So You Can Roll It Out

As we’ve spent the last year moving less and sitting more, we’ve been leaning into gentle yoga, nighttime stretches, and ergonomic seating to support our bodies. And if you’ve been building your own at-home exercise space or routine, you may be on the lookout for a new roller. Typically, these are made with foam, which can off-gas dangerous chemicals and toxins (so… they’re not very earth-friendly).

We’ve found five eco-friendly alternatives to foam rollers (plus a bonus) that prioritize natural and renewable sources like cork and bamboo, so you can still find relief without worrying about your health or the planet’s!

1. 42 Birds

Materials | 100 percent recycled cork
Brand Ethics | Recycled and responsibly harvested materials, gives back
Size (Length) | 18”
Price | $59

Using recycled and sustainably harvested cork, 42 Birds crafts eco-friendly mats, rollers, and accessories for the modern yogi. The cork is sourced from Spain and Portugal and then shaped with special ridges to hit all your biggest pain points. At 18”, it’s the largest roller on the list, so it’s perfect for your back and hips. 42 Birds is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating a minimum of one percent of sales to environmental causes worldwide each year.

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2. Scoria

Materials | 100 percent natural cork
Brand Ethics | Responsibly harvested materials, partners with certified factories, gives back
Size (Length) | 11.5”
Price | $32

Scoria, a proudly Canadian company, uses responsibly harvested cork for yoga mats and props. This simple cork roller will help relieve pain and tension while also increasing circulation. By opting for natural cork, a purchase from Scoria saves on water, emissions from driving, and 20+ kilograms of petrochemicals. Plus, the brand donates six meals for each roller sold. That’s our kind of sustainability and ethics.

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3. Mobeco

Materials | 100 percent natural cork
Brand Ethics | Eco-friendly plastic-free packaging & materials, carbon-neutral shipping, gives back
Size (Length) | 11.8” (30 cm)
Price | $54.90 AUD

Australia-based Mobeco understands that anti-microbial and sweat-resistant cork is way more effective (and sustainable) than regular foam rollers. Designed with a smaller diameter and firmer material, this cork roller can still cover large parts of your body in no time at all. As an eco-friendly company, Mobeco is mostly plastic-free, offers carbon-neutral shopping and payments, and gives back via One Tree Planted for every single order. You can also find this roller on Etsy!

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4. Casall

Materials | Natural cork or bamboo
Brand Ethics | Responsibly harvested or recycled materials, partially powered by renewable energy, ethically made
Size (Length) | 11.8”–13” (30–33 cm)
Price | €19.90–€49.90

For Swedish-inspired workout equipment, Casall is a leading responsible brand. Find natural cork- or bamboo-lined rollers here, both equipped to work out any kinks and relieve sore spots. Our preference, the Tube Roll Bamboo, is made of 25 percent bamboo and rice husks and produced in a space that is partially powered by renewable energy. Named a Casall Conscious Choice product, the bamboo roller will be 100 percent sustainable by 2025.

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5. CorkHouse

Materials | 100 percent natural cork
Brand Ethics | Eco-friendly practices, cork recycling, low waste
Size (Length) | 12”
Price | $38.95

CorkHouse is a showroom owned by Jelinek Cork Group, a fifth-generation family-run business over 150 years old. And as one of the oldest cork companies around, they know a thing or two about sustainability. CorkHouse promotes eco-friendly practices like LEED energy sourcing, cork recycling programs, and responsible harvesting. Their standard roller is versatile and durable—you can use it during yoga, for a core workout, or post-exercise while stretching.

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Bonus: Rawlogy

Materials | 100 percent natural cork
Brand Ethics | Sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests, ethically sourced, eco-friendly packaging, gives back
Size (Diameter) | 1.9”–4”
Price | $12–$19

If you’re on-the-go or tight on space, a great roller alternative is the Cork Massage Ball from Rawlogy. These award-winning products are made entirely from sustainable cork and completely free from plastic, PVC, and petroleum, unlike what you’d find in a typical foam roller. You can choose from three sizes and two finishes (sanded smooth or rustic). However you like to recover and roll it out, this is a sustainable steal.

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