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Did you know there are a lot of sustainable fashion brands making clothing right here in the USA? These American clothing brands design and manufacture some of our favorite wardrobe essentials—like perfectly fitting denim and breezy summer dresses—right here, in our very own backyard!

When we invest in high-quality staples, we consume less and live more simply, which is why we like to invest in pieces from these companies keeping it stateside. If you’re looking for jean jackets and bottoms, check out the best USA-made denim brands!

Best Overall | Most Affordable | Most Organic 

1. American Giant

Made In | Middlesex, NC
Product Range | Adult hoodies, tops, bottoms, dresses, loungewear, accessories
Price Range | $15–$348

Often referred to as the company that made “the greatest hoodie ever,” American Giant believes in exceptional quality materials and customer service. The brand stays away from traditional marketing methods like billboards and the appeal of brick-and-mortar stores. It instead invests in selling directly to American consumers and providing them with outstanding service. With cotton grown and sewn in the Carolinas, relentless attention to detail, top-of-the-line fabrics, and custom hardware, you’ll feel super comfy and proud to wear one of these sweatshirts.

2. Avocado

Made In | Los Angeles, CA
Product Range
| Apparel, loungewear, pajamas
Price | $48–$275 

Not only is Avocado’s’ apparel stitched in LA (though its super-soft alpaca fiber is sourced from a regenerative farm in Peru), the team also gives back to residents of LA and New York through its partnerships with the nonprofits Food Forward and City Harvest. Every purchase from the certified B Corp feeds a person in need. Launched by natural bedding company Avocado, the brand now makes comfy casual wear, like pajama and sweat-sets, tees and tanks, and cardigans and joggers—all from natural, biodegradable, and renewable fabrics, and with nontoxic dyes.


Made In | Los Angeles, CA
Product Range | Women’s apparel, loungewear, activewear, secondhand shop
Price | $40–$192

La causa is Spanish for “the cause,” which is fitting for this clothing brand that prioritizes both a low-waste design process and initiatives to give back to human and environmental rights organizations. While a small percentage of LACAUSA’s goods are crafted in Mexico, a whopping 95 percent of its fabrics are made in Los Angeles. It makes California-inspired garments from jumpsuits to jackets and even has a secondhand shop so you can get your sustainable favorites at discounted prices.

4. MATE the Label

Made In | Los Angeles, CA
Product Range | Women, men, & children’s apparel, loungewear, activewear, sleepwear, sets
Price | $30–$268

MATE the Label is clean from seed to skin, 100 percent of the time. Made sustainably in Los Angeles, the brand only uses nontoxic, natural, and organic materials like organic cotton and linen. With cozy essentials, seasonal colors, kids’ and extended sizing, and build-your-own sets, there’s truly something for everyone. (And when you’re done, MATE has a take-back program!) All locally made, within 15 miles of its LA office.

5. Harvest & Mill

Made In | Oakland and San Francisco, CA
Product Range | Men and women’s apparel including accessories and multi-packs
Price Range | $12–$119

Harvest & Mill makes organic clothing in a fully traceable supply chain that is ethical, sustainable, and 100% American. All sewing takes place within 15 miles of their Berkeley-based studio, and they use only 100% organic, American-grown cotton. With plastic-free packaging & shipping materials and the brand’s committment to offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint from manufacturing to office costs, we love their ethics just as much as we love their super soft, cozy clothes.

6. Big Bud Press

Made In | Los Angeles, CA
Product Range | Unisex tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, bags
Price Range | $9–$279

Big Bud Press ideates and creates every piece it makes in sunny LA (say that five times fast!). And its responsibly made apparel is impressive—there are dozens of unisex styles in almost every color you can imagine, made from locally sourced fabrics, recycled acrylic yarns, and low impact dyes. And size-inclusivity is big too, with options ranging from XXS through 7X. We personally keep the Big Bud Jumpsuit on rotation week after week.

7. Outerknown

Made In | Some collections made in Vermont and California
Product Range | Shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, accessories, hats
Price Range | $20–$400

The California Series and Project Vermont collections from Outerknown feature heritage-inspired American-made sweats and upcycled accessories respectively, both sources and made in the USA. The sweatshirts, shorts, and hoodies from the California Series are made from 100% Climate Beneficial cotton, grown and sewn in the Central Valley. Project Vermont’s upcycled bucket hats, market totes, mittens, and dog accessories are all pieced together in Saint Albans City, offsetting material otherwise destined for the landfill.

8. Hackwith Design House

Made In | St. Paul, MN
Product Range | Adult tops, bottoms, outerwear, swimwear, inclusive sizing, secondhand shop
Price Range | $60–$310

Looking for apparel that’s both comfortable and stylish can be tough, and finding unique designs is even tougher. That’s where Minnesota-based Hackwith Design House comes in. This apparel line includes basics, swim, and inclusive-size pieces. Plus, every week, the brand releases a limited edition piece available for only a short time and boasts a secondhand shop with sample sizes and returns. If you’re looking for staple pieces that no one else will have, Hackwith Design House is for you!

9. Elizabeth Suzann

Made In | Asheville, NC
Product Range | Women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear, accessories
Price | $52–$312

Designed in Nashville, Tennessee and handmade in Asheville, North Carolina, Elizabeth Suzann‘s garments are well-crafted, ethically made, and produced with the smallest environmental impact possible. Using natural, biodegradable materials produced by renewable resources, these timeless designs are meant to be worn, mended, and loved for years. The brand is also Climate Neutral Certified and working toward becoming a zero waste studio.

10. Aliya Wanek

Made In | Bay Area, CA
Product Range | Women’s sweatshirts, tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets
Price Range | $90–$420

Aliya Wanek, the eponymous founder behind the label, launched the brand in 2016 out of the Bay Area. She still personally sews many garments herself or works with two local factories nearby to produce and dye its line of comfy and colorful basics up to 3X. Many of the pieces are made with a hemp and organic cotton blend, so they’re extremely sustainable too. We’ll take one of each sweatshirt, please!

Featured image is by The Good Trade with pieces from Buck Mason and KOTN