Venice Beach is about as good as it gets for yupster shopping and good coffee. The community has also been building some serious momentum around some socially focused businesses. On a recent Saturday morning we did some exploring and found 3 socially conscious businesses that got our attention.

Buck Mason

We are self-proclaimed denim geeks so the Made in America denim and apparel brand, Buck Mason, gets two thumbs up from us. We stopped by their Venice shop and have added their denim to the top of our hit list. Buck Mason has grown through a trunk-club type concept where they ship you American made apparel and you only pay for the items you keep. Their business is built on the idea that we should all know where our clothes are made. They make it known that they are proud to be employing people in the USA. We are getting kind of obsessed with BM and their store was a great place to get the full experience.


Another Kind of Sunrise

Another Kind of Sunrise is a hidden gem on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice Beach. The café and cereal bar provides food that is organic, locally sourced and environmentally friendly.  The delicious Buttery Brew is a fair-trade, organic blend made with a spoonful of raw coconut oil and grass fed ghee. The healthy fats from the coconut oil and ghee keep caffeine in your system longer and minimize acidity while helping your system to retain vital nutrients. At Another Kind of Sunrise they believe strongly in raw, anti-GMO food that is organic, ethical and of course delicious. Turn left just before the bright yellow house and you will find one of the best ethically sourced coffees in the city. 



TOMS is a forerunner in the concept and execution of a social enterprise. They brought the concept into the mainstream and demonstrated the way that social enterprises can enter large markets and have a huge impact. With so many Tom’s shoes in everyday places, its possible to forget that the company is still built on some of the purest ideals of social enterprise out there. The shop is across the street from Another Kind of Sunrise and serves coffee and sells glasses, shoes and apparel. Everything in the store is designed and produced ethically and gives back to people in need. The outdoor lounge in the back of the shop is a great place to post up for some study time or writing.