The Best Astrology Books To Learn From

Here at The Good Trade, we love discussing our signs; our team includes Scorpios, Tauruses, Leos, Virgos, and Aquariuses! While we know personality tests and horoscopes do not necessarily define who we are, we love the idea of better understanding ourselves and one another.

If you’re a beginner to astrology and hoping for some insights too, we’re sharing the best astrology books to deep-dive into the zodiac. (And as it’s being shipped to you, check out our beginner’s guide to astrology to start your journey with the stars and signs.)

1. The Birthdate Book

Author | Birthdate Co.
Best For | Customized birth chart & analysis
Features | Made-to-order, 70 pages of details, custom dedication, made in the USA, hardcover
Price | $115

Give the gift of a lifetime (or rather, lifeline!) with The Birthdate Book. This customized hardcover book uses your exact birth date, time, and place for a detailed and gorgeously illustrated look into your astrology. There are 70 pages to leaf through, each holding insight on who you are, what’s next for you, and what makes you tick. Made to order in the USA, these books come with your name and birthdate on the cover and a personalized dedication page.

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2. You Were Born For This

Author | Chani Nicholas
Best For | Workbook prompts & reflections
Features | Comes with journal prompts, reflections, & affirmations, three main keys, 300+ pages, paperback & hardcover options
Price | $24.99 for hardcover

You Were Born For This. No, really! This “essential astrology guide for radical self-acceptance” comes from popular astrologer Chani Nicholas and is full of introspective prompts and reflections to go through to unlock your best self. Nicholas focuses on the three main “keys”: your sun, your moon, and your ascending sign, so you can understand your true purpose, needs, and motivation. You got this!

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3. The Complete Guide to Astrology

Author | Louise Edington
Best For | Comprehensive guide
Features | Digestible information, birth chart interpretations, glossary & charts, 160+ pages, hardcover & paperback
Price | $22.99 for hardcover

For a simultaneously digestible, inclusive, and visual look at your birth chart, consider The Complete Guide to Astrology by Louise Edington. This meticulously designed book is organized by keyword and concept, including appendices, tables, and a glossary so you can quickly pick up any new-to-you jargon. It’s a straightforward astrology book but one you can apply to your life as you read.

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4. Seeing Stars

Author | Stella Andromeda
Best For | Individual signs
Features | Book for each sign, affordable, hardcover, made in the USA
Price | $12 for hardcover

Whether you’re a Leo, Libra, or Aquarius, Seeing Stars has a book for you so you can discover everything you need or want to know about your sign. Best yet, this book is affordable, accessible (available at Target and Barnes & Noble), and filled with whimsical and bright illustrations—it’s the perfect coffee table book or gift!

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5. The Astrology of You and Me

Author | Gary Goldschneider
Best For | Relationships
Features | Designed for interpersonal relationships, arranged by sign, illustrations, 340+ pages
Price | $24.99 for hardcover

The Astrology of You And Me covers every kind of important interpersonal relationship there is: friends, lovers, family, bosses, roommates, and so on. The author, Gary Goldschneider, spent more than four decades learning astrology and sold multiple best-sellers before this one. Chapters are arranged by sign, and we love the beautiful illustrations by Camille Chew. Read for guidance and feedback on strengthening each relationship in your life, from your Cancer bestie to your Aquarius boss.

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6. Postcolonial Astrology

Author | Alice Sparkly Kat
Best For | Cultural critique
Features | Capital, power, & labor lens, etymological history, queer POC author
Price | $17.95 for paperback

Postcolonial Astrology helps us read the planets “through capital, power, and labor.” Through its etymological history, this book explores how astrology doesn’t live separately from culture and politics but is instead interlaced in all that we do. The author, Alice Sparkly Kat, is a queer POC astrologer, so this one is distinctly geared for intersectional, queer, and diverse communities.

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7. The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook

Author | Nikki Van De Car
Best For | Children & tweens
Features | Ages 8+, illustrations, quizzes, & creative prompts, covers mindfulness, relationships, & self-care
Price | $14.99 for hardcover

You’re never too young to start learning about astrology! The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook is a child-friendly guide covering everything from mindfulness to creativity to navigating friends, family, and school—all with respect to the zodiac. Reviews praise how this book gets kids excited to read and better understand their lives, and the wonderful illustrations by Uta Krogmann make it an engaging read for anyone.

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