The Best Kettles For Water, Tea, & Coffee

A Jasmine tea with sugar. A mocha latte with almond milk. A glass of warm water with lemon.

We all have a warm beverage or two that helps wake us up on our sleepiest mornings. While we can wait for the stove to heat up our drinks, sometimes we’re yearning for something a bit quicker (and easier on the planet). That’s why we’re obsessed with a good electric kettle.

Add an electric kettle to your morning routine, too, with these six brands below—not only are these more energy-efficient than traditional options but they’re also equipped with smart functions. Start our days without hassle or clean up! (And if you need help converting their capacities into cups, we like this tool.)

Whatever you’re brewing in the morning with these kettles—maybe these organic teas or fair trade coffees—we hope you enjoy a moment of mindfulness and calm before the day begins.

1. Fellow

The Best Electric Kettles: Fellow Stagg's EKG in matte black with a pour-over spout and swivel base.

Materials | Stainless steel kettle body & lid, plastic base, some models with wooden handles Features | Nine color options, 0.9L capacity, pour-over kettle, temperature control, quick heating Price | $159

Fellow’s Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is a team favorite for many reasons: It comes with nine color options, variable controls, and 1200 watts for quick heating. (And if you prefer adding on Bluetooth capability, you can also check out the EKG+!) Best of all, with the Stagg’s gorgeous aesthetic, we almost don’t mind waiting for our first cup of coffee.


2. Breville

The Best Electric Kettles: Breville's Smart Kettle Luxe in dark blue with five temperature settings, a water gauge, and silver handle and spout.

Materials | BPA-free stainless steel Features | Eight colors, 1.7L capacity, five temperature settings, keep warm & auto shut off functions Price | $199

Breville’s Smart Kettle™ Luxe helps us work smarter, not harder for our morning cuppa. This electric kettle includes five different temperature settings to brew black, green, white, or oolong tea or French press coffee—so you can say goodbye to bland flavors or bitterness. We also think this is the best tea kettle around, especially for its whopping seven cup capacity, BPA-free materials, and a specialized soft lid to avoid splashing.

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Materials | BPA-free stainless steel Features | 1.8L capacity, auto shut off function, removable filter, 360-degree swivel power base Price | $37

For a retro-style kettle that’s largely plastic-free, check out COMFEE’! This affordable option is made from food-grade stainless steel instead. Plus, it comes with a removable water filter to remove build-up and an auto shut-off function. With 1500 watts of heating power, your tea, coffee, or other warm bev is less than five minutes away.

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4. HAY

The Best Electric Kettles: HAY's Sowden Kettle in cream color with a pitcher-like shape.

Materials | Stainless steel & polypropylene Features | Two colors, 1.5L capacity, one-touch & auto shut off functions, hidden cord system Price | $125

For sleek, stylish home goods, we always turn to HAY. Its Sowden Kettle, designed by George Sowden, is a wonderful example of exactly what we mean. This electric kettle comes in two colors and is made with stainless steel and polypropylene (which can be recycled!). As far as functions go, you can enjoy: a hidden cord management system, auto shut off once boiling, and easy-to-pour spout to prevent spills or burns.

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5. Soma

The Best Electric Kettles: Soma's stainless steel kettle in matte black with long pour spout.

Materials | Stainless steel Features | One liter capacity, stay-cool handle, brew-range thermometer, controlled pour spout, gives back Price | $70

For those unplugged moments, we like Soma’s stainless steel option. While technically not an electric kettle, it’s safe for use on gas and electric stovetops—i.e., perfect for slowing down and savoring the seconds. Features include a brew-range thermometer for that “just right” taste, up to a four-cup capacity, and a pour spout that’s controlled and even. But the best feature of all is that Soma donates to charity:water with each purchase.

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6. Vektra

The Best Electric Kettles: Vektra's thermal insulated electric kettle in dark silver with soft lid.

Materials | Stainless steel & plastic Features | Various models & capacities, water stays hot for four hours, anti-spill lid, 360 degree base, temperature indicators, gives back Price | £65–£105

Vektra, a UK-based brand, considers itself the world’s first-ever thermal insulated electric kettle. That means your water will stay warm for up to four hours, and you won’t need to re-boil! It’s designed primarily with stainless steel and only uses plastic for the trim and handle. There are four different collections of Vektra kettles to choose from, so there’s an energy-efficient option here for you.

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Featured image from HAY

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