The Perfect Linen Sheet: Our Review of Snowe's Air-Whipped Linen Sheets

The Search For The
Perfect Linen Bed Sheets

I like my bed sheets how I like my clothes— clean, simple and a little worn-in. Anyone who knows me well can tell you that most of the clothes I wear are thrifted or secondhand. Though thrift shopping may be a great way to find high quality, nicely-worn wardrobe essentials, it’s not exactly ideal for buying bedsheets.

That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on some of Snowe’s buttery-soft linen sheets. Founded by Rachel Cohen and Andres Modak, Snowe is a home essentials brand designing luxury items for everyday use. Snowe’s products range from practical luxuries like wine glasses with Titanium-coated stems, fast-drying towels, heirloom-quality dinnerware and yes, the aforementioned linen sheets.

But these aren’t just any linen sheets. Snowe uses a special air-whipping technology that produces the same kind of softness that linen gets from line-drying in the sun and whipping in the wind. Three years in the making, these sheets are soft to the touch, but also made to last.

The reputation of these sheets most definitely precedes them. Customers wrote in asking the brand to introduce linen bedding before launching it and the sheets ran up the waitlist before they were even announced.

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The praise for these magical linen sheets doesn’t stop there. “We’ve been thrilled, though not surprised, to see some of the reviews from our early testers come in. Not only are they as obsessed with the softness and airiness as we are, they’re calling it “opulent” and ‘romantic’…” says Andres. “Romantic” is right. These are the kind of sheets I imagine Oliver and Elio would’ve lounged around on in Call Me By Your Name. I’m probably not too far off considering that, like the movie, these sheets were also made in Italy.

Snowe uses a special air-whipping technology that produces the same kind of softness that linen gets from line-drying in the sun and whipping in the wind.

Perhaps what’s even more exciting is that these sheets are completely non-toxic. When Andres and Rachel initially embarked on their “linen quest,” many of the manufacturers they encountered told them that the only way they could achieve that wind-whipped softness they wanted was through the use of chemical treatments. “That was a solid no from us, every time,” Andres says, “We’re proud that every single one of our textiles is Oeko-Tex certified, which means everything has been put through extensive testing to ensure that the fabrics (and buttons, etc.) haven’t been unnecessarily treated with harmful chemicals like pesticides and lead.” In other words, you’ll sleep sweetly on these sheets without the worry of inhaling harmful chemicals lingering around. Also, Snowe’s partnered factories in Italy, Portugal, and the US are dedicated to high ethical standards, providing a clean and safe working environment, as well as fair wages.

So, how exactly do Snowe’s linen sheets measure up to the hype? Quite well, if you ask me. Below are my thoughts on texture, look and care.

1. Texture

At first I thought it a bit strange to describe linen as “buttery”. But upon opening my box of sheets I immediately understood the sentiment. As I lifted the sheets out of the box they were dense and drooping at the sides. And yet, when I spread them out over my bed they were light as a feather. Though I’m usually quick to hop out of bed and get my morning cup of coffee going, that first morning I found myself stealing an extra twenty minutes in bed, wrapped up like pigs-in-a-linen-blanket. Needless to say, it’s been this way every morning since.


2. Look

On Snowe’s website, these sheets look like something straight out of one of those indie rom-coms set in New York where the main character lives off of restaurant tips, but can somehow afford a spacious loft with a romantic fire escape in the West Village. In all honesty, it was a bit intimidating at first. I wasn’t sure if my lowly IKEA bed even deserved these beautiful linen sheets. And yet, as soon as I put them on my bed, they felt right at home. They weren’t too loud or pretentious. They were clean and simple, but exceptional in quality and design. They were my own private luxury tucked away under my nail polish-stained duvet cover.


3. Care

Speaking of stains, I expected maintenance to be the hardest part of having linen sheets. I am a notorious spiller—coffee, lavender oil, Hot Cheeto Puffs (guilty pleasure), you name it and it’s probably left a mark on my bed sheets at one point or another. That’s why I was sure to check out the care instructions of Snowe’s website right away. I was happy to find that despite common misconceptions, linen is actually relatively easy to take care of—simply machine wash warm, separately, and iron when needed. Still, even after reading this, I felt the need to dive a little deeper in my research, as I anticipate an unexpected spill in the future. What I found was that among other simple spot removal techniques, a sprinkle of baking soda and vinegar will help bring out most pesky stains on linen sheets. It would also probably help if I didn’t eat Hot Cheeto Puffs in bed, but we don’t need to talk about that.


There are only so many descriptor words in the English language I can use to describe the softness and durability of these sheets. So, to get the full picture you’ll just have to test them out yourself! They come in three gorgeous colors—Essential White, Ash Grey and Slate Blue—so there’s something for every type of person here. You can trust me when I say you don’t wanna sleep on these sheets…But actually, you really will.



This article is sponsored by our friends at Snowe.