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We’ve researched and tested numerous produce delivery boxes — these are our top selections for freshness, convenience, and sustainable farming practices across a range of price points. 

Looking to freshen up your plate this year? Why not start with a produce subscription box. They’re great for the environment (less international shipping), fantastic for local farmers (less food waste), and good for your budget. No shade to conventional grocery stores though; shop where you can, however works best for you!

Why get your fruits and veggies delivered?

Getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diets can be tough. Thankfully, produce delivery boxes makes it easier. They help us gain access to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are more local, seasonal and fresh than what’s available at most grocery stores. Many produce delivery services utilize local farms and markets to gather fruits and vegetables to deliver in the quickest and shortest distance possible. This ensures higher levels of freshness and better quality produce. (Not to mention, you won’t have to leave the house to visit a grocery store or farmers market!) Produce delivery services typically prioritize organic and sustainable farming practices, helping farming communities thrive.

Having your fruits and veggies delivered can also help limit food waste. Since many produce subscription services work with surplus fruit, or sell “ugly” vegetables that don’t sell in stores, you’ll get the same nutritious foods at a lesser cost while preventing surplus fruit from heading to landfills. You’ll also reduce your food waste through pre-portioned amounts of food delivered based on your needs and preferences. These boxes are bringing fresh, seasonal goods to the forefront, rescuing produce from landfills, and making delivery more convenient than ever. Win-win.🏆

Our criteria:

  • ORGANIC/FRESHNESS | Our editors have tested most of the boxes ourselves, in our own kitchens to ensure the freshness of the produce is up to standard. While not all of these boxes offer organic produce, we’ve ensured every option sources locally for optimal freshness.
  • DELIVERY RANGES | It’s important for produce delivery boxes to be as widely accessible as possible, especially in areas where it can be tough to find fresh, local fruits and vegetables. These produce delivery boxes are available for delivery across most regions in the US/UK. 
  • SUSTAINABILITY | Each of these produce delivery box services utilize sustainable practices in their farming, delivery, and packaging. 

If you’re looking for full meal delivery, check out our guide to organic meal delivery services, and our wine subscription guide for dinner done easy.

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  Best Overall Most Affordable | Best For Fruit | Best For VeggiesBest Nationwide Delivery

1. Misfits Market 

American made
Budget friendly
Recycled materials

Best For | Accessible organic produce delivery across the US
Price | Order minimums start at $15 with flat-rate shipping
Delivers To | Contiguous US (See all)

Misfits Market finds fresh, organic produce that might have otherwise gone to waste due to scarring, surplus, or cosmetic blemishes, and ships boxes directly to you at up to 30 percent off traditional grocery store prices. (Think onions that are too small, oddly shaped squash, or twisted carrots!). With up to 22 pounds of organic produce delivery coming your way, this biz uses compostable plant-based bags, eco-friendly insulation, and recycled cardboard. Box minimums start at $15 to minimize packaging and carbon emissions, and Misfits Market delivers to nearly all zip codes across the contiguous US. 

Misfits Market Review | “I love saving food so it doesn’t go to waste. And I love the challenge of creating meals out of the products that are available each week.” –@chefjennyben (Read all reviews)

2. Farmer Jones Farm

American made
Family owned

Best For | Fresh greens, supporting regenerative & sustainable farming practices
Price | Boxes start at $89
Delivers To | Nationwide (See more)

Farmer Jones Farm is a second-gen family farm as part of The Chef’s Garden in Ohio. The team invests in organic and regenerative farming practices such as rotating field plantings between produce and multi-species crops, which benefits both the plants and the soil. In addition to one-time produce boxes such as “powerhouse vegetables” and “best of the season”, Farmer Jones Farms has robust subscription options as well, with convenient delivery to your home. You can also donate fresh vegetables locally to tackle food scarcity!

Farmer Jones Review | “The most amazing assortment of beautiful veggies. Things I’ve never heard of before, like oca. And the flavors! NOTHING like what you get in the stores. Doesn’t even compare.” – Mary L. (See all reviews)

3. Hungry Harvest

American made
Budget friendly
Recycled materials

Best For | Waste-free produce
Price | Boxes start at $15
Delivers To | Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, and Raleigh, North Carolina. (Check your zip code)

Hungry Harvest wants us to use every part of every plant. By working with farmers to rescue fresh, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste, the company delivers fresh produce to our doors instead. Starting at $15, the boxes come in a variety of sizes and Hungry Harvest shares simple recipes, storage tips, and kitchen hacks so that we can make the most of our produce. It’s worth noting that every delivery saves at least 10 pounds of food from going to waste.

Hungry Harvest Review | “I love getting fresh food delivered. I know my money is going to people who truly care about the community.” – Eileen (Read all reviews)

4. Oddbox

B corp
Budget friendly
Made in the UK

Best For | Affordable, varied produce deliveries
Price | Boxes start at £12
Delivers To | The UK (See all)

Oddbox, a certified B Corp based in the UK, ethically sources fresh produce from dozens of fairly paid farmers and suppliers across the country. Delivered overnight to minimize excessive emissions, Oddbox’s fruits and veggies arrive at your doorstep in recyclable packaging. Weekly sustainable produce boxes start at £12 perfect for a couple, or you can opt for a large family-sized box for £23. Leftover produce is donated to orgs fighting food poverty in the UK.

