Spring Clean More Than Just Your Kitchen

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to open the windows, let fresh air in and clean. With the energy and warmth spring brings, this is the perfect opportunity to refresh all areas of your life.

Sometimes, winter makes us lazy, and we form habits that are hard to break once spring rolls around. So take this time to clean up not just your home, but your life in general.

Clean Up Your Eating

It’s easy to eat junk food during the winter months when you’re curled up on the couch trying to stay warm. But warmer months bring a whole new array of in-season fruits and veggies that you can buy locally to brighten up your meals. Asparagus, morel mushrooms, strawberries and cherries are just some of the foods you can find in the produce section of the grocery store or at a local farm stand in the spring.

Summertime weather also means it’s time to start grilling. Time for lighter salads instead of heavier soups and hearty bakes – so this is the perfect time to brighten up your menu and clean out your pantry.

Go to the grocery store and treat yourself to fresh and healthy spring flavors by trying out some new spring recipes. Even if weight loss isn’t a priority for you, cleaning up your eating is always a good idea.

Reorganize Your Calendar

Spend some quality time with your planner this spring, and take a look at what’s coming up in the spring and summer months. Pencil in a summer vacation, make a list of the kids’ sporting events and write down any big dates you need to remember.

Filling in your planner and knowing what is coming up will make you feel a lot more in control of your life and take a weight off of your shoulders.

Consider making a color-coded family calendar so that everybody is on the same page. Commit a half-hour each week to update your planner so you can stay on top of everything going on these next few months.

Do the Traditional Spring Cleaning

Traditionally, spring cleaning has been a time to dust, wash and clean everything in your house. This is another good way to help you re-energize this season and start fresh.

Wash and clean out your car, give the bathrooms a deep cleaning, catch up on laundry or reorganize the living room. Now is also a great time to get maintenance done on your air conditioner to prevent mold buildup before those really hot summer days creep up. You could even take this cleaning outside and weed your gardens, mow the lawn and power wash the deck.

Renew Your Commitments

Is there a relationship you’ve been neglecting? A passion project you’ve set aside? A goal you’ve forgotten about? Now is the time to recommit yourself to something that slipped away during the winter. How you do this will depend on what commitment you want to improve.

Maybe you’ll set aside an hour each week to do something you love, like gardening or writing. Maybe you’ll decide on a weekly date night with your friends or significant other. Anything that will fill your heart this spring and make you happier counts!

Kick Bad Habits

If there’s a habit you’ve wanted break, use the spring weather to motivate this change. Choose one habit you want out of your life and create a plan to tackle it. There are even smartphone applications that will help you quit bad habits and pick up good habits.

Depending on your personality, you may choose to stop the habit immediately, or you may need to phase it out of your life in small steps. However you need to do it, getting rid of a bad habit is spring cleaning in its own way, and it’s important.

With a clean house and a refreshed outlook, you’ll be ready to tackle the spring and summer months!