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While we love the benefits of dryer sheets for our clothes—fewer wrinkles, less static, reduced drying time—we aren’t as thrilled about their sustainability, or rather, lack thereof. Dryer sheets are made of polyester plastic and then coated in synthetic softeners and chemical agents; plus, they’re thrown away after just a few uses.

That’s why, for equally soft but more sustainable laundry, we love reusable dryer balls. Most of these dryer balls are made from wool, a highly absorbent natural material that’s gentle on clothes and the environment. Plus, they’re just so cute! Check out the best dryer balls below, all sustainably and responsibly made.

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1. Package Free

Materials | Wool
Features | 100 percent compostable, recycled packaging, free of dyes & synthetic fragrances, plastic-free, use up to 1,000 loads
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $18 for 6 dryer balls

Package Free is our one-stop shop for eco-friendly laundry and home goods, so it’s no surprise these reusable dryer balls top our list. You’ll receive a six-pack of 3” dryer balls that can be thrown in with every load. Or, to extend their life, consider using only three dryer balls at a time—you’ll still be impressed! Both the wool and the recycled packaging are compostable at the end of their lifecycle.

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2. Blueland

Materials | New Zealand wool
Features | Certified B Corp, carbon-neutral, Climate Neutral & Cradle to Cradle certified, sustainably sourced & ethically made, plastic-free, use up to 1,000 loads
Ships To | US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand
Price | $18 for 3 dryer balls 

Replace up to 1,000 single-use dryer sheets with Blueland’s Reusable Wool Dryer Balls. This certified B Corp responsibly sources the wool from New Zealand sheep, without any cruelty or mulesing. All Blueland products are climate- and carbon-neutral for as little (negative) impact on the environment as possible. With a thousand load lifespan, you’ll enjoy fresher, dryer laundry for years to come.

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3. Dropps

Materials | New Zealand wool
Features | Sustainably & ethically made, compostable packaging, biodegradable, plastic-free, use up to 10,000 loads
Ships To | US & Canada
Price | $29 for 4 dryer balls 

For dryer balls that will last up to a whopping 10,000 loads, look no further than Dropps’ XL Wool Dryer Balls. This four-pack includes 3.5” balls that will absorb water quicker than most in order to reduce wrinkles and drying time. Dropps sources its wool from New Zealand sheep who enjoy safe, humane, and sustainable living conditions—then the dryer balls are manufactured responsibly in Nepal. Hurray, no more wasteful dryer sheets!

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4. Grove Collaborative

Materials | New Zealand wool
Features | Certified B Corp, sustainably sourced wool, plastic-free, biodegradable, use up to 1,000 loads
Ships To | Contiguous US
Price | $17.95 for 3 dryer balls

As a certified B Corp, Grove Collaborative curates the best nontoxic, organic, and sustainable home goods in one place. In addition to carrying some of our favorite conscious brands, you can also enjoy Grove’s own line of products, including wool dryer balls. The standard three-pack will last up to 1,000 loads or you can set up flexible monthly shipments for a discount. Made entirely of New Zealand wool, these get the job done—without loudly bouncing around.

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5. Coyuchi

Materials | Felted California wool
Features | Climate-beneficial, gives back via 1% for the Planet, MADE SAFE certified, use up to 1,000 loads
Ships To | US
Price | $29 for 3 dryer balls

Coyuchi is all about sustainability. The brand doesn’t just care about being climate-neutral…it’s going the extra mile to be climate-beneficial. This means the only impact you’ll enjoy from these dryer balls is wrinkle- and static-free clothing. Coyuchi gets its wool locally in California, and it’s then ethically manufactured into these dryer sheet alternatives. A percentage of proceeds go to support environmental causes. Win-win!

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