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In 2017, Los Angeles—The Good Trade’s home base—voted to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Since then, we’ve been excited to celebrate this holiday that honors and brings awareness to Native communities, rather than erasing them from history. We also hope cities in the US, like LA, that have already adopted Indigenous Peoples’ Day can serve as an example for the rest of the country to re-evaluate their observance of Columbus Day.

These Native-owned and led brands celebrate and preserve the creativity, history, and culture of Indigenous peoples. While this list does not fully account for global Indigenous-led brands, we invite you to share your favorite worldwide brands in the comments!


Product Range | Adult apparel, accessories, beauty, jewelry, purses

B.YELLOWTAIL is a breathtaking fashion line that celebrates ancestral tradition, beauty, and culture and lives up to the motto “Indigenously Designed For All.” Its brilliantly colored apparel is a must-see, and the gorgeously patterned silk scarves will have you mesmerized. Check out B.YELLOWTAIL’s Collective, a Native marketplace, to find other products—like intricate beaded jewelry—and to learn more about each of the makers.


2. Beyond Buckskin Boutique

Product Range | Adult apparel, accessories, jewelry, moccasins, home decor, bags

Launched in 2009, Beyond Buckskin began simply as a showcase of talented first artists and Indigenous designers. Now, Beyond Buckskin carries products from over 40 individual artists. Purchasing from Beyond Buckskin ensures that Indigenous art is preserved and the artists are supported directly—instead of non-Native companies that profit off of “native-inspired” designs. You can also sign up for CLUB/BB, to receive different Native pieces every month, right to your door.

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3. Cheekbone Beauty

Product Range | Lip, eyes, face, bundles

Cheekbone Beauty was launched by Jenn Harper, inspired by her Anishinaabe roots. Cheekbone’s well-known for its line of cruelty-free, less-waste lipsticks—which have been featured in Elle. Not only does the brand give back 10 percent of profits to Indigenous youth (and other causes), but the team also aims to “create space in the beauty industry where Indigenous youth feel represented and seen.” Its eyeliners, lipsticks, and palettes are all crafted without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

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4. Bedré Fine Chocolate

Product Range | Fine chocolates, sauces, bars & melts, gifts

Founded over 40 years ago, Bedré Fine Chocolate was purchased in 2000 by the Chickasaw Nation, hoping to continue the mission of making the highest quality of chocolates available. Since then, these rich chocolates and recipes have honored Native traditions and its rich history. Bedré is dedicated to supporting its community, giving back to benefit education, health and wellness initiatives, and other philanthropic orgs within the Chickasaw Nation.

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5. Birch Bark Coffee Co.

Product Range | Organic, fair trade, & small batch coffee

Coffee connoisseurs will love Birch Bark Coffee Co., a First Nations-owned and operated brand. Founded in 2018, this social enterprise works with farmers who are Indigenous descendants to source the finest organic and fair trade beans. Your purchase goes to support clean drinking water, which 270,000+ Indigenous people in present-day Canada still need. For every 50 bags sold online, Birch Bark is able to purchase and install a certified purification unit for a home. Start your morning with something that both tastes and does good.

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6. Ginew

Product Range | Coats & jackets, jean, tops, vests jewelry, accessories

Ginew is considered one of the first—and only—Native-owned denim brands in the world. Started by husband-and-wife duo, Erik and Amanda, this family business offers leather goods, jackets inspired by Native designs, and dark-wash Selvedge jeans. By respectfully and thoughtfully donning a Ginew piece, you’re able to help illuminate Native communities’ presence and the team is able to give back to Indigenous youth.

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7. SheNative

Product Range | Leather goods, apparel, accessories

SheNative’s mission as a lifestyle brand is to change the perception of the Indigenous woman—and to celebrate and empower her. These modern, minimalist pieces—like fringe earrings and medicinal bags—will quickly become daily staples in your wardrobe (and they also make beautiful gifts!). SheNative works directly with Indigenous artisans, suppliers, and designers, and also gives back 10 percent of profits to help support economic growth for Indigenous women.

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8. Trickster Company

Product Range | Adult apparel, jewelry, accessories, home goods, sporting goods, stationary, prints, books

Siblings Rico and Crystal Worl started Trickster Company as a way to celebrate Northwest Coast culture and art. Sourcing fresh, energetic pieces, the team works with indigenous artists to create their ever-expanding product lines. From skateboards and basketballs to playing cards to jewelry, Trickster Company is an effortlessly cool and innovative company with a little something for everyone.

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Product Range | Baby moccasins

TPMOCS was founded on the principle that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed, and sales of its moccasins help create economic opportunities for Native communities in need. These adorable baby moccasins (which can be customized!) are proudly Native made and handcrafted to order, making them an impactful and meaningful gift for the little one in your life. Plus, by purchasing Indigenous products, you are helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship that is vital to cultural identity.


Featured image via B. YELLOWTAIL

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