Clothing Made For Assisted Dressing

When it comes to sustainability and style for disabled communities, adaptive fashion is usually left behind; pieces that include magnetic closures, chest port access, or velcro shoes don’t necessarily keep “eco-friendly ethics” top-of-mind. But everyone deserves access to clothing that feels comfortable and conscious.

While we hope more sustainable brands will cater to the needs of every body and vice versa, we’ve found seven wonderful options for adaptive clothing. These brands offer everything from braille socks to side-fastening underwear to swimwear that gives back, and many tout sustainable fabrics and practices.

1. Unhidden Clothing

Based In | London, UK
Ethics | Made-to-order, deadstock & organic fabrics, adaptive alterations
Clothing Range | Tops, dresses, & bottoms for all genders
Price Range | £30–£90

After experiencing gastrointestinal conditions herself, Victoria Jenkins launched Unhidden Clothing. This adaptive clothing brand provides comfort and style for all genders, using deadstock fabrics like GOTS certified organic cotton and silk that would otherwise go to waste. Every piece is made-to-order and can be tailored to anyone’s needs, and the team is creating a series of video workshops so customers can learn how to alter their own clothes. Unhidden is the inclusive, accessible, and affordable brand everyone deserves.

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2. Braille Code Brands

Based In | Brooklyn, NY
Ethics | Locally made in NY
Clothing Range | Socks & patches
Price Range | $15–$20

After watching her legally blind son, Wani, struggle to get ready on his own in the mornings, Gracie Benedith-Cane decided to create Braille Code Brands. By applying braille patches to the outside of socks or inside a pair of shoes, anyone who’s visually impaired can easily and independently understand how each piece is meant to be worn. You can order Braille Code Brands socks or patches directly here or at adaptive marketplace Patti and Ricky!

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3. Miga Swimwear

Based In | New York, NY
Ethics | Made locally in Los Angeles, fair trade working conditions, recycled packaging, regenerated & recycled materials, gives back
Clothing Range | Women’s swimwear, cutout top & pants
Price Range | $50–$150

Miga Swimwear designs swimsuits inspired by women’s stories and bodies. Every piece, named after a specific woman and her story, is thoughtfully crafted to consider a wide variety of conditions, including spinal cord injuries, ostomies, and burns. All of Miga’s swimwear is made with sustainable fabrics like regenerated yarn and recycled plastic, and 100 percent of the packaging is recycled. Miga gives back to the disabled community as well as other health-focused causes.

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4. Friendly Shoes

Based In | San Diego, CA
Ethics | Patented Easy Shoe Access, clinician-founded, ethical working conditions, sustainable materials
Clothing Range | Adaptive footwear for all genders (children through adults)
Price Range | $34.95–$109.95

Launched by an occupational therapist and grounded in clinician and family values, Friendly Shoes’ functional and fashionable shoes address several challenges most pairs don’t even consider. The brand offers adaptive footwear that includes Parkinson-friendly shoes, child-friendly slip-ons, and mid-tops with biomechanical zippers that are easy to throw on. Not the right fit? They accept returns for up to 30 days and donate the other pairs to older disabled veterans in San Diego.

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5. Slick Chicks

Based In | Brooklyn, NY
Ethics | Patented side-fastening design, ethically & safely made by disabled people in Sri Lanka
Clothing Range | Women’s underwear
Price Range | $22–$28

Getting dressed shouldn’t be a challenge, and Slick Chicks knows it. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or laying, Slick Chicks’ patented underwear comes with side-fasteners to quickly pull on or off as needed. These stretchy pairs are made using nylon, spandex, and cotton, and the fabric is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. Best of all, Slick Chicks emphasizes inclusive manufacturing by partnering with MAS Holdings, where hundreds of people with disabilities find safe work.

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6. Care + Wear

Based In | New York, NY
Ethics | Clinician- & patient-designed, gives back
Clothing Range | Healthwear for all genders & ages
Price Range | $24.90–$94.90

Since 2014, Care + Wear has changed the status quo by challenging form, function, and fashion in the healthcare and healthwear industries. The brand’s line of patient-centered and clinician-designed healthwear includes chest port access clothing, PICC line covers, recovery bras, wheelchair gloves, NICU bodysuits and more; some are jointly created with fashion icons like Oscar de la Renta and Lucy Jones. 10 percent of Care + Wear profits support nonprofits or foundations.

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7. Veja

Based In | Paris, France
Ethics | Certified B Corp, organic & recycled materials, fair trade sourcing, sustainable & LWG Gold-certified leather
Clothing Range | Velcro shoes
Price Range | £120 ($130)

Designed in France and handmade in Brazil, Vejas’ V-Lock velcro shoes will slip right on. These stylish and sustainable sneakers are made with bio-sourced, recycled, and organic materials like Amazonian rubber, sugar cane, rice waste, and organic cotton—all responsibly sourced. Available in a number of colors in European and UK stores, you can also find the Veja V-Lock at US retailers like REI, Bloomingdales, and Zappos.

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