Furniture, Bedding & Kitchenware For Your Flat

Consciously curating our homes has never been easier, thanks to a wave of ethical and sustainable brands popping up all over the world. But why go global when we can prioritize local? Shopping locally supports the economy, minimizes carbon emissions, and invests in nearby artisans.

If you’re based in the UK, here are 11 brands and online platforms worth checking out for all your home needs. From responsibly made loungers to freestanding wardrobes to kitchen towels, these businesses carry them all—and as consciously crafted as possible.

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1. Wearth London

Best For | Zero-waste options Ethics | Artisan-made in the UK, sustainably & ethically made, cruelty-free, majority women-founded, eco-friendly packaging Range | Kitchenware, zero-waste accessories, ceramics, furniture, bedding Price Range | £3–£1,790

Wearth London is a one-stop shop for sustainable and ethical goods. This platform teams up with 250+ makers across the UK for homeware, gifts, zero-waste toiletries, and more. Each brand is thoughtfully selected for its ethics, and it’s easy to filter your search by your values, whether you’re hoping to find plastic-free goods or pieces that give back. Whatever you need for your flat, you can get it all at once to save on excess packaging!

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2. NOVE Lighting

Best For | Sustainable lighting Ethics | Natural & sustainable materials, ethically made Range | Bulbs, pendant lights, table & wall lights, brackets Price Range | £140–£605

NOVE Lighting makes sustainable and swoon-worthy cork lamps right in the UK. Designer and stylist Kirsty Saxon works with a family-run business in Portugal to source cork (a self-regenerating material), and the team harvests the bark by hand without any machinery. From elegant table lamps to hanging pendant lights, everything here is handcrafted with intention.

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3. Weaver Green

Best For | Textiles Ethics | Recycled & sustainable materials, nontoxic dyes, sustainable practices, ethically made in Southeast Asia & Turkey Range | Rugs, runners, cushions, blankets & throws, bags, homewares Price Range | £15–£585

The team behind Weaver Green spent seven years figuring out how to turn old plastic bottles into super-soft yarn for textiles—and now that the shop is here, we absolutely love it. The entire collection of rugs, cushions, and blankets is hand-loomed by weavers in Southeast Asia and Turkey, who are given safe conditions and fair wages. With gorgeous colors and modern designs, Weaver Green is perfect for adorning every corner of your space.

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4. Konk Furniture

Best For | Custom wardrobes & furniture Ethics | Made-to-order, sustainably sourced wood, natural wax, gives back Range | Tables, desks, beds, seating, side tables, wardrobes, bookcases Price Range | £179–£4,819

Make your home stand out with Konk Furniture’s investment pieces! This Bristol-based brand responsibly sources wood from oak and black walnut trees for its made-to-order furniture and ready-to-ship collection. Then, the Konk team hand-makes every item themselves. Custom options require a 30 percent deposit and a lead time of around 12 weeks. While these pieces are on the pricier end, they will last for generations.

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5. Denby Pottery

Best For | Dinnerware sets & drinkware Ethics | Handmade in England, locally sourced materials, low-waste practices, eco-friendly packaging Range | Dinner & kitchenware, bowls, plates, drinkware, glassware, serveware Price Range | £8–£268

For over 200 years (yes, really), Denby Pottery has crafted sustainable stoneware locally in Derbyshire. The clay used is also locally sourced and transformed into sleek mugs, plates, and bowls by its in-house team. Denby was one of the first UK tableware manufacturers to hit zero waste, saving 600+ tons of CO2 emissions annually. These pieces are so high-quality that Denby offers a 10-year guarantee. Freeze, rinse, microwave, and bake to your heart’s delight.

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6. Secret Linen Store

Best For | Bedding Ethics | Sustainable & OEKO-TEX certified materials, made-to-order options, locally made in Europe, ethically made, gives back, eco-friendly packaging Range | Bedding, duvets, pillows, curtains, towels, cushions, throws Price Range | £8–£189

The Secret Linen Store really is a diamond in the rough when it comes to bedding. Launched by two sisters, this sustainable brand uses 100 percent cotton and linen for its luxurious goods. It exclusively partners with OEKO-TEX certified factories across the UK and Portugal, where employees receive fair wages and safe working conditions. We’re big fans of the extensive collection, from cotton percale bedding to linen blackout curtains—with extremely affordable prices.

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7. Room 356

Best For | Bathroom & kitchenware Ethics | Some items handmade in the UK, FSC-certified options Range | Furniture, home accessories, bathroom, kitchen, lighting Price Range | £8–£840

Mother-daughter duo Cassie and Bev launched Room 356 in late 2014 in Bolton, England. This online and retail space handpicks independent makers across the globe for timeless homewares, from wooden bathroom caddies to artisan-made ceramic vases to oak dining tables. It’s our go-to for minimalist, neutral pieces that effortlessly bring warmth to our homes. (Some of these bespoke items are made locally, too!)

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8. HUH. Store

Best For | Accent pieces Ethics | Ethical & sustainable options, some brands offer upcycled materials & eco-friendly practices Range | Bed & bath homewares, kitchenwares, furniture, home accessories, gardenware Price Range | £2–£3,200

HUH. Store is a home and lifestyle store based in London, teaming up with sustainable brands we already know and adore, like HAY and Ferm Living. Many of these makers prioritize using sustainable and upcycled materials, artisan techniques, and eco-friendly packaging. From plants to loungers to poufs, there are hundreds of accent pieces you can find here.

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9. Silentnight

Best For | Mattresses & beds Ethics | Handmade in the UK, ethically made, sustainable materials, carbon-neutral, gives back, low-waste practices Range | Mattresses, beds, bedding, kids, accessories Price Range | £10–£2,049

Silentnight is on a mission to get you the best night’s sleep. It’s getting pretty close, too; the brand’s been named a Superbrand across the UK for the 13th year in a row. From recycled mattresses made using plastic bottles to FSC-certified wooden bed frames, the team puts sustainability at the center of its work. Plus, the entire process is carbon-neutral and almost zero waste. Tossers-and-turners, deep sleepers, and kids alike will all love Silentnight.

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10. LIGA

Best For | Cork home goods Ethics | Sustainable & recycled materials, ethically sourced, made in Cornwall, gives back Range | Kitchenwares, decor, home goods Price Range | £2.75–£42

Family-owned business LIGA leverages the beauty of sustainable cork and other eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic, and compostable cloth for its line of eco-homewares. These sustainable materials are responsibly sourced, then used to make beautiful homewares locally in Cornwall. One percent of all sales goes to environmental initiatives too, like Sea-Changers. LIGA makes it simple and easy to live consciously.


11. Buy Me Once

Best For | Cookware & tableware Ethics | Eco-friendly & sustainable options, made to last, ethically made Range | Kitchen, home, wedding, garden, lifestyle Price Range | £5–£1,260

Buy Me Once wants you to “love things that last.” Instead of purchasing products you’ll need to throw away every so often, this platform offers durable, quality goods you can invest in for a lifetime. Everything here—all 2,000+ items—is independently researched and evaluated for environmental impact and ethics. Find the chef’s knife you’ve always wanted or garden shears for the toughest weeds. And don’t miss Buy Me Once’s wedding gift ideas, either.

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