Style Apps For Conscious Closets

In 2022, refreshing your wardrobe is as easy as picking up your phone, and sustainable shopping is now only a few swipes away! Whether you are looking for inspiring ways to style your current wardrobe, or you’re hoping to add some new pieces to your closet, these sustainable fashion apps have you covered. 

1. Depop

Join the social marketplace where over 15M people come to buy, sell, and discover unique finds.

Price | Free to Download

Why We Love It | If you’re someone who is constantly asking strangers where they got their sneakers or sunglasses from (guilty!), then Depop is the app for you. It’s like being able to buy clothes from the coolest people you know. Whether you are looking for original ideas from some creative minds or looking to buy or sell new attire, try searching Depop for your next unique find. 

Download Depop

2. Stylebook

Get the most out of your closet—for the price of a latte or gossip magazine, you could have a closet assistant for life!

Price | $3.99

Why We Love It | Organization is key to building your wardrobe. Having the option to view all of your clothes and find style inspiration within your own closet is the easiest way to be both sustainable and stylish. With Stylebook, you can upload your closet and play with new outfit ideas. The app is perfect for refreshing your wardrobe without buying anything new, which we are always here for. 

Download Stylebook

3. Rent the Runway

Imagine stepping into your dream closet filled with hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Price | Free to Download

Why We Love It | I’m someone who always wants a new look for every occasion. But after the ‘gram has seen it, these pieces I momentarily loved wither away in my closet. Rent the Runway is giving a better life to clothing. The app allows endless rental options to look your best without the guilt of hanging onto pieces you’ll never wear again. From high-end brands to everyday wear, save money, and breathe new life into each piece.

Download Rent The Runway

4. Save Your Wardrobe

Save Your Wardrobe’s mission is to streamline Sustainable Living through a digital wardrobe platform.

Price | Free to Download

Why We Love It | Save Your Wardrobe is a new app committed to keeping your clothes in tip-top shape (we’re all guilty of ignoring the care instructions on garments). By sourcing dry cleaning and repair services, the sustainability-driven app helps you care for your clothes, making them last that much longer.

Download Save Your Wardrobe

5. Le Tote

Rental will change the way your shop forever. Wear all the clothes you choose with no commitment.

Price | Free to Download

Why We Love It | Le Tote is another rental clothing option we love—we especially love this app’s maternity rental options. Stay stylish while returning and renting new clothes as you change sizes. Le Tote is also perfect for formal wear, business attire, and everyday garments.

Download Le Tote

6. Grailed

A curated peer-to-peer marketplace for new and lightly worn luxury menswear with secondhand pieces and unbeatable prices.

Price | Free to Download

Why We Love It | Grailed is a vintage and resale site for menswear, whether you’re looking to keep up with the current trends or sell the garments you no longer wear. This peer-to-peer app will keep your desire for new styles at bay, so you can have peace of mind that you can reuse and recycle.

Download Grailed

7. 30 Wears

Reduce your environmental impact—wear your clothes more and buy less!

Price | Free to Download

Why We Love It | A simple but meaningful concept, 30 Wears is a community-driven app encouraging its users to wear garments at least thirty times before replacing. This app is easy to use, simply upload your clothes and tag an item every time you wear it. Any excuse to complete a challenge and I’m there! Hopefully, we can all become more conscious about wearing the clothing we already own before shopping new. 

Download 30 Wears

What other ways have you created a more sustainable wardrobe? Share in the comments!

Sarah Spoljaric is a California girl through and through. She has a BA in World History from one of the top 10 greenest campuses in the world; The University of California, Merced and is a Content Curator for the visual travel app Trepic. She has a background in museum curating, loves reading women’s travel journals and is in search of the perfect IPA. She’s passionate about exploring this beautiful world that ethically-produced goods help to protect. Say hi on Instagram!