2015 might just be the year when social enterprise breaks from the peripheral and into plain sight. There’s no doubt that business is changing. Together we are changing it by how we spend, how we talk and who we promote. The changes are happening through millions of little decisions that you and I make to buy a fair trade coffee or support a local flower shop. 

As a society, it seems that we are coming to the conclusion that the dollars we spend are the loudest voice we have, and in our view, 2015 is the time for that voice to really be heard. 

Each of the little resolutions and daily decisions that we all make in 2015 will add up to make 2015 a year that more employees are treated fairly, less animals are subject to cruelty and our planet is conserved. 

These are our resolutions for 2015. 

 Wolftress Pack

Wolftress Pack

#1. Ask More Questions

This year we won’t settle for out of sight out of mind. In 2015 we are purposing to ask questions about who made the clothing we buy, how products impacted the planet and where our money is going. This year, we are determined to ask uncomfortable questions, even ones that might reveal issues we don’t know how to solve. 



#2. Tell More Stories

Stories change the way that we look at the world. Stories change something in us in a way that statistics cannot. This year, we are committed to seeking out stories of goodness, social innovation and humanity. We are challenged to find stories of how business effects peoples lives both good and bad and retelling them over cocktails, at dinner parties and to anyone who will listen. 

#3. Don't Underestimate the Power of Human Kindness

This year we won’t lose faith in the kindness of everyday people. This year we are choosing to believe that with the right knowledge, people will do what they can to be part of something meaningful. 



#4. Celebrate Little Steps

Changing the ethical framework of how products are made and consumed won’t happen overnight but this year we are intent to celebrate the innovators who are breaking ground for the way that businesses of the future will operate. For us, that means taking notice, buying their products, sharing their vision.

#5. Take the Time to Enjoy the World

Patagonia brilliantly demonstrates the link between enjoyment and passion. This year, we aim to enjoy beautiful people, places, animals, because if we don’t take the time to truly enjoy these things, we will never truly have the passion to fight for them.  

#6. Collaborate 

For social innovators to succeed, we will have to share ideas, imaginations and our vision for the future. Together we are changing the way business is done and this year we are purposing to remember that none of us can do that on our own.  


#7. Get Loud

Expect us to misbehave a little bit this year. 2015 isn’t the year to stay quiet on issues that matter, it’s the year to mix things up and say uncomfortable things, loudly.