04. Community Rules

a.     No nudity, pornography, or depictions of sexual activity

 i.     This includes images containing the explicit display of sexual organs especially intended to stimulate erotic feelings, full or partial nudity, any depiction of sexual activity, softcore or hardcore pornography.

ii.     This includes links posted in comments.

iii.     If you aren’t sure, please don’t post it.

b.    No hate speech or abusive content.

i.     Racism, sexism, slurs, personal attacks, death threats, suicide requests or any form of hate speech is not tolerated.

ii.     This includes hate speech or abuse in usernames, as well as images and comments.

c.     No Advertising, SPAM, or other links to commercial websites

d.    No Location Information / Doxing   

i.     Do not enter your or another individual’s street address or any information that may lead another user to discover your real address. Users should include no information that makes them publicly identifiable.