Scarves With A Story

It’s the time of year for all things pumpkin, warm boots and infinity scarves. What’s not to love? Scarves make for a perfect and practical gift and are a lovely way to welcome the cooler weather.  If you’ve caught the fall craze, here are 14 scarves made by artisans all over the world – from the Himalayan Mountains to Ugana and Peru. Each scarf tells a story of resilience, fair trade work and artisanship.

Bloom & Give

Based In | India
Ethics | Artisan Made, Proceeds Benefit Girls’ Education
Best For | Silk & Cashmere Scarves
Price Range | $50 – $250

Bloom & Give believes in the power of education for young girls everywhere – so much so, that they provide 50% of their profits directly to support education initiatives across India. With a mix of pashmina weaves, block printing, and Khadi cotton handmade in small batches by a women’s cooperative, their stunning pieces will complete any ensemble. Plus, there’s always free US shipping and returns – what other incentive do you need?


Based In | Peru
Ethics | Sustainability, Ethically Sourced
Best For | Ombre Scarves & Shawls
Price Range | $155

Callina’s mission is to bring sustainable luxury fashion to women everywhere, that also positively impacts the communities they work with. Made with Alpaca yarn from the Peruvian highlands, their rich textile heritage and artistry creates stunning and timeless pieces for the conscious consumer. In addition to ethically sourcing their yarn, they ensure that there are no harmful chemicals in their dyes. Their incredible ombre scarves will turn heads wherever you go.

Raven + Lily

Based In | USA, Kenya, Malaysia, Peru, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Haiti
Ethics | Eco-Friendly, Fair-Trade, Women’s Empowerment
Best For | Ethically-Sourced Alpaca Wool
Price Range | $78 – $96

Raven + Lily works with at-risk women around the world to create eco-friendly women’s scarves that use repurposed materials, hand-stitched cotton, and eco-dyed silk. Paid with Fair-Trade wages, purchasing a scarf supports their sustainable employment model. Take your outfit to the next level with one of their light & airy pieces, or keep warm in their Alpaca wool scarves – you’ll never feel more luxurious or better about a purchase.

Heshima Kenya

Based In | Kenya
Ethics | Women’s Empowerment & Economic Independence
Best For | Prints & Patterns
Price Range | $30 – $40

Heshima Kenya’s social enterprise, The Maisha Collective, began when a young woman named Dahabo fled from Somalia to Kenya at just 14 years old. Heshima Kenya, a nonprofit that supports refugees at risk of exploitation, enrolled Dahabo in a training program to learn about textiles and fabrics – and now the Collective has grown to over 100 young refugee women. Their line of hand-dyed scarves helps to foster leadership and business management skills, while creating truly gorgeous pieces that any fashionista would love. Our personal favorite is the Takuma: Blush & Jade!

Krochet Kids

Based In | Uganda & Peru
Ethics | Fair-Trade, Women’s Empowerment & Economic Independence
Best For | Staple Winter Pieces
Price Range | $29 – $68

It should come as no surprise that Krochet Kids has made this list – they are known for their ethically made headwear and scarves all over the world. Handmade in Uganda and Peru, their scarves come signed by the woman who made it – and you can even thank her directly, on their website. Their wool will feel soft against your skin through the winter months – versatile, durable, and Fair-Trade.


Based In | India
Ethics | Fair-Trade, Proceeds Benefit Thaakat Foundation
Best For | Light Scarves
Price Range |$80

InkMade is a dream come true for those who care about beautiful prints, light scarves, and ethical fashion. They work with experienced block painters in India, who are paid Fair-Trade wages, in addition to giving a portion of the proceeds to the Thaakat Foundation. They transfer their love of architecture to their pieces, sharing stories of history and tradition along the way. Our personal favorite is the nautical Edifice, with a dreamy blue pattern perfect for an autumn or spring afternoon.

