A Sustainable Sip ☕️

Millions of people around the world start their days with a refreshing cup of coffee, but we all have our preferences. Cold brew, pour over, espresso… the list goes on. 

No matter which cup of joe is your favorite, we’ve rounded up nine minimalist coffee makers that will transform your morning routine into a daily ritual. These options are crafted with recyclable materials like steel, aluminum, and glass, prioritize longevity and durability, or put sustainability at the forefront of production. 

Whether you’re on the go or savoring that extra sip at home, you can find a sustainable, minimalist coffee maker that fits your lifestyle. Be sure to use one of our favorite Fair Trade coffee brands and sip from one of these handmade ceramic mugs. Enjoy!

1. Hasami Porcelain

Best For | Two-person households
Sustainable Materials | Porcelain
| $160

If aesthetic, quality, and tradition rank highly for your coffee maker needs, Hasami Porcelain’s coffee dripper and teapot should be at the top of your list. Fired in Japan using 400-year-old pottery techniques, this sustainable porcelain set makes up to five cups at one time. Both pieces come with lids, are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are fully stackable, making them ideal for smaller kitchens and storage.

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2. Yield

Best For | French presses
Sustainable Materials | Steel, copper, borosilicate glass
| $85

Yield combines ethical practices, sustainable sourcing, and timeless design for quality home goods. Made locally in the USA, Yield offers stunning french presses as well as more affordable glass pour overs. The French presses include a steel filter, copper pull, and glass pitcher and lid. Plastic-free, heat-proof glass, and a sleek look mean this coffee maker will last and always stay in (sustainable) style.

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3. Palmpress

Best For | Travel
Sustainable Materials | Stainless steel, BPA-free plastic
| $42

On constant business trips? Hate the office coffee maker? Just want a single sustainable serving? No matter your preference, you’ll love Palmpress. This personal coffee press, produced with BPA-free plastic, stainless steel, and silicone, is meant to be re-used time and again. At just over $40, Palmpress will pay for itself within days. No pods, no paper filters, no waste—but all the flexibility and function.

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4. Pot Studio LA

Best For | Single serving pour over
Sustainable Materials | Ceramic
| $80

For manual brewers, check out Pot Studio LA’s pour over sets. Each speckled set, which comes with both the pour over and cup, is individually handmade in Los Angeles. Founded by Mandy, an Iranian entrepreneur, this pottery studio aims to build community and share the work of “radical POC artists.” In addition to pottery, the team focuses on activism, social politics, and creating safe spaces. Investing in these sets helps the community survive and thrive.

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5. Soma

Best For | Cold brew
Sustainable Materials | BPA-free borosilicate glass, stainless steel
| $40

Certified B Corp Soma is well known for clean aesthetics, sustainable materials, and giving back. In addition to Soma’s pitchers and filtration goods, we love its thoughtfully crafted coffee-centric items, particularly the beloved Brew Bottle. Perfect for cold brew, iced tea. or keeping coffee hot while on the go, this double-walled bottle will do the hard work for you. Take your favorite morning ritual with you, wherever you go.

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6. The Coffee Registry

Best For | Vintage-inspired coffee makers
Sustainable Materials | Brass, glass, USA-sourced wood
| $149

The Coffee Registry’s Botanist is the vintage pour over stand of our dreams. Choose an American walnut or brass base to pair with a solid brass holder and high-quality glass funnel. If this style isn’t the one of your dreams, The Coffee Registry offers other pour overs alongside its brewing accessories and roasted coffee bags sourced from all over the globe. And they’re all made in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

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7. Ratio

Best For | High-end design and function
Sustainable Materials | Borosilicate glass, stainless steel
| $495

Ratio’s minimalist makers, including the gorgeously designed Ratio Eight, take the guesswork out of a great cup of coffee. Made in Portland, Oregon, it uses science-driven precision and automation so that you don’t have to worry about a specific time or temperature. All you need to do is press the Brew button once. The same great taste of your desired pour over, without any effort. (Plus, it’s a pretty beautiful piece for your countertop, no?)

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8. ROK

Best For | Espresso
Sustainable Materials | High-grade aluminum
| $189

Don’t worry, espresso lovers—we didn’t forget about you. ROK’s EspressoGC and GrinderGC pair perfectly for those who desire truly powerful brews. And they’re made to last: Each machine uses engineering-grade aluminum and BPA-free glass-composite polymer, and all metal parts come with a 10-year warranty. (Don’t worry, you can find replacement parts as needed here, too.) Delivery is free within the US, and UK shipping is available.

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9. Vintage and Secondhand Moka Pots

Best For | Vintage & secondhand Moka Pots
Sustainable Materials | Aluminum or stainless steel
| Starting at $29.50

Vintage shops on Etsy are perfect for scoring secondhand Moka pots as powerful espresso alternatives to use on the stove. And the range is impressive: Pick up an old school Lavazza or Bialetti, or go for a true vintage pick from the 1960s like the one pictured from TempoFelice. With pots priced between $50 and $150, many deliver worldwide—sent directly to you via carbon-neutral shipping.

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