Handmaking Fun & Festive Gifts This Holiday

The holiday season and gift-giving are nearly synonymous. When it comes to buying gifts, though, you may want items that are unique and show care, love and thought rather than simply the ability to run into a store and grab something.

Making your own gifts can be fun and festive. They bring out your inner artist and allow you to match just the right gifts with the loved one receiving it. Homemade gifts are not hard to make, and they’re easy on the pocketbook as well. Just put on your favorite holiday music and go! Read on for eight great ideas.

1.    Knit a Scarf

For this one, trek to your favorite yarn store and have fun choosing from the wealth of colors and materials available. Whether it’s cobalt blue merino or a jolly jumble of red, white and green in wool, your loved one will be safe and warm as the winter winds blow. A scarf to wrap around head, neck and ears will keep the wearer warm in the coldest weather. It’s also a peaceful and soothing hobby.

2.    Bake Holiday Cookies

Nothing will say “Happy Holidays” better than baking some cookies, putting them in a festive tin and taking them to friends and neighbors. Try the holiday drop sugar cookies recipe or the gingerbread cookie recipe. If your tastes run to fancy, try a gingerbread house or gingerbread men. These are enchanting if you have small children. If you’re tastes are more simple, a plain round gingerbread cookie is equally great. Serve both with milk and ho-ho-ho.

3.    Create Holiday Cards

Time to break out the card-making equipment. An online trip to a store that specializes in cards perfect for the holidays as well as many other occasions will give you wonderful ideas for cards ranging from fun to elegant. Plus, because it’s online, there no running to the mall and wasting time parking. The store can also help you choose, with die cut, letter press and foil stamp materials. They also have many samples if you find your creativity could use a boost. If you want to make the cards, a small creative print shop can print in quantity.

4.    Crochet Slippers

You can never have too many slippers. They’re warm, they work equally well on smooth wood floors and on rugs. Not to mention on garages and walking outside to briefly see how cold it is. Slippers are easy because they are basically long rectangles. Like knitting, you can really use your creativity in materials and colors here. Crocheting is another restful hobby, too.

5.    Make a Chalkboard Serving Tray

Serving trays work well for people who host parties and couples who occasionally serve each other breakfast in bed. This is a charming one whose surface is rustic chalkboard, which can be emblazoned with the recipient’s name. You just need some framing boards from your local home supply store. Serve with strawberries and champagne or eggs and coffee: both are equally good. 

6.    Press Some Flowers

This is a great nostalgia item that can be used as décor around the recipient’s house. Pressing some flowers is very simple. First, buy some flowers that will look good when pressed. Some from your garden are fine. A few red roses from a florist will also work fine. Press them between the pages of a large book. Weight the book. Leave one to two weeks. The moisture will be pressed out. The flowers will be dry and suitable for decorating.

7.    Make Throw Pillows Special

This is a great one if your creativity flags. Just get some throw pillows, or use some you have. Velvet is nice this time of year! Tie them with festive ribbon. You can make the ribbon bright gold and the pillow scarlet or evergreen. Or, for an entirely different look, wrap a deep purple bow around pastel pink or blue. Small ornaments work well on the ties too. You are done, and it’s a great gift. You can never have too many throw pillows for décor and comfort.

8.    Create a Trivet

You can also never have too many trivets. Most people have too few! Especially in the winter months, keeping hot dishes away from resting directly on tables will be highly appreciated. This is a creation for real do-it-yourselfers. First, get 40 clothespins and floral wire. The trivet has a wonderful rustic look and will blend with any table. If you’re going to family and friends house, this is a great gift as it will probably get immediate use!

The eight gifts here are simple to make and will show your thoughtfulness and creativity all year long. Enjoy!