Kakaw Designs

Based In | Guatemala
Ethics | Fair Trade, Women’s Empowerment
Best For | Natural Dyes, Vibrant Colors
Price Range |$35 (Scarf) – $90 (Wrap)

Mari started Kakaw Designs in 2013 after returning to her homeland of Guatemala. After meeting artisans who were let down by local NGOs, Mari then decided that Kakaw Designs would create beautiful products ethically, while also being gentle to the environment and empowering women artisans. Their line of leather products has now expanded to scarves and wraps as well, 100% handmade with gorgeous natural dyes.

Mata Traders

Based In | India & Nepal
Ethics | Fair-Trade, Women’s Empowerment
Best For | Infinity Scarves
Price Range | $28 – $32

Mata Traders believes we can fashion a better world – and their fun and vibrant infinity scarves proves that it’s possible. Their pieces are made by a Fair-Trade women’s cooperative in India, using 100% cotton and hand block printing. With your purchase, you’re helping to not only keeping an art form alive, but fighting gender inequality and empowering women all over South Asia.


Based In | Cambodia & The UK
Ethics | Certified Fair-Trade, Ethically Sourced
Best For | Infinity Scarves
Price Range |$27 – $55

MadeFair marries together Fair Trade and fashion forward with their chic cowl scarves. Hand-knit and hand-finished, they source their wool ethically, only partnering in countries where they do not use mulesing, which can be detrimental to animals. Their belief in conscious capitalism, transparency, and slow fashion will make you a repeat shopper for years to come.

Warm Heart Worldwide

Based In | Thailand
Ethics | Proceeds Support Women’s Cooperative
Best For | Variety of Colors/Styles
Price Range |$17 – $80

In the hills of northern Thailand is Warm Heart Worldwide, an NGO focused on rural development and sustainability. One of their initiatives centers around a Fair Trade microenterprise with a local women’s co-op to produce gorgeous scarves, made in handwoven silk, rayon, and cotton. Their scarves are joint creations between traditional designs and input from volunteers, and each purchase goes directly to support these women and their families – with prices ranging from $17-$80, your closet will be chock full of bold colors and styles.


Based In | Himalayan Mountains
Ethics | Fair-Trade, Ethically Sourced Wool
Best For | His & Her Scarves
Price Range | €16 – €49

You’ll feel wrapped up in a little slice of heaven with LikeMary’s scarves & shawls. Ethically-sourced Merino wool is handwoven by a cooperative nestled in the Himalayan mountains, resulting in a beautiful piece that will last for years to come. With options for both men and women, this may be your one-stop shop for scarves for the whole family.

Parekh Bugbee

Based In | India
Ethics | Ethically Sourced, Organic, Eco-Friendly
Best For | Organic Cotton
Price Range | $150 – $420

Payal Parekh Bugbee grew up watching her father, a self-taught textile designer. With a love of color, craftsmanship, and silkscreening, she started Parekh Bugbee, a line of scarves, shawls, and stoles for men and women. Their artisans make their exquisite designs in small batches, and you can walk through the entire production process yourself right on their website. Best of all? Their entire factory from the wall to the floors was constructed from recycled and refurbished materials back in the 1980’s. An investment in a Parekh Bugbee scarf is one for your wardrobe, for people, and for the planet.


Based In | Bhutan
Ethics | Proceeds Support Women’s Cooperative
Best For | Variety of Colors/Styles
Price Range | $30

Choki is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering disadvantaged communities across Bhutan, especially those struggling with globalization. Their 100% handmade Bhutanese scarves are created by the Alumni of the Choki Traditional Art School, and all proceeds go back to serve their community for sustainable development projects & their Women’s Cooperative. With various colors and styles, there’s a scarf that anyone will love.

Mayamam Weavers

Based In | Guatemala
Ethics | Certified Fair Trade Federation, Women’s Empowerment
Best For | Infinity and Multi-Wear Scarves
Price Range | $20 – $25

Mayamam Weavers uses rich colors and traditional weaving techniques from Mayan culture for stunning handwoven accessories, including 100% cotton scarves. Mayamam is a cooperative of women from Cajola in Guatemala, where over 20 weavers and seamstresses earn fair trade wages, on-site childcare, and adult literacy programs. Plus, their multi-colored scarves are sure to compliment any outfit.