Each month we invite a female artist, creator, or founder to guest curate one edition of our daily newsletter, The Daily Good.
These women have inspired our own work—and each have a unique perspective on conscious living.
We are thrilled to share their editions with you!

Guest Editors

Alivia Fields,
Founder & Writer, Alivia Fields

Aditi Mayer
Founder & Writer, ADIMAY

Paco de Leon
Founder, The Hell Yeah Group


Lauren Conrad & Hannah Skvarla
Co-founders, The Little Market

Gloria Noto
Founder, NOTO Botanics Skincare

LaTonya Yvette
Founder, LaTonya Yvette


Molly Hayward
Founder, Cora

Erin Boyle
Author, Reading My Tea Leaves

Sarah Dubbeldam
CEO, Darling Media


Lauren Paul & Molly Thompson
Co-Founders, Kind Campaign

Carolyn Stritch
Creator, The Slow Traveler

Mama Cax
Founder, Mama Cax


Lee Vosburgh
Creator, Style Bee

Zoe Cleary
Co-Founder, Nisolo

Joanna Waterfall
Founder, The Yellow Co