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One thing side sleepers, pregnant people, and those with back pain have in common? They can all benefit from a body pillow!

Body pillows often provide relief for our backs, arms, hips, legs, and even joints, depending on how we sleep. Even when they don’t provide physical relief, they can provide emotional comfort instead—many people love sleeping with body pillows as “cuddle” pillows to wrap their arms around. 

All of this to say: A body pillow can deepen our slumber in the best way. Here are seven of our favorites from sustainable brands helping us to sleep easier. 💤 Snuggle city, here we come.

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Best Overall | Most Affordable | Biggest Body Pillow

1. Parachute

Materials | Cotton & microfiber fill
Ethics | OEKO-TEX certified sustainable materials, gives back, recyclable packaging
Price | $79

Parachute’s Down Alternative Bolster Pillow is not your traditional body pillow, but it remains a sturdy support option for your back. It comes with a 100 percent cotton shell and hypoallergenic microfiber fill, all of which is OEKO-TEX certified. You can leave the 44” pillow as-is on your bed or dress the insert up in the cover of your choice. Bye-bye, back pain!

2. Bearaby

Materials | Plant-based, GOLS-certified Melofoam™
Ethics | MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, Fair Trade Certified
Price | $199

Looking for a body pillow that provides a full, 360 degree hug? Look no further than Bearaby‘s Cuddler body pillow. This pillow takes up some real estate at a whopping 75 inches long, but it’s extremely versatile and can be looped around to provide a snuggle between your knees, against your back, a pillow for your head, and a plush front side to hug (if you are looking to support a pregnant body this is an excellent option!). The Cuddler can also be knotted for a cute accent pillow. The natural rubber filling in this pillow has been a game changer for our editor, who’s found it comfortable while sleeping on her side, back, or stomach. It’s truly like snuggling into a warm hug.

3. Buffy

Materials | Eucalyptus lyocell, recycled plastic
Ethics | OEKO-TEX certified sustainable & natural materials, recycled & recyclable packaging, transport emissions offset, donated returns
Price | $69

Sleeping on Buffy’s Cloud Body Pillow is really like being on Cloud Nine. Thanks to its lyocell fabric sourced from cooling eucalyptus and recycled plastic fluff, this is an uber-comfy pillow to enjoy for both snuggling and snoozing. Buffy’s serious about sustainability, too: The brand offsets its transport and freight emissions twice a year, ships products in recycled packaging, and has committed to eco-friendly goals. Try it out for seven nights to see if you love it too, or your money back.

4. Coyuchi

Materials | Organic cotton & organic latex
Ethics | GOLS & GOTS certified organic materials, eco-friendly packaging, ethically made, secondhand shop, gives back
Price | $248

Enjoy some full-body comfort with Coyuchi’s Organic Latex Body Pillow. This massive pillow (measuring 68” long) is thoughtfully made with GOTS certified organic cotton and GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex. With these two superstar materials, you can enjoy a breathable, buoyant night’s sleep; it’s especially wonderful for side and pregnant sleepers. A really lovely touch is that Coyuchi packages this pillow in a reusable, organic cloth bag—so you can avoid plastic packaging and take it anywhere.

5. Yana

Materials | Organic shredded latex, organic cotton, & bamboo
Ethics | OEKO-TEX certified organic & sustainable materials
Price | $199

Yana wants you to “cuddle up to your best night’s sleep” with its Sleep Pillow. This 55” body pillow is crafted with an organic cotton and bamboo velour cover on the outside (with 25 percent polyester) to keep you cool. On the inside, the fill is made from shredded organic latex, but it can also be removed if it feels too dense. It’s a great body pillow for anyone who likes a bit more comfort. Yana currently ships to the US and Canada.

6. Organature

Materials | Organic cotton & kapok
Ethics | GOTS certified organic & sustainable materials, eco-friendly packaging, fair labor & wages
Price | $120 AUD

Aussie side-sleepers, grab the Organature Body Pillow and thank us later! This full-length pillow (150cm or 59 inches long) will provide all the support you need overnight, thanks to the organic kapok “cotton silk” filling. Plus, you can adjust the filling yourself for a medium-soft or medium-firm feel. Since the fill is a bit fluffier, it acts as a wonderful arm pillow, too.


Made In | Vilnius, Lithuania
Materials | 100% cotton
Ethics | OEKO-TEX certified materials, ethically made, carbon-neutral shipping
Price | $101–$179

MINICAMP is a family-run business from Lithuania, where mother and founder Gintarė says her daughter was (and is) her muse. So it’s no surprise really that the brand offers both lumbar and pregnancy pillows for every kind of body, especially expecting ones. The pregnancy pillows are crafted with GOTS certified cotton inside and out, and the lumbar pillows come with a linen cover. These handmade pillows will keep you in a dream state long after you wake up.

Featured image from MINICAMP