Bario Neal Is Leading The Way Towards A More Ethical Jewelry Industry Handcrafted In The USA

Bario Neal is paving the way towards a more ethical future for the jewelry industry with their handcrafted, ethically-sourced, and jaw-dropping rings and jewelry. Handcrafted in the USA by skilled craftspeople, Bario Neal uses reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones to make their pieces truly unique and meaningful.

Their architecturally-inspired pieces are unlike anything we’ve seen—their asymmetrical pieces feature brilliant combinations of shapes and colors, yet remain balanced and delicate. This also makes their pieces available at multiple price points. They go beyond conflict-free when it comes to sourcing their diamonds, gemstones, and even small pave stones by working with a fully traceable supply chain from mine to market.

Founded in 2008 by Anna Bario and Page Neal, Bario Neal now has two showrooms: one in New York City and their flagship store in Philadelphia, where their skilled team designs and creates their jewelry in-house. As a progressive woman-owned company, Bario Neal identifies as a feminist company and they hold close the belief in the right to love and marry whoever and however you choose.

Bario Neal Uses A Fully Traceable Supply Chain

Reclaimed Precious Metals // Fairmined gold // Ethically Sourced Stones

Behind The Scenes With Bario Neal’s Co-Founder, Page Neal

Bario Neal is an industry leader in ethical sourcing and manufacturing, what inspired you to create jewelry of lasting value and ethical origins?

Anna and I began working together with the shared idea that our most precious things come with a story. Drawn to the imaginative possibilities of jewelry, yet disillusioned by industry standards that turned a blind eye to metal and gemstone mining’s environmental and human tolls, we began to envision how to make jewelry of lasting value and ethical origins.

“Our most precious things come with a story”
— Page Neal

Where is each piece of Bario Neal jewelry handcrafted?

We handcraft the jewelry in our Philadelphia workshop and flagship store. We also work with a local community of craftspeople on Philadelphia’s historic Jeweler’s Row—the oldest jewelry district in the United States—to apply specialized techniques such as hand engraving or glass enameling.

Your pieces are absolutely stunning, effortlessly balanced and delicate. Can you tell us what inspires the brand’s creative direction?

The jewelry is an expression of artistic visions, and thus, is always evolving. To me, one of the most interesting and constant challenges from a design perspective lies in how to actualize the delicacy of our designs while ensuring the quality of the craft. Making delicate jewelry that will endure over the years is not simple. I am confident & proud of the care we take to design and craft jewelry that will last a lifetime.

We love the brand’s use of gemstones for distinct and colorful pieces. Do you have a favorite gemstone to work with?

This is always changing & keeps the work interesting. As of late, we are inspired to work with one-of-a-kind custom cut stones like the tourmaline featured in this custom ring. If you are looking for something truly one of a kind, a custom cut gemstone is the way to go.

Do you have a personal favorite piece of jewelry you couldn’t live without?

It changes from season to season. When my daughter was born this past spring, I made myself a pinkie Eternity Ring to match my wedding band to celebrate her birth. All summer I wore just the two rings either stacked or on separate fingers. Right now, I am attached to wearing the Sol Pendant in gold as a choker. Maybe I am signaling the need for sunshine during these winter months. As we move into spring, I have dreams of adding our Emerald Sol Ring to my personal collection.