Oddbox Review | “It’s great to test your ideas for the week incorporating the latest group of veggies and fruits from oddbox whilst knowing you are helping to reduce unnecessary waste. Brilliant initiative.” – Deborah L. (See all reviews)

5. Farm to People

American made
Budget friendly
Recycled materials

Best For | Vegetarian, paleo, & omnivore boxes, protein & dairy add-ons
Price | Boxes start at $25
Delivers To | NYC & Jersey City/Hoboken (See all)

Farm to People brings the farmer’s market experience to NYC’s door with its organic, seasonal produce, protein, and groceries. The produce, in particular, is sourced from organic, and regenerative farms. Best yet, up to half of every food dollar raised goes directly to the farmer or small-batch maker. You can go a la carte or opt for a subscription—and swap with items you don’t want and add the ones you do. Paleo, omnivore, and vegetarian diets are also accommodated with specific boxes.

Farm to People Review | “I’ve been using Farm to People for over 2 years now. I love the fact that the produce is sourced locally, which reduces travel time, waste, and emissions. It’s also a great way to support local farms & farmers.” – @thevicstyles (Read all reviews)

6. Hungryroot

American made
Recycled materials

Best For | Easy, healthy meal prepping
Price | Boxes start at $65
Delivers To | Contiguous US (See all)

Hungryroot’s subscription boxes are the perfect combination of your standard produce delivery box and meal delivery kits–each box comes with fresh produce and proteins alongside recipes on how to utilize each ingredient. You’ll also receive individual grocery items like healthy snacks and sweets to help keep your pantry stocked at all times. Through an online quiz, you’ll receive a box each week, catered to your preferences and needs. The fresh produce is zero-waste sourced with recipes that help fight food waste, and packaging that’s both recyclable/biodegradable.  

Hungryroot Review | “Hungryroot makes my weekly meal prep 10 times easier. So many healthy options and beautiful produce. I love how often they have new products to pick from week by week. Truly one of the best things to happen to my health. Easy cooking makes for easy living.” – Gabriella L. (See all reviews)

7. FreshDirect

American made

Best For | Large variety of produce and pantry staples
Price | Delivery starts at $39
Delivers To | NYC metropolitan area; seasonal delivery to eastern Long Island and the Jersey Shore (See all)

Since 2002, FreshDirect has been an online grocery staple for the NYC community. The Bronx-based facility is committed to providing the best quality fruits, vegetables, seafood, dairy, baked goods and more. You can even get wine, spirits and prepared meals delivered locally in the NYC and New Jersey regions! With FreshDirect, you’ll be able to craft your own box with foods that suit your taste from Freshdirect’s extensive collection of over 800 products. The company gives back through local organizations like the New York common pantry, which works hard to combat food insecurity. 

FreshDirect Review | “The Thanksgiving dinner for 6-8 was probably the best turkey dinner I’ve ever had!!!!! The turkey was succulent and tasty as were the root veggies, dressing, gravy, green beans, creamed spinach, and cranberry sauce. Guess who’s preparing next year’s thanksgiving feast— FD!!” – @vpiedmonte (See more reviews)

8. Melissas

American made
Family owned
Recycled materials

Best For | Speciality produce
Price | Boxes start at $43
Delivers To | Contiguous US (See more info)

For unique and exotic produce boxes (with organic options too!), try Melissas‘ fruit basket delivery. These seasonal produce boxes are full of premium fruits of vegetables, with something new for everyone (we recommend gifting a box!). Melissas allows you to pick the type of box you’re looking for so you know exactly what you’ll be getting and how much of it. You can scour the site for recipes, tips and tricks on how to use your fruits and vegetables in your day to day. You’ll even find options that offer free shipping, allowing for the ultimate flexibility. 

Melissas Review | “I just wanted to say that the pineapple I ordered was positively wonderful!! Where are they grown?? The golden color is like nothing I have ever seen. This is the first thing that I have ordered from Melissa’s and I am telling everyone about the website. I will be sure to order more very soon!” – Kelly W. (See all reviews)

9. South Mountain Creamery

American made
Family owned

Best For |  Large varieties of organic produce 
Price | Boxes start at $22
Delivers To | Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & Washington, D.C. (See all)

South Mountain Creamery started in Maryland by the Sowers family over 40 years ago. While churning out fresh milk and dairy products is the creamery’s bread and butter (see what we did there?), they’ve recently expanded their offerings to fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. You have the choice of ordering small or large bags, including organic options if you prefer, all ready to be delivered to Maryland and surrounding regions!  Each bag is filled with a large variety of seasonal produce, from potatoes and bananas, to onions, avocado and papaya. Add on a herb bouquet, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a perfect and flavourful meal! 

South Mountain Creamery Review | “I have to say that after trying a few other produce delivery companies, you all are the best! The produce I received yesterday was very fresh and I especially love the big selection of organic options as well as the ability to customize my bag! I am happy with the quantity as well – the other companies would send just a couple of apples, one onion, etc. so for the price, you offer the best value. I look forward to continuing with the service!” – Brent & Jenny H. (See all reviews)