15 Fair Trade & Eco-Friendly Denim Brands You Should Know Exist

We live our lives in denim. A good pair blends fashion and function to capture a chapter of our lives in a way that not much else can. That's why when we went on a search for ethical denim brands, we looked for brands that are bringing ethics and quality together to revolt against the trends of fast fashion and irresponsible production.

Your 2016 Guide To Gifts That Give Back {For Men}

Whether you are buying for a beard-wearing adventurer, a trendsetter, a mixologist, or a man on the move, this is your Guide to Gifts That Give Back for the man in your life for 2016. Each product inspires unique stories of ethics, conservation and artisan craftsmanship. 

Upgrade Your Makeup Collection With These 25 Cruelty-Free Makeup & Beauty Brands

Animal testing is an ugly side of the beauty industry. These 25 cruelty free makeup brands do not test their cosmetics on animals and many of them use vegan, natural ingredients that are good for you and good for the earth. The list is updated regularly, so please share with us your favorite cruelty free brands.


10 Fair Trade Coffee Shops In LA

Not much would happen here in LA without our morning fix. It's our perfectly brewed daily drug that makes traffic on the 101 forgivable and keeps us from throwing tantrums at the office.  Coffee is a daily and that's why we've been thinking a lot more about where our coffee is from and what it supports. This is our list of LA coffee shops that are fair trade and community focused. These shops are helping our morning cup be a part of changing the world around us.