Tree-Free Paper Towels

Nearly every day, we’re cleaning up after ourselves in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom—and sometimes a spill calls for paper towels. Whether it’s to soak up a spilled drink, clean up after a craft, or dust off shelves, paper towels are versatile, sturdy, and absorbent.

But rather than go for tree-based paper towels, there are more sustainable alternatives out there, including reusable towels (like these), DIY upcycled rags, and when reusables won’t do, we opt for bamboo paper towels. Bamboo, a naturally growing plant, regenerates every few months, as opposed to trees that cannot regrow or reharvest. And once produced, responsibly sourced bamboo is even more absorbent than typical paper towels. So not only is bamboo better for the planet, but it’s also a super cost-effective solution for our homes.

We’ve found the best in bamboo paper towels from brands worldwide—ranging from Australia to the USA. All of these companies use ethical and sustainable sourcing methods and give back in some way. It’s time to opt for a greener clean.

If you’re looking for other alternatives to paper products, head here to see our tree-free toilet paper guide (including the best bidets for your home)!

1. How We Roll

Ethics | One tree planted per order, sustainable bamboo pulp, FSC-certified, compostable/recyclable packaging Price | $17/6 rolls (720 sheets)

How We Roll uses recycled and sustainable materials to produce 100 percent tree-free kitchen rolls and toilet paper. Responsibly sourced from the Shunan Bamboo Forest in China, these bamboo double rolls come with 120 sheets each at just under $3 a pop. Best of all, you can set up a recurring delivery at a discounted price so that you can stock up on sturdy and sustainable paper towels for your home.

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2. Who Gives A Crap

Ethics | 50 percent of profits donated, certified B Corp, natural bamboo and sugarcane blend Price | $16/6 rolls (720 sheets)

Who Gives A Crap, a certified B Corp (that also has a UK store), understands that people and the planet should be just as important as profit. The team donates half of all profits sold to help build toilets for those in need, already contributing $5.7 million to hygiene initiatives worldwide. These biodegradable paper towels are made of only natural materials, like sugarcane and bamboo. They are so strong and absorbent that you’ll receive your money back if you experience otherwise.

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3. Grove Collaborative

Ethics | One tree planted for 50 rolls sold, certified B Corp, plastic-free packaging, 100 percent pesticide-free bamboo Price | $3.95/2 rolls (280 sheets)

Grove Collaborative is the first and only plastic neutral retailer in the world, so it’s no surprise that they’ve also developed tree-free paper towels. Stronger than recycled paper, these sustainable bamboo rolls come in eco-option sizes, so you’ll only need a little to clean up a lot of mess. As a certified B Corp, every purchase from the Seedling by Grove line supports reforestation efforts across the United States, with one tree planted for every 50 rolls sold.

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4. Full Circle

Ethics | Gives back, certified B Corp, plastic-free, 100 percent rayon from bamboo Price | $12.99/1 roll (30 sheets)

Full Circle, available via Thrive Market, believes the life cycle of a product should be circular rather than linear—hence its fitting name! This certified B Corp crafts eco-friendly bathroom, home, and kitchen cleaning products by investing in plant-based materials and avoiding plastics, harmful coatings, and chemicals. Pick up just one of Full Circle’s tough and reusable paper towel rolls, and you’ll see how it can replace more than 60 conventional rolls.

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5. Bambooee

Ethics | Gives back, 100 percent rayon from bamboo Price | $19.95/20 pack

If the brand Bambooee sounds familiar, it’s because the team was successfully featured on Shark Tank! Today, Bambooee’s Reusable Paper Towels, found through the Zero Store in Australia and here in the United States, is a major hit. Each roll can be washed up to 100 times, saving you hundreds of dollars used for single-use paper towels. Proceeds support environmental initiatives through Trees for the Future.

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