Over the past several months we've been on a search for bloggers that are living out the ideals of a global citizen. We naturally follow dozens of blogs on a range of topics but we've been dead set on finding the ones that are really living out sustainability and sharing practical insights on how to change the world around us through simple daily decisions. We've asked our friends on Instagram, scoured our feeds and followed plenty of bunny trails to find these 15 Sustainable Living Blogs.  


Ecouterre is the creation of fashion activists. The site will inspire, educate and provoke you. Jill Fehrenbacher and her team of writers tackle tough issues on the site and share regular content on trends and innovations in the ethical fashion space. The site is maybe the best resource we’ve found on emerging ethical fashion and its well worth a visit. 

Miss Conscious Consumer

Miss Conscious Consumer is edited by Alexis Kuchenbecker and has a mix of recipes, tips, rants and talk of good coffee. In all of her pieces Alexis lets her passion for fair trade and sustainable living be known. She takes an especially strong stand against human trafficking in her writing and has quickly become a blog we look forward to reading. 

Trash is for Tossers

Trash is for Tossers was founded by Lauren Singer. It documents her Zero Waste Life. In one recent post she shared a picture of all of the waste that she had created in 2 years stuffed into one mason jar. The blog is a mix of life hacks and thoughts on zero waste living and in our book its flat out inspiring. 

Sustainably Chic

Natalie personally reviews eco-friendly and ethical companies from all over the world, sharing her favorites and often offering reader discounts on her blog, Sustainably Chic. The blog is beautifully designed and the products Natalie reviews are both sustainable and aesthetically on point.  We love checking back with her site and Instagram to learn of new sustainable brands.

Lifestyle Justice

Hannah Theisen writes this thoughtful blog that often features social enterprises and what they are doing to better the world around them. Hannah is a collaborator and you’ll find insights from her experience working in the Philippines and as part of Minnesota’s Human Trafficking Task Force. Lifestyle Justice has a steady stream of approachable content that we find ourselves really looking forward to reading. 

Tortoise and Lady Grey

Tortoise and the Lady Grey is an in depth exploration into the world of slow fashion. The blog was born when founder, Summer Edwards, made a decision to cut fast fashion out of her life and only buy clothes from ethical fashion companies. She was frustrated by the lack of detail surrounding her options and founded the blog to answer the questions that she had. Summer has even gone a step further and created a 20 Day challenge that serves as a jump start to a lifestyle of slow fashion.

The Note Passer

Elizabeth Stilwell is a self proclaimed sustainability nerd and started The Note Passer as an aim to provide a comprehensive resource on ethical lifestyle alternatives. The Note Passer is bite sized, well designed and practical. It’s got lots of engaging content and you might find yourself pouring a cup of coffee and staying a while. 

Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini has been blogging on ethical fashion for nearly 5 years and is deeply connected in the sustainability community. Her site Eco Warrior Princess covers a range of topics from closet organization to thrifting tips and organic food. The writing is spot on and Jennifer lives what she writes. Don’t expect to stop by her site and not be a least a little bit provoked to action. 

Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a UK based blog that breaks green living into simple steps. Wendy is the founder of the site and has broken her content into 5 categories including style, food and travel. Each category gives actionable advice on how to make greener choices. It’s a solid lunch hour read. 


EcoCult has an honest writing style that puts us right at home. Their content covers a range of sustainability topics from fair trade lingerie to sustainable apartment renovations. Alden Wicker is the founder of the blog and brings a unique perspective on sustainability in NYC. 

Eco Fashion Talk

Eco Fashion Talk is a resource for trending videos and information in the ethical fashion space. The site gives bite sized links to information throughout the web and its a great place to stop by on a regular basis to stay in touch with the slow fashion world and get some inspiration. 

The Guardian’s Sustainable Fashion Blog

The Guardian is a Pulitzer Prize Winning news source that takes on sustainability in an engaging way on their sustainable fashion blog. The site covers trending topics and goes in depth on tough questions around sustainability. It’s a worthwhile resource to follow if you are a sustainability nerd. 

The Good Wardrobe

The Good Wardrobe has a blog but their real vision is for their growing community of style sharing. The community shares knowledge, sewing lessons and even hard goods to keep clothes alive longer and push back against fast fashion. We love what these guys are doing and are excited to see the community grow. 


Winterthorne is a blog on slow living. The content has a visionary feel that comes in a quaint style that covers ethical and sustainable living. The founder, Myra Caballero, writes her blog from Wyoming and has a passion for organic food and simple living. The blog is a breath of fresh air and we love Myra’s work as a reminder to slow down and live well. 

Past Fashion Future

Past Fashion Future is a stylish look at ethical fashion with a focus on thrift and timeless looks. The site was founded by Emma Grady and is loaded with vintage inspiration and style picks. It’s a Saturday afternoon read and one you'll probably want to share on your Pinterest. 

Fair Trade on the Road

Fair Trade International represents a coalition of fair trade companies that are setting the standard for fair trade world wide. Fair Trade on the Road is their journal of all things fair trade and we’ve found it to be inspiring and engaging. Expect stories and real life experiences on how fair trade is effecting peoples lives.