Beautifying Your Home With The Environment In Mind 

Few activities are more fun that planning how you’re going to beautify your home. In fact, not many activities are fun than actually beautifying it! Whether your heart’s desire building a gazebo or remodeling your kitchen, you’re bringing to life something you want that will make your life better.

It’s wise to keep the environment in mind as you beautify. We are all facing a world of climate change caused by greenhouse gases. Chemicals can be toxic to our homes, ourselves and our surroundings. In some areas, we face extreme water scarcity. So how can you make your home more beautiful and be environmentally conscious at the same time? Here are seven ways.

1. Place Indoor Plants in Each Room

Carbon dioxide is one of the major sources of greenhouse gases. It gets trapped in the atmosphere. Guess what cleans the air inside of carbon dioxide? Plants, plants, plants. They breathe it in and breathe out oxygen. Plants will also absorb harmful chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde, which are found in many household products.

2. Plant a Garden Outside

What works inside will work double or triple outside! If you have the space, plant a garden. Plants, shrubs, dwarf and flowering trees will all breath in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Plants have multiple environmental benefits in addition. If flowering, they provide a way for bees, butterflies, and other insects to survive, via their pollination. If not, they’re still an ecosystem for creatures.

3. Compost Your Lawn or Garden

Chemical fertilizers are sources of pollution in the air and water (as it runs off from gardens). Gardens do not require chemical fertilizers. If you compost and place it over your garden, you can cut down on or eliminate chemical fertilizers. You will also use less water because composting provides moisture to plants. Compost can be made of recyclable material: old newspapers, grass clippings, and weeds. Place in a garbage can and leave for several months.

4. Use Environmentally Friendly Suppliers

Beautifying your home often involves using suppliers of paint, wood, fixtures or other material. Many have commitments to environmentally friendly products and practices. Others are also very conscious of their need to cut down on long distance deliveries, and therefore on gasoline and oil. If they offer a recycling program, be sure to make use of it!

5. Reduce Water Use

While you’re remodeling, be sure to explore methods of reducing water use. Some ways are about adjusting your ways of doing things. Could you run the dishwasher less or take one less shower per week? Others are about buying shower heads and toilets that can pare down water consumption.

6. Decorate in Earth-Friendly Colors

True, there is nothing specifically environmentally friendly in choosing to decorate a room in blue or green rather than bright orange or purple. The colors don’t cut down on carbon emissions or reduce chemicals. But colors reminiscent of nature put nature in mind as a beautiful and restful place. The more we are mindful of nature, the better.  

7. Make Your Home Your Castle

You can cut down on carbon emissions in the same way businesses do. Drive less. How does that relate to making your home nicer? Well, a home that is a pleasure to be in often fosters a desire to stay in it. You’ll be less likely to want to drive an hour on the weekends, or go to a restaurant after work if your home is everything you ever dreamed of it being.

Being environmentally conscious as you beautify your home is easy if you follow these tips. The environment of your dreams and the environment outside its walls will thank you for it.