A Week Of Slow Fashion With Kaméa Chayne

The Good Trade’s Week of Outfits Series highlights women that have personally inspired us to shop and live with intention! Each woman takes her own unique approach to slow fashion and demonstrates how beautifully sustainable fashion can come to life. Today we’re excited to share a week of outfits from Kaméa Chayne, the author of Thrive and the podcaster behind Green Dreamer!

// A B O U T   K A M E A //

Age | 24
Location | Los Angeles, CA and Taipei
Job | Author, Eco Creative, Health Coach
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Favorite Sustainable Brand | Amur

When I had my “AHA” moment that we as humans can’t be healthy without a thriving planet rich in biodiversity first, I realized our view of “wellness” has been short-sighted. Because beyond what we eat and drink, how active we are, and how well we rest, de-stress, and sleep, everything we do, say, and buy has direct and indirect, short-term and long-term impacts on our mental and physical well-being—given that everything in our world connects and that we all share a common need for clean air, clean water, biodiversity, and the absence of toxic pollutants.

This realization is what led me to write Thrive, a research-based book on wellness that takes into account how we impact the health of our planet through our daily consumer choices; what led me to start Conscious Fashion Collective, an eco-minded style lookbook; and what led me to embark on my personal journey exploring eco-curious fashion and lifestyle.

Yet even with my creative ventures so far, I feel like I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. I really am just looking forward to continually learning from other people, from our latest research findings, and from inspiring publications like The Good Trade; experimenting to see what I can do to help our planet become healthier; and implementing the baby steps I can take going forward, one by one.

I try to balance minimalism with conscious consumerism by simply buying less and buying better.
— Kaméa Chayne

To me, “Sustainable Fashion” is a big-picture, complex concept and an ideal to strive towards. Personally, I participate in the movement by prioritizing 1) secondhand, vintage, and pre-existing clothes, and ones made with up-cycled or deadstock textiles; 2) clothes made with relatively low impact, biodegradable, nontoxic materials; and 3) activewear, swimwear, and leather alternatives made with recycled plastic, polyester, or nylon. Most importantly, though, I try to balance minimalism with conscious consumerism by simply buying less and buying better.

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Photos by Amina Touray


This is an outfit I’ve worn on so many occasions from weekend brunches with friends to casual strolls around town. I love how timeless and versatile it is! I’ve had this top and these shoes for a while now, and picked up these second hand culottes from The Real Real in the Fall.

Today’s Pieces:

Reformation Tencel-Based Top | Secondhand Pants | Nisolo Mules


As someone who’s quite petite, I often wear the same color head-to-toe as well as high-waisted pants to elongate my figure. Paired with these simple mid-heeled sandals made with recycled materials, it’s a tailored look I’ve worn to business casual events as well as small social gatherings.

Today’s Pieces:

Ankura Organic Cotton Top | Secondhand pants
RAFA Recycled Microsuede Heels


When I wore this outfit out to the Sustainable Fashion Show in LA a few months ago, I got so many compliments on these statement pants! Where Mountains Meet is a relatively new conscious fashion brand and I happen to be lucky enough to be friends with its talented, thoughtful co-founders, Corissa and Genevieve, who kindly gifted these to me. I’ve also sported this look out to lunch with friends and when going to the farmer’s market.

Today’s Pieces:

Reformation Tencel-based top | Where Mountains Meet Artisan-Made Pants
Coclico Heels


I love this outfit for its subtle yet bold details—the side cutout and slit in the dress paired with the black cutout in the booties. To be honest, I’ve had this dress for over a year but only recently dug it up to wear out. This made me realize that the best place to begin looking for something “new” to wear is often just the back corner of our closets.

Today’s Pieces:

Reformation Tencel-Based Maxi Dress | Secondhand Booties from The Real Real
Mondaine Rubber Strap Watch | Aili Recycled Metal Jewelry


This is probably one of my favorite stylishly casual and bold looks of the season—an outfit I’d wear out to social events and dinner parties in. I love the elegance these earthy tones collectively bring, and also love the boldness this dramatic top radiates.

Today’s Pieces:

Mara Hoffman Organic Cotton Top | Ankura Artisan Knit Andean Alpaca Pants
Nisolo Mules


These are actually my comfy pants I often wear casually when traveling, but I decided to try dressing it up when I attended this past LA Fashion Week. I do enjoy getting experimental with pattern when I feel bold and adventurous, and here I focused on bringing out the black check motif with the sandals, pants, and the scarf.

Today’s Pieces:

Reformation Tencel-Based Top
MATTER Block Printed Artisan Organic Cotton Pants
By Far Deadstock Leather Sandals | A Peace Treaty Artisan-Made Scarf


I’m a huge fan of clothes made with deadstock textiles, especially for special occasion pieces that won’t be worn too often, so this dress was spot on for me. With its unique pattern reminiscent of tweed from far away and its bold deep V, it’s definitely a statement dress that I look forward to wearing to more social gatherings.

Today’s Pieces:

Arkins Deadstock Fabric Dress

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