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Can you remember what it felt like to sit without judgment, crayons in hand, and let your creativity take the lead? As adults, we often forget the child-like wonder of coloring and how it can foster our imagination. When we allow for it, coloring can be a powerful mindfulness practice for finding peace and healing.

Of course, structure is helpful—after all, a blank canvas can feel intimidating. Rather than starting from scratch, we love how coloring books can guide us in our creative endeavors. 

The below list includes a few of our favorite coloring books and coloring pages for adults—many of which invite us to experience armchair travel or immerse ourselves in nature. Pair them with a craft kit for a playful and creative summer!

1. Healthy Earth Coloring Workbook

Illustrator | Ivelina Vasileva
Best For | Learning about sustainability
Number of Pages | 60
Price | $15

Combine art and play with this coloring book that not only has the cutest animated illustrations, but also empowers you to become your own environmental hero! With over 60+ sustainability tips and easy to color custom designs, this workbook provides helpful knowledge about sustainability without channelling eco-anxiety.

2. Healing Botanicals Adult Coloring Book

Illustrator | Molly Suzanne
Best For | Learning about botany
Number of Pages | 30
Price | $25

This adult coloring book is perfect for aspiring herbalists. Part-coloring pages, part-field guide, it’s a wonderful introduction to the healing power of botany. And we love that we get to learn about different herbs’ colors and shapes!

3. A Cozy Coloring Cookbook

Illustrator | Amber Day
Best For | Food illustrations, recipes
Number of Pages | 40
Price | $15.99

We don’t often think about colors when cooking our food, which is why we love this unique coloring book by home cook and food blogger Adrianna Adarme. It includes 40 “happy, cozy, and tasty recipes” so that you can eat and play all at once!

4. Sanctuary: Living Spaces Coloring Book 

Illustrator | Amber Day
Best For | Interior design
Number of Pages | 24
Price | $7.99

Also illustrated by Amber Day, this adult coloring book is ideal for interior design enthusiasts. It shows us how to connect color and patterns in our homes and—most importantly—how to make a space feel like our own. Color now, re-decorate later! 

5. The Flower Year

Illustrator | Leila Duly
Best For | English-inspired landscapes
Number of Pages | 104
Price | $14.99

We imagine this is what it feels like to live in a Victorian painting. This coloring book transports us into the natural world—more specifically, the English countryside. Leila Duly’s illustrations offer a creative escape, and each page is filled with whimsical depictions of flowers, plants, and insects. 

6. We Travel In COLOR

Illustrator | Patricia Keller
Best For | Armchair travel
Number of Pages | 25
Price | $13.99

Having wanderlust this summer? Us too. And this coloring book allows us to have a new adventure—right at home! The first Black adult travel coloring book, each illustration captures our beautiful world and its many cultures. Take your own trip via the pages—from Morocco to Paris! 

7. Slow Down: A Minimalist Coloring Book

Illustrator | Todd Webb
Best For | Minimalist designs
Number of Pages | 80
Price | $10

While we love all of the adult coloring books on the market, sometimes the intricate and complex designs can feel overwhelming. Enter Todd Webb’s handmade coloring book. These pages are simple and minimalistic while equally charming. And we especially appreciate the life suggestions and affirmations sprinkled throughout.