Keep Your Routine Fresh With These
Natural Beauty Boxes

A regimented skincare routine is key to keeping our skin bright, moisturized, and healthy. While it may take some time to find the products that work best for us, we can always get some assistance from skincare subscription boxes. Especially the ones that offer natural beauty products for maximum efficacy and impact.

We’ve rounded up a few skincare subscriptions that focus on cruelty-free and green beauty and can be shipped straight to you on a recurring basis. These monthly beauty boxes will send either new products to test out or ones you already love right to your door. It’s never been easier to set it and forget it.

And because what you’re putting on your body is as important as what you’re putting in it, check out our guide to organic produce box subscriptions, then get some assistance in seasoning your fresh veggies with these olive oil & spice subscriptions.

1. Beauty Heroes

Standout Feature | Cruelty-free, green beauty
Ships To | International destinations
Price | Starting at $37.96/month 

Find the clean products that work for you and pass on the ones that don’t with Beauty Heroes. In its monthly beauty box, you’ll receive a full-sized product, plus extra treats from a standout green beauty brand, all of which is valued at over $90. You can then use your 15 percent subscriber discount to buy the items your skin loves most. Featuring brands we love (like True Botanicals, Osea, and Ursa Major), you’ll discover top-notch picks every month.

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2. Petit Vour

Standout Feature | Vegan & nontoxic products
Ships To | International destinations
Price | Starting at $18/month

On the hunt for a curated beauty box? Petit Vour’s skincare subscription boxes help you elevate your beauty routine with vegan, cruelty-free, and nontoxic options. Starting at just $18/month, you’ll receive over $50 worth of products that you can then review and rate for store credit towards new purchases. Best of all, the box is tailored to your beauty profile that’s based on your skin tone, preferred lip and brow color, and more.

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3. Honest Beauty 

Standout Feature | Natural & safe ingredients
Ships To | US & Canada
Price | Starting at $3.99/product

Honest Beauty understands that our skin absorbs nearly everything we put on it, so this family-oriented brand crafts natural products without dangerous chemicals. For the products you love, simply subscribe to auto-delivery and you’ll save 5 percent every time. All you need to do is choose your ship date and frequency, and you’re set. With masks, serums, and cleansers galore, you’ll have your most glowing skin yet.

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4. Thrive Market

Standout Feature | Gives back to low-income families
Ships To | Contiguous US
Price | Starting at $5/month + $3.79/product

What if we told you that just $5 a month would give you access to over 6,000 sustainable, natural, or organic products including skin care? What if it did all that and gave back to those in need? Thrive Market’s recurring subscription makes that possible. For this small monthly fee, you can find healthy skin care for the entire family, whether you’re looking for paraben-free, cruelty-free, or certified organic brands. In exchange, Thrive will match a membership for a low-income family, vet, or student.

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5. Roven

Standout Feature | Certified B Corp
Ships To | Contiguous US
Price | Starting at $4.49/product

Roven, a branch of Grove Collaborative, can help us all build a healthier home and skincare routine. This Certified B Corp features clean beauty brands that emphasize people and planet, and that swap hazardous chemicals out for natural substitutes. The Roven team then tests products, reviews formulas for filler ingredients, and holds rigorous wellness standards. It’s an expert- and enthusiast-approved platform to find the best in clean skin care; what more could we ask for?

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6. Boxwalla

Standout Feature | Plant-based products
Ships To | International destinations
Price | Starting at $49.95/bi-monthly box

Harness the power of plant-based beauty solutions with Boxwalla. This bi-monthly beauty box features full-sized products from cruelty-free brands, valued at over $100. And all these goodies come in tree-free handmade paper crafted by local villagers and artisans in India. The end result: Gentle, effective products in eco-friendly packaging that allows you to invest in both small businesses and your skin.

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