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Sometimes after a long day, the last thing we want to do is prep dinner. That’s when we’re especially grateful for a quality food processor. Similar to a blender, a food processor can puree and crush ingredients—but it goes a step further; a food processor can also chop, slice, mince, shred, dice, and more. (See why we love our own?)

If you’re hoping to get the most out of your fruits, veggies, and starches this year, consider grabbing one of these five food processors below. You’ll be able to whip up sauces and dressings, go from whole potatoes to shredded or diced, and even knead dough in these all-in-one game changers. (And any remnants you don’t use, you can compost!)

1. Cuisinart

Best For | Overall performance & ease Specifications | 14-cup capacity, multiple attachments, adjustable chute, most parts dishwasher safe, 3-year warranty Price | $250

Cuisinart’s 14-cup processor is consistently named one of the top food processors out there, and it’s a winner amongst The Good Trade team as well. Often seen on wedding registries and housewarming lists, this processor can do everything from chopping fruits to shredding potatoes (especially thanks to the large food tube!). It’s easy to use, too, with just two quick buttons (off and on/pulse) and multiple-sized blades. Design-wise, it’s a beautiful brushed stainless steel with BPA-free parts (that are also mostly dishwasher-safe!). It’s no surprise that Cuisinart tops our list.

2. Breville

Best For | Frequent use or large quantities Specifications | 12-16 cup capacities, multiple attachments, adjustable chute, some parts dishwasher safe, 1-year warranty Price | $300–$550

Are you considered the “host” of your friend group, always inviting crowds over? You may love Breville’s food processors, with capacities ranging from 12 to 16 cups at once. There are four models available including the Sous Chef 16 Peel & Dice so it’s the food processor that can do it all for you. Choose from small 1.5” to 5” food chutes and variable discs that can handle even the toughest root vegetables. Crafted with stainless steel, a BPA-free bowl, and die-cast metal…it’s a sturdy workhorse that will last for years to come.

3. KitchenAid

Best For | Affordability & value Specifications | 3-13 cup capacities, multiple attachments, multiple speeds, most parts dishwasher safe, 1-year warranty Price | $60–$200

For small spaces or more cost-effective options, we love KitchenAid’s range of food processors from 3.5 cups to a generous 13 all under $200. (There are even refurbished models for cheaper than the lowest price so far, $60!) KitchenAid’s processors are available in a number of colors that are sure to match any kitchen, including a gorgeous empire red and black matte. We especially like the smaller sizes for when we need to whip up a sauce, butter, or small side—but don’t want to break out the big guns. KitchenAid offers free shipping, free 30-day returns, and no-interest financing, too.

4. Vitamix

Best For | Food processor attachment Specifications | 12-cup capacity, multiple attachments, adjustable chute, most parts dishwasher safe, 3-year warranty Price | $200

If you already own a Vitamix (the Ascent® and Venturist® motor bases specifically), get the most out of it with the brand’s 12-cup Food Processor Attachment! Simply stack, snap, and begin using; the attachment can chop, shred, and knead—the same as any other standalone processor. Besides the base itself, most of the attachment is dishwasher-safe and made with BPA-free materials. And when it’s not in use, keep everything self-contained in one unit. Smoothies for the morning, low-waste scraps-turned-sides for dinner.

5. nutribullet

Best For | Multiple speeds Specifications | 7-cup capacity, multiple attachments, 3 speeds, adjustable chute, most parts dishwasher-safe, 1-year warranty Price | $120

For a nicer mid-range option that’s not too large, we like nutribullet’s 7-cup Food Processor. It comes with three speeds (high, low, and pulse), an adjustable chute for easy feeding, and three attachments—an all-in-one that’s sure to make whatever you need. At six pounds, you can clean and store this processor away easily, though it’s sleek enough to look at if it sits on your countertop day after day. nutribullet partners with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so you can shop and support a good cause.

Featured image from Breville