Inspiring Podcasts For Intentional Living

Planning your 2017 road trip yet? Make the most of all those hours in your commute or summer travel plans in the car by downloading a few inspirational podcasts. While you can find a podcast for just about any topic these days, we have compiled a list of our absolute favorites on minimalism, sustainability and living intentionally. 

The hosts are fun, witty, and from all over the world. They focus primarily on conscious living and sustainability, and they often invite well-known do-gooders and world-changers on their shows. Each episode is packed with knowledge and inspiration to fuel your own conscious lifestyle choices. So hit the open road, roll the windows down, and turn up these fierce podcasts while en route to your destination!

1. The Minimalists

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Noteworthy Episodes | LETGO, HOME, TRAVEL

Average Episode Length | 60+ minutes

With an audience of 4 million+ readers and followers, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus can proudly call themselves Masters of Minimalism. In addition to their numerous essays, books, online classes, and documentaries, the duo broadcasts one of the highest ranking podcasts on all of iTunes, The Minimalists Podcast. Listeners can enjoy honest and compelling episodes about living a minimalist life in relationships, home, self-care, the workplace, and more. With a creative and relational approach to podcasting, this one is a must for us all.

2. Slow Your Home

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Noteworthy Episodes | One Part Plant With Jessica Murnane

Average Episode Length | 15-60 minutes

Meet Brooke McAlary. She describes herself as “a slow-travelling, gutsy shiraz-appreciating writer who currently lives in the Blue Mountains, outside Sydney, Australia. [She has] two lovely kids, a delightful husband, a dog and four chickens. [She spends] a lot of time reading, [she loves] practicing yoga and [is] a tragic fan of The Walking Dead (comics and TV show).” She sounds awesome, right? Her podcast, Slow Your Home, is just as incredible.

A show focused on slowing down, simplify, and focusing on the things that are truly important, Slow Your Home is a breath of fresh air for anyone living in the fast lane. It has also ranked #1 in Health Podcasts on iTunes.

What else makes us want to listen to the Slow Your Home podcast all day? Brooke’s and Ben’s (co-host and partner) euphonic Australian accents and the fact that they refer to podcast episodes as poggies.

3. Conscious Chatter

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Noteworthy Episodes | Andrew Morgan + The True Cost, Think Dirty + The Search For Clean Beauty

Average Episode Length | 30-40 minutes

Conscious Chatter is a podcast committed to discussing sustainable fashion, style, and the global garment supply chain. Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins, founder of AWEAR World—a online platform encouraging positive change in the fashion industry—Conscious Chatter is about cultivating conversation and asking tough questions, such as: Where are my clothes made? What are they made of? And most importantly, who made them?

Listeners can expect to hear from experts and change makers in the industry, including Marci Zaroff, Javier Goyeneche, and Christy Dawn, among others.

4. Spirit of 608

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Noteworthy Episodes | The Mavericks Repairing & Revamping Patagonia, Prana & Other Ethical Apparel Brands With Nicole Bassett Of The Renewal Workshop

Average Episode Length | 45-60 minutes

By women and for women, Spirit of 608 is nothing less than fierce and empowering. All about FEST (Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, & Tech)—aka the future of fashion—episodes include inspiring, real, and entertaining conversations with some of the most successful and innovative women in the fashion world. Even if you’re not going on a road trip, add it to your playlist for a daily dose of motivation.

5. Low Tox Life

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Noteworthy Episodes | Fungimental: Saving The World With Mushrooms, Real Food with Steph Lowe

Average Episode Length | 45-60 minutes

Hosted by Alex Stuart, the Low Tox Life Podcast is all about our bodies, minds, and souls. With episodes about our sleeping habits, the food we eat, psychological wellness, and toilet paper changing the world (seriously), this podcast covers a variety of informative and intriguing topics. Alex also offers recipes, e-courses, and an e-book on her website.

6. The Mind Palace Podcast

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Noteworthy Episodes | Waste, Capsule Wardrobes

Average Episode Length | 45-60 minutes

Another duo for the list, The Mind Palace Podcast is hosted by Jessica Lynn Williams and Melissa Cain. Beginning their journey as students of Joshua and Ryan at The Minimalists, these two women were inspired to lead their own life of minimalism and conscious consumerism. Their weekly podcast covers numerous topics including minimalism trends, navigating relationships, as well as health and body discussions. The conversations are light-hearted, informative, and make for easy listening on the open road.

7. Tiny Spark

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Noteworthy Episodes | Spring Cleaning: Before You Donate It…, Building A Self Reliant Africa From The Bottom Up

Average Episode Length | 10-20 minutes

We love this podcast for its informative episodes about hot topics including international development, humanitarian aid, well-known charities, and global politics. Hosted by former Africa correspondent Amy Costello and on air since 2011, Tiny Spark reports deeply and constructively on important issues. Often featuring leading voices and field experts, there are few podcasts that offer listeners such rich and intellectual conversations.

8. The Green Divas

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Noteworthy Episodes | Travelin' Green Divas: Top Resorts That Are Off The Grid

Average Episode Length | 15-30 minutes

This one is for all the green divas and dudes in the world: we have found a podcast specifically for you. The Green Divas, a weekly radio show, is committed to approaching green issues in a humorous and low-stress way. Hosted by the first ever Green Diva, Megan McWilliams, the podcast covers current events, interviews, green living tips, and environment concerns, and more.