Devices For Muscle Recovery & Deep Tissue Massages You Can Perform At Home

While having an on-call masseuse is the dream (we’re dreaming big, okay?), a good massage gun can still work magic when dealing with sore muscles. Massage guns come with adjustable heads for use across your body, from in between your thumb and forefinger to your neck’s worst knots. In turn, these handy devices can relieve achy muscles, tackle lactic acid buildup, and provide everyday relaxation.

Across the board, the highest quality massage guns range from 1500-3000+ RPM (aka a very high speed, unlike kneading) and can go as deep as 15mm into your skin. Below are seven of our favorite choices—including affordable massage guns under $100, the “gold standard” of massage guns (literally), and even a manual massage stick. Less pain, more gain.

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1. Taotronics

Best For | Adjustable speeds
Features | Mini & regular sizes, various interchangeable heads, 20 adjustable speeds, 10 hours of battery life
Price | $59–$145

Taotronics’ innovative products have devotees worldwide, including 10 million products sold across the USA, UK, Japan, and Germany. Editor-used and approved, we love Taotronics’ line of massage guns—they’re relatively affordable, come with fast and free shipping, and have guaranteed lifetime customer support. Whether you have chronic knots or need to relax after an intense workout at the gym, these quiet, adjustable, and durable massage guns will bring you relief in seconds.

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2. Hyperice

Best For | Bluetooth compatibility
Features | Three models, interchangeable heads, up to 5 speeds, 3 hours of battery life, Bluetooth-compatible, recommended routines
Price | $199–$399

Hyperice’s massage guns are called Hypervolts, and there are currently three main models available (Hypervolt Go 2, Hypervolt 2 Pro, and Hypervolt 2). While a bit pricier than Taotronics but more affordable than popular brand Theragun, these massage guns are some of the best—they’re a TGT favorite! Not only are they extremely powerful and effective at massaging muscles, but they’re also compatible with Bluetooth via the Hyperice app, which offers custom recommendations based on your body’s movement throughout the day. This is the kind of futuristic tech we’ve been waiting for.

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3. Theragun

Best For | Quality & efficacy
Features | Five models, interchangeable heads, up to 5 speeds, up to 5 hours of battery life, Bluetooth-compatible, recommended routines
Price | $199–$999

Theragun is renowned for its line of massage guns, from the minis to the 24K Gold PRO (and yes, it’s made with real gold plating!). Why is it often considered the best of the best? Theraguns have ergonomic grips for easy use, a super-quiet motor for minimal disturbance, and an app for curated suggestions. Plus, Theragun products tout an industry-leading warranty, free shipping on all orders, and a 60-day trial—so you can see (and feel) why these massage guns are on every “Best Of” list.

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4. Lyric

Best For | In-store access
Features | One model, interchangeable heads, various speeds, up to 4 hours of battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity
Price | $199

Recommended by the likes of Wired and Popsugar, Lyric takes a different approach to massage therapy. Lyric turns to “rhythm therapy” (aka vibroacoustic science) to focus not just on rest and relaxation but on activating energy, too. What does that mean? Rather than choosing just one intensity, Lyric guns change intensity automatically to work with your body. (With its Wi-Fi-connected app, you can opt for just one intensity if you’d like.) Plus, they’re portable, light, and beautifully designed. Pick up one of your own online or at stores like REI, Target, and more, and thank us later.

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5. Mebak

Best For | Affordability
Features | Three models, interchangeable heads, up to 6 speeds, up to 6 hours of battery life
Price | $69–$149

Mebak’s massage guns are effective and soothing as they are accessible. With three models under $150, even the most affordable option comes with eight massage heads and six different speeds. With up to 3200 RPM (revolutions per minute), this Wirecutter-ranked gun can help tackle lactic acid build up, revive muscles, and relieve the deepest tension. Mebak offers a one-year warranty and 30-day returns.

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6. Ekrin

Best For | Sweat & moisture resistance
Features | Four models, interchangeable heads, up to 5 speeds, up to 8 hours of battery life
Price | $149–$329

Ekrin is another go-to for those seeking relief from aches, pains, and soreness. With four models and a wide price range, there’s likely something ideal for you. The Ekrin B37S, for example, has a whopping eight-hour battery life, whereas the more affordable Ekrin 365 is relatively quiet (35-55 dB, or the level of rainfall). All come with an ergonomic handle, sweat and moisture resistance, and a lifetime warranty. Let out a deep sigh—your search ends here.

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7. Lolë

Best For | Manual massage
Features | Handheld roller, ships to Canada & US
Price | $15

Designed in Montreal, Lolë is a Canadian wellness brand that delivers across North America. For those more interested in a manual massage than a massage gun, we like this Massage Stick. Weighing less than one pound, this handheld roller is like your own personal massage therapist. And because it’s tiny enough to fit into your suitcase, you can get your relief on (and your kinks out!) whether at home or on vacation. 

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