Meet Sarika Tarsadia, Founder Of Together By Gravity

Inspired by a desire to give back to the home village of her father and grandparents, Sarika Tarsadia launched Together By Gravity a handmade jewelry collection that gives back to education in rural India.

Sarika is a self taught jewelry designer and meticulously handcrafts each piece of her collections from a variety of textures from around the world. Inspired by what nature provides us in the beauty of the ocean and the earth, she combines her rich Indian cultural heritage with her California roots to create one of a kind jewelry. Sarika handpicks materials, such as precious and semi-precious stones, wood, diamonds, 18k gold, and sterling sliver from suppliers in India, Bali and LA, creating uniquely global and modern pieces.

Each Bracelet Funds A Child’s Education For A Year

Sarika has visited the home village of her father and grandparents outside of Surat-Gujaret, India many times throughout her lifetime. Each time she has been impacted by the children of the village. As someone  personally affected by dyslexia, Sarika has a tremendous passion for children to receive quality education no matter their birthplace or perceived disadvantage. With every piece Sarika creates for Together By Gravity, she is able to connect her passion for education with her love for design. Each bracelet sold through her collection funds a child’s education for an entire year.

As Sarika continues to grow her collections for Together By Gravity, she hopes to expand to provide employment opportunities to families in rural India through artisan craftsmanship.