A Week Of Outfits With Chloé Lepeltier From Conscious By Chloé

The Good Trade’s Week of Outfits Series highlights women that have personally inspired us to shop and live with intention! Each woman takes her own unique approach to slow fashion and demonstrates how beautifully sustainable fashion can come to life. Today we’re excited to share a week of outfits from Chloé Lepeltier, the blogger behind Conscious By Chloé!

// A B O U T   C H L O É //

Age | 33
Location | Portland, OR
Blog | Conscious by Chloé
Job | Translator & Content Creator
Favorite Online Brands Everlane, Reformation
Favorite Portland Makers | Lauren Winter, Open Air Museum, Altar
Favorite Portland VintageJohan, Yo!, Backtalk

My approach to fashion evolved dramatically in 2014 when I decided to move from Europe to the US.

First, I downsized my possessions dramatically for 2 major reasons:

  1. I wanted to ship overseas as little stuff as possible. So, I sold and donated most of my impressive shoe collection and Zara/H&M-based wardrobe.

  2. My current wardrobe was no longer weather- nor activity-appropriate. I was moving from Switzerland—where I had been working at a creative agency as a project manager—to Southern California, where I would be my own boss (and ultimately run my own creative coworking space/photo studio).

Then, I took inventory of my life, and seized the opportunity that such a major change in my life was giving me to start afresh. I adopted a holistic approach and reconsidered every single aspect of my life, including my relationship to (fast) fashion. Hence, once I settled down in SoCal, I started researching local brands and makers to curate a new minimalist, sustainable and ethical wardrobe. 

I seized the opportunity that such a major change in my life was giving me to start afresh. I adopted a holistic approach and reconsidered every single aspect of my life, including my relationship to (fast) fashion.

This adventure eventually led me to launch my blog, Conscious by Chloé, where I document my experiments with Zero Waste, Slow Living and Ethical Fashion.

Last autumn, I participated in the 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge (choose 10 pieces, create 10 outfits, and wear them over 10 days) for the first time and enjoyed the process so much that I decided to repeat it this season. It pushes me to be more creative with the clothes I already own.

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Photos by Octave Zangs


This outfit would not have seen the light of day without my husband. He’s the one who conspired with some of my friends to get me my first camera bag. He’s the one who got me this cute pair of socks for Christmas and he’s the one who designed this hat!

I love how Octave and I first connected through a mutual love for design and how our journey has led us to create our own jobs and ultimately advocate for the planet (25% of his outdoor brand’s profits go toward outdoor recreation and conservation-related environmental stewardship efforts).

Today’s Pieces:

Tillak Hat (Coming Soon) | Everlane Sweater | American Apparel Jeggings
Sandgrens Clogs


Every piece of this outfit is a conversation starter. A shop girl once asked me whether my tee was a reference to the Flynt Flossy song (answer: nope!). Every single person I meet asks me where I got my bag (answer: I made it with 2 Ikea placemats!). Same thing about my jumpsuit (answer: Shea, the talented owner of the Portland-based brand Open Air Studio, made it!).

I’m usually not a fan of message t-shirts but this one had been on my radar for long enough until I finally decided to order it. I should mention that I am not a mother (unless raising 2 chickens counts!). I used to be an impulsive shopper but today, items can stay in my online cart for weeks before I click the purchase button. 

Today’s Pieces:

The Bee And The Fox Tee | Open Air Museum Jumpsuit | Sandgrens Clogs
DIY Bag | Machete Earrings


I discovered that I had grey hair after I stopped dyeing my hair close to 2 years ago, I got this scar on my collarbones after a skin cancer was removed, I gained some weight over the past year for a number of reasons.

But I’m trying to get a little less self-conscious about all this and either accept what cannot be changed (the scar), remember why I made certain decisions (avoid nasty hair-coloring chemicals), or do something about what bothers me (exercise and eat better).

Worst case scenario, I can always count on something else to attract the attention, like this necklace my godfather made for me when I was born.

Today’s Pieces:

American Apparel Jeggings | Sandgrens Clogs
Necklace Made By My Godfather


Before you ask. My mother-in-law knitted this cardigan. I had totally forgotten that I had chosen this design when she asked me what gift I wanted for Christmas. So, you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I opened our annual delivery from France! It’s the warmest and the coziest ever and I earned a new nickname: “shepherdess”.

I would never be able to knit such a beautiful piece, but I did choose LEARN as my one-word theme for 2018. I’ve already signed up for a couple workshops (letterpress, herbal medicine) and also made a work-for-trade deal with a sewing studio here in Portland. Making (or trying to make) things yourself is a great way to get a sense of the time involved in crafting pieces and of their value ($1 t-shirts should not exist).

Today’s Pieces:

Cardigan Made By My Mother-In-Law | Vintage Dress from Yo!
Sandgrens Clogs


Working with a capsule wardrobe becomes harder and harder when you approach the last couple days, but it’s a great challenge to get creative.

I was very proud the first time I thought about wearing my cardigan with the opening in the back. I may or may not have been inspired by a drawing from a French artist that’s hanging in my bedroom. Anyway, I’m a sucker for sexy backs. They might not be the most winter-appropriate pieces of clothing, but working from home does have its perks, no commute, no jacket and slippers instead of shoes (except for pictures).

Today’s Pieces:

Open Air Museum Jumpsuit


When I was living in Southern California, I attended the very first events of Connecting Things, an event series for creatives and doers. There, I got to meet Kohl Crecelius, the founder of Krochet Kids. I have a keen interest for businesses that give back and decided this year to sign up for a Causebox membership to discover more socially conscious companies.

Amy & Jen, the co-founders of Odds and Sods were also members of Connecting Things and would sometimes come and work with us in our coworking studio. I’m wearing 2 of their pins on my jacket as a reminder of the power of sisterhood, wanderlust and magic!

Today’s Pieces:

Krochet Kids Hat | Vintage Dress From Yo! | Sandgrens Clogs


By now you’ll have noticed that I’m wearing the same shoes in 6 out of 7 outfits. There are a couple explanations for this. a) In a capsule wardrobe, choices have to be made and I opted for 2 pairs of shoes only; b) When I make a new purchase, I get obsessed with it. And this is what happened with these clog boots. Once I got the right size (the first ones I ordered were too large) I pretty much wore them every day. c) As I mentioned above, I work from home and pretty much wear slippers all day long. So when I go out, I do not hesitate to wear heels rather than flats, especially when they are that comfortable. d) These are only 7 outfits out of 10 so as you can imagine, I’m wearing those rose sneakers in the remaining 3 outfits of my winter 10×10 challenge.

Today’s Pieces:

The Bee And The Fox Tee | Cardigan Made By My Mother-In-Law
American Apparel Jeggings | Sandgrens Clogs

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