Let’s face it. When jetting off to a great adventure, whether it’s a quick, relaxing vacation or an adrenaline fueled adventure, packing appropriately can be a beast of a task to overcome. Pairing down the perfect outfits for the expected weather, organizing the small knickknacks we adorn ourselves with and squeezing the over whelming amount of shoes we all seem to accumulate is no easy task. Each and every item that enters your carry on bag should not only be usable, but also speak to your sense of style.

To help you overcome this obstacle, we’ve collected a few of our most cherished ethical travel accessories that give back to locals that make them. Each of these brands make a point of giving fair wages, practicing conscious business practices and educating the indigenous artisans who craft these beautiful products.

1. Tribe Alive Convertible Crossbody Bag

The perfect natural leather carryall is here. Just the right size to carry your e-reader, digital camera and wallet, without feeling weighed down. The removable crossbody strap allows wearers to adjust their look with versality and grace. Even better? Tribe Alive works to employ marginalized women in developing countries by connecting them to the global marketplace, giving them a sustainable income and the tools and skills needed for them to reclaim their future as independent business women. 

Crossbody Bag | $285

2. The Little Market Luggage Tag

A colorful, handwoven pattern that will set your luggage apart from the others. What more could you ask for? These luggage tags come in a variety of striking colors and are handmade by Guatemalan artisans working with Mayan Traditions. We love that The Little market not only cooperates with partners who aim to improve the quality of life of these worker’s communities but also including literacy workshops, business training and health programs as well.

Luggage Tag | $16

3. FashionABLE Assefa Scarf

This modern plaid textile is so minimalist and sure to be a staple on those days when layering is the only way to dress while adventuring. Each scarf is handwoven in Ethiopian and has detailed, unique details. The Assefa Scarf is actually named after one of the heroic women FashionABLE’s brand works with. This business believes in investing and empowering women in developing skills and helping them overcome challenges ranging from prostitution to lack of career opportunities. Investing in a piece from FashionABLE’s line is investing in one of their talented female Ethiopian artisans.

Assefa Scarf | $48

4. Sunday Tracker Prymal Shade Toquilla Straw Hat

The perfect, functional Panama Hat is an absolute must for vacations and explorations in the midday sun. Made in Ecuador by locals, The Prymal brand is committed to small community oriented artisan groups who practice traditional weaving patterns using the renewable and native toquilla straw. Mixing the sustainable and supportive nature all in one, classic hat to keep you shaded and cool.

Straw Hat | $120

5. Della Silver Dove Travel Bag

When packing, having the perfectly sized travel bag to store makeup, jewelry and hair accessories is incredibly helpful. This Batik fabric and vegan leather combo is so fresh and fun. Della’s commitment to socially responsible fashion works with community members in Ghana’s Volta Region who have a passion and talent for creating handmade products in exchange for fair wages, education and skill training.

Travel Bag | $18

6. Raven & Lily Uzma Recycled Cotton Travel Journal

Having a place to document the ins and outs of your everyday adventures is unfathomably worthwhile. The Uzma Travel Journals are made from recycled cotton and feature a variety of tribal inspired covers and include forty pages of recycled cotton paper made by marginalized women in Northern India. Proceeds from this product go towards funding literacy programs for these artisans in the community. So your documentation direct benefit others interested in learning literacy around the world!

Cotton Travel Journal | $6

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