashed styles. This Los Angeles-based brand creates products only from sustainable and upcycled materials in a fair wage environment, and the impact of each particular garment is detailed on its purchase page.

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5. Seasalt

Ethics | Responsible production, use organic cotton, fundraising initiatives
Best For | Outerwear
Price Range | ££ - £££
Sizes | Up to UK 24

From its beginnings as a tiny shop in Penzance selling traditional workwear, Seasalt has grown into a brand in its own right. They work to produce their clothes with minimal impact on the environment and maximum positive impact on worthy causes and local industry. Sticking to their workwear roots, their collections are underscored by a utilitarian quality, updated with soft fabrics and statement prints. Their plus size offering is expanding month by month, so look out for new edits up to a size UK 24.

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6. Diane Kennedy

Ethics | Made in Canada, eco-friendly, organic materials
Best For | Bamboo knit tops & tunics
Price Range | $$$
Sizes | Up to 3X

Diane Kennedy's clothing line emerged when she personally realized a need for sustainable, comfortable and well-fitting clothing for the plus size woman. Her classic pieces are designed specifically for curvy women and aim to celebrate every woman's shape. Made in Canada with eco-friendly and organic knits that are also made in Canada, these clothes will be the ethical wardrobe staples that you'll love wearing daily. We love Diane Kennedy's bold & classic basics, modern silhouettes, and luxuriously soft, travel-friendly organic bamboo knits.

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7. Mei Smith

Ethics | Slow, minimalist fashion
Best For | Minimalist pieces
Price Range | $$$ - $$$$
Sizes | XL to 3XL

Mei Smith was founded on the basis of celebrating body diversity, a diversity that is rarely celebrated in fashion and media. All of Mei Smith's clothing is designed specifically for sizes 12+ for excellent fit, and offers elegant, designer pieces for the minimalist woman. Featured in Vogue, Refinery29, Racked, and more, Mei Smith is raising awareness for size diversity in fashion while raising the standard for clothing everywhere.

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8. Eileen Fisher

Ethics | Fair Trade Certified collections, sustainable materials & practices
Best For | Natural & organic clothing
Price Range | $$$
Sizes | Up to 3X

From Fair Trade and sustainable and organic fibers to a squeaky clean supply chain and a focus on human rights, Eileen Fisher’s ethical approach is multi-faceted. In terms of aesthetics, expect effortless staples in muted tones. Not content with simply scaling up their size range a few notches, they have a dedicated Plus section, which is designed to be flawlessly proportioned for the perfect fit. The range runs up to a 3X.

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9. Hope & Harvest

Hope And Harvest.png

Ethics | Made locally or in small fair trade factories
Best For | Capsule wardrobe layering pieces
Price Range | $$ - $$$
Sizes | Up to US 22

Australian plus-size brand Hope & Harvest operates locally and manufactures through fair trade agreements with small factories in order to ensure their workers' (and their families) well-being. Their chic, on-trend clothes are perfect layering pieces for seasonal capsule wardrobes. Their amazing patterns and unique cuts give each piece a bespoke feel. Plus, Hope & Harvest offers custom pieces for weddings and other special occasions, and design consultations if you live near their studio in Melbourne or via Skype.

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Ethics | Made in USA
Best For | Patterned dresses
Price Range | $$$
Sizes | US 14 to US 36

Named after an ancient goddess embodying vitality, charm, and intelligence, IGIGI designs contemporary clothing that celebrates curves. Their dresses range from casual to formal, and their patterns and florals truly make them perfect for all occasions. Made in Los Angeles from high-quality materials, IGIGI dresses add radiance to any woman's wardrobe. We love the variety of silhouettes and styles in IGIGI's store!

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11. On The Plus Side

On The Plus Side3.jpg

Ethics | Made in USA, sustainable practices
Best For | Variety of apparel options
Price Range | $$
Sizes | US 20 - US 48

On The Plus Side is committed to changing the plus-size fashion industry by offering a wide range of sustainably-made, stylish clothing designed to fit perfectly. On The Plus Side is manufactured and run entirely from California - including their customer service department - so they can ensure quality and excellent service. Over 90% of their clothing is made from eco-friendly, natural fibers, so you can fill your wardrobe with clothing that looks good and feels good. We love their range of clothing - from undergarments to outerwear, from dresses to denim, On The Plus Side has exactly what you're looking for.

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12. Pink Clove

Ethics | Made in UK
Best For | Current trends
Price Range | $ - $$
Sizes | UK 16 - UK 28

If you're looking for current, on-trend pieces in a wider range of sizes, Pink Clove is the perfect shop for you. Their modern designs are tailored to fit the curvy girl in any situation - from their playful & functional daytime looks to their bold, edgy outfits for a night out on the town. All of their garments are designed & produced in the UK and they ship worldwide!

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