Meet Katie Bogue Miller & Justine Lassoff,
Co-Founders of LOVE GOODLY

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Katie and Justine, the inspiring duo behind LOVE GOODLY - a subscription service that delivers cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, eco-friendly and vegan products right to our door! These mothers and social entrepreneurs are working to make the healthy choice the easy choice for thousands of individuals looking for less toxic products to put on their bodies and in their homes. Pragmatic, passionate, and champions of time management, these women shed a little light on their vision, mission, and daily drive.

We love seeing innovative businesses working to make conscious consumerism more accessible. Tell us about your motivation to launch LOVE GOODLY.

With beauty products being so unregulated in the US, we saw the need to help women make healthier choices by providing nontoxic, vegan and cruelty-free brands. Since we are a deluxe lifestyle box - full size beauty and skincare products with some accessories, wellness and home - we are able to introduce women to more than just beauty (unlike the many beauty boxes out there). We want people to know you don't have to sacrifice effectiveness or luxury to be nontoxic and cruelty-free. We work with amazing brands that appeal to everyone. 

You don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness or luxury to be nontoxic and cruelty free.

Curating a collection of products that are better for our planet at a price point that is palatable to the average consumer is so desperately needed. How do you identify the brands you want to feature?

We have been in the eco beauty space for years so fortunately we already knew a lot of brands coming into this business. We are also contacted daily from new brands and are always on the lookout to expand our network. Furthermore, since we try, use, vet everything we put in our box, you can trust that all products uphold our core values. We have a list of banned ingredients on our site that are considered unsafe for the customer and/or the environment and you will never find any of these in our products.

Tell us about your business model. What conscious consumer trends are you responding to and how did you choose a subscription service for LOVE GOODLY?

We love the idea of introducing and letting our customers try a full size product before they commit to buying it. Try before you buy. It's a win-win for us as our products are so amazing, and our customers always come back to buy on our e-commerce site. We are also able offer a tremendous value in our subscription boxes. For $29.95 every other month, you will receive at least $75 of full size goodies. 

The female entrepreneurial space is filled with stories of work-life balance, or a lack thereof. What we want to know is this - how has being mothers made you better business owners and vice versa?

When co-founding LOVE GOODLY, we were both already moms, which was critical to understanding the challenges of work-life balance that we both face so we can be supportive of one another. We find this makes us more empathetic to challenges that all of our team members face - even those who are not moms. In terms of how this makes us better business owners, as busy moms we need to be more efficient as we have limited time to get tasks done. There is third party research on female entrepreneurs showing that on average, they are more successful in their startup ventures. This may be due to the fact that from observation, women trying to raise funds are more realistic in setting goals, and thus more pragmatic, which is a great skill for business owners.

Let’s talk details. What does a day in the life look like as social entrepreneurs?

I think our day is typical for any "mompreneur"!

Justine's Typical Day: Wake up. Check email and send any critical emails. Wake up son to get ready for school, make breakfast, pack lunch, feed fish and dog. Shower and throw on clothes. Drive son to school. If time go to gym and shower there. Drive in to the office (or some mornings go to straight to a breakfast meeting). Depending on the day - a mix of phone calls, emails, meetings, testing products, working with team members, packing boxes to ship. Leave to pick up son from after school sports practice. Eat dinner with family. Help son with homework. Finish emails and any work projects. Watch favorite TV shows that have been recorded. And to note it does take a village - my husband and our son's nanny are part of my team! 

Katie's Typical Day: With a baby and 3 year old, my days and nights still blur together! But after nursing, fixing breakfast, packing my toddler’s lunch, prepping bottles for baby to be with nanny for the day, getting my oldest ready and driven to school, it feels like my day is half over and this is all before 8:00am. What's nice about being an entrepreneur is that we don't have an official start-time unless we have an early meeting or call. I head to our downtown LA office where I coordinate and buy for each box, select and try products, manage our team and run the business with Justine. We are in and out of the office all day with meetings. I try to pick my son up from school and try to spend late afternoons with him and the baby. We always eat dinner together with my husband, then we start bedtime routines. It's a fun but crazy day.

As mothers, business owners, and advocates, there are so many ways we can make a social or environmental impact in our own daily choices. What are some of the ways you all prioritize purchases and choose products to bring into your lives and - perhaps more importantly - into the lives of your children?

We use the products in our subscription boxes and by supporting these brands, we are supporting change.

Of course our business is predicated on voting with our wallets for more conscious brands. We use the products in our subscription boxes and by supporting these brands, we are supporting change. We do this too by following a plant-based and vegan lifestyle which supports more sustainable companies and choices. We communicate our lifestyle to our children which educates them on our daily choices. We also select preschools and schools that have a mission for social and environmental good. Thankfully, the Los Angeles area has schools that support our beliefs and lifestyle choices.