8 Unapologetically Confident Women We Adore

Written by trend-setting plus size models and fashionistas, these 8 body-positive blogs inspire us endlessly! Each one promotes fashion-forward thinking, self-affirmation and expression, and how to love ourselves. These encouraging blogs urge us to break rules set by the fashion industry and celebrate womanhood of all shapes and sizes. Having a healthy, optimistic sense of identity is what it’s all about! We are inspired by their featured topics such as beauty, travel, and fashion.


What Inspires Us | Gabi knew first-hand the lack of resources for young, on-trend women sizes 14 and up, so she began to fill the void. Her blogging and design work on GabiFresh inspires readers to take risks and have fun with clothing regardless of size or fashion rules. Gabi has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and been featured in Glamour, InStyle, The New York Times, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan, striking a chord with millions of women looking for inclusive fashion and beauty resources.


Style Me Curvy

What Inspires Us | Louise O’Reilly is an unstoppable international plus-size model who writes about beauty, fashion, and travel. She uses her blog as a platform to celebrate curves and fashion for women of every body type. Her online body type guide serves as a helpful resource for body image encouragement and styling expertise. Style Me Curvy was awarded “Best International Fashion Blog" by Cosmopolitan UK, and “Most Aussome Fashion Blog” by Aussie Hair Care Australia. O’Reilly has worked for brands such as Littlewoods, Very, Elena Miro, Freya Lingerie, and eight different modeling agencies.


Musings Of A Curvy Lady

What Inspires Us | Musings Of A Curvy Lady began with Thamarr, a Parisian-obsessed fashionista from Jacksonville, Florida. Her encouraging writing voice urges readers to love their bodies, experiment with fashion, and bring light to the fashion industry. She says, “I’m a positive body advocate and love to see fashion on all silhouettes.” We love Thamarr’s fun, feminine, unique, colorful style and her cheerful personality. Her “Shop the Look” links are particularly helpful and inspiring.


A Curious Fancy

What Inspires Us | Ragini is a plus-size fashion blogger from Calcutta, India “with a fondness for the eccentric.” She writes about fashion in relation to sociocultural-historical situations, sharing lists of brands, blogs, and other inspiration on her blog A Curious Fancy. Her personal style has a vintage flair, and she’s never concerned with what’s “flattering.” She promotes that “Striving for perfection of any sort and holding yourself back until you attain that perfection only leads to a life half-lived.”


Girl With Curves

What Inspires Us | Tanesha Awasthi started Girl With Curves to empower curvy women to break fashion rules and simply wear what they love. She shares beauty tips, inspiration, and advice, along with her own story to encourage readers. After a long battle with self-esteem, eating disorders, and excessive exercise, she is now a life-loving mom and wife. She says Girl With Curves is “An attitude, a way of life, a set of standards that embodies unapologetic confidence regardless of weight, shape or size.”


Garner Style

What Inspires Us | Chastity is a 30-something plus size blogger from Georgia living in California. She started Garner Style while working as a stylist, hoping to share complimentary style advice on the blog. Seen on Oprah.com, the New York Times, and Elle Magazine, she’s successfully taken her career in stride. She claims, “My personal style is classic with a twist” and encourages readers to “Be fearless. You only live once, why not look fabulous while doing it. If nothing else, don’t let size dictate your style.”


Jay Miranda

What Inspires Us | Jay Miranda’s style is “feminine, graceful, and trend-savvy. [She loves] to push boundaries.” Her goal as a plus-size fashion blogger, mom, and wife is to not only love her own body but encourage other women to do the same. She hopes to break down walls regarding controversial beauty standards, and does so by sharing an outfit archive and blogging tips.


Nerd About Town

What Inspires Us | 20-something Stephanie is a London-based plus size style blogger who loves comics, gadgets, and science fiction (which inspired the title of her blog). She shares with readers about how a former lack of confidence paired with shopping struggles inspired her to start Nerd About Town. The blog emphasizes mental health, being your best, feeling confident about your body, and loving who you are. She writes about beauty, style, lifestyle, thoughts, and even shares street fashion photography.