Spring clean your smartphone.

It’s time for spring cleaning and what better way than to declutter the apps on your phone? Take a look at which ones you are no longer using and download some new ones to help life be a little easier and more fun. 

Apps come and go with the seasons and with new ones constantly hitting the market, it can be hard to keep up and sift through to find the ones that work for you and your lifestyle. We have compiled some of our favorite apps to ease your life and inspire you. Make your phone do the heavy lifting while you reap the rewards! All apps can’t be as good as Silicon Valley’s prolific “Not Hotdog,” but here are some runners up that we can’t stop trying to convince our friends to download.

1. Robinhood

About | Invest in stocks, ETFs, options, and digital assets commission free
Price | Free

Heard your parents discussing stocks and always tune out? Me too. Interested in learning more about Crypto Currency like Bitcoin? Or just getting started in investing in some of your favorite companies? Then this is the app for you. Try giving stocks a shot to see if they are for you with Robinhood’s easy-to-navigate interface! Tracking your investments is simple and made less intimidating with Robinhood.

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2. Breethe 

About | Soothing music and guided meditations to de-stress and sleep better in 10 minutes
Price | Free

Take some time for yourself and your mental health with Breethe. For those both new to meditation and experienced pros. Whatever your style from finding inner peace to practicing balanced breath you’ll find a style to suit your lifestyle and mood. Become more in touch with yourself by giving a few minutes out of your day to focus and get in touch with your surroundings. 

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3. Tasty

AboutMeet your new cooking coach! Over 2,000 Tasty recipes now at your fingertips
Price | Free

The Buzzfeed brand Tasty has recently branched out and created their own app to inspire your inner chef and attempt to put an end to indecisive eaters. Attempt. Watch their videos for inspiration, follow the recipes provided and even see what cooking equipment is required. Tasty is a great way to get yourself out of a cooking rut or learn how to make a giant meatball stuffed with spaghetti—we aren’t here to judge.

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4. Mint

AboutMint is the free, effortless way to manage your money in one place
Price | Free

Apps exist to make your life easier, and Mint is no exception. Keep track of your finances with easy-to-see breakdowns of your expenses to help you save up for that trip to Morocco or see how maybe buying that almond latte every morning is really adding up—not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.

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5. Flo 

About | A smart and simple female period tracker, helpful pregnancy week by week app, accurate ovulation and fertility calendar and PMS symptoms tracker
Price | Free

Nobody wants to be surprised with Aunt Flo comes to town and now there is an app to help. Flo takes all the anxiety away and makes it super easy to track your period. Flo helps give you piece of mind about what is happening to your body throughout your cycle, and even helps you see when you are most fertile to become pregnant. Track your periods, cycle, and PMS and get to know yourself better with Flo. 

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6. Monument Valley

About | In Monument Valley you will navigate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world
Price | $3.99

Not a video game person but looking to dip your toes into the gaming world? Monument Valley is a perfect intro. A visually stunning game, Monument Valley is as entertaining as it is pretty. Seriously, you’ll want to screenshot and make some of the levels your phone background. Escape into the world that Monument Valley creates and have some fun helping the little princess find her way home.

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7. Tab 

AboutTab is the simple way to split a bill among friends. Snap a pic of the receipt and tap your items to claim them
Price | Free

Tab is one of those apps your never knew you needed but after downloading can’t believe you lived without. It’s always a pain after going out to a meal, especially with a large group, to calculate all the prices, tax, and tip. Tab does it all for you, and by connecting your Venmo it’s faster than ever. Take the guessing and stress out of having a fun, relaxing time, no worrying about who had the cobb salad vs the lasagna.

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8. BumbleBizz on Bumble

About | Bumble. Bizz. BFF. Bumble is the first dating app to introduce dating, career-building, friend-finding into a single social networking platform
Price | Free

Bumble is making leaps and bounds in the world of swiping to meet people. Known for dating, Bumble also has a friends feature and most recently introduced BumbleBizz, a space to network. Like LinkedIn’s cool, fun sister. Don’t worry all your profiles are separate. Swipe through to get to know people in your field and grow your professional network. 

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9. SeatