The 5 Best Tracking Apps For Safer Cycles

Technology is revolutionizing how we understand our bodies—and it’s really empowering. 

For too long, we have relied on doctors and medications to give us the answers to our complex bodies, but there are more tools than ever to manage our own health.

In a time where society is starting to re-think alternative healthcare methods, the use of period & sex tracking apps help us to put our health back into our own hands.

These five tracking apps for women help us create an intuitive understanding of our body’s natural rhythms and educate us on our own reproductive health. 

1. Glow

Features | Fertility tracking, symptom log & community forum
Price | $0–$59.99

Glow is a comprehensive period tracking app that is a great “starter” when deciding to track your body’s cycles naturally. Log your symptoms, moods, sex drive, sex details, sleep duration etc. After each log, the app gives you tips and advice about what’s normal and what’s not normal. It kind of feels like talking to a best friend about your period. We also love the color-coding on the calendar—red shows the week of your period and green tells you when you are fertile. It even calculates the percentage of fertility for the week, which helps a lot when wanting to avoid pregnancy or to assist in getting pregnant. The other cool feature is that your partner can have a conjoined profile with you to log his/her symptoms to see what you each are feeling.

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2. Clue

Features | Language translation, helpful resources, interactive community-driven
Price | $0.99-$9.99

Clue is a bit more like a social media platform created to make periods and sex more transparent and easy to talk about that creates a feeling of empowerment through a community. You can link up with your friends, partner, and even your mom to see one another’s health stages and period cycles. The app tracks your menstrual cycles and fertile windows. With continued use of the app, the app becomes smarter about your body’s patterns and offers even more insight into your cycles.

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3. The Flow

Features | Rooted in female empowerment, assists in understanding the different phases of the menstrual cycle, comprehensive design
Price | $0.99

The Flow’s motto is: “Grow with your flow” and it’s such a great tool for women who want to truly align with what they are feeling in their body every day. The app guides you through each phase of your cycle and assists you in explaining the energies that might be felt during that time. The app also encourages keeping a journal inside the app about how you are feeling and things happening in your life to encourage a focus on mental health throughout your period. We also love that this app empowers women to harness the various shifts and changes that happen during the hormonal cycle to live our most full and powerful lives.

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4. Ovia

Features | Mother/parent-centered, can track the health of children, fertility tracker, menstrual cycle calendar
Price | Free

This app is a wonderful support system for women and families at every health phase; from preconception, pregnancy through the postpartum stages and all the way through into parenthood. They partner with employers to assist in helping to offer maternity benefits and create low-cost family-friendly tools, ultimately improving the sometimes daunting relationship with easily accessible healthcare. This app was actually started by a husband who wanted to track him and his wife’s process of trying to get pregnant. The algorithm he discovered was extremely beneficial for tracking their journey and wanted to help other couples and families. 

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5. Aunt Flo

Features | Cute humorous copy feels like talking to a best friend, easy to use, mature branding
Price | $1.99

Aunt Flo offers an honest and fun way to track periods and sex life started by 2 female founders wanting to make tracking your period fun. The app feels like a best friend hanging out with you all month long as you log to talk about the honest realities that come with our cycles along with with your sex life. The app sends cute and cheeky notifications to you throughout your cycle that makes tracking your period serious—but also not so serious.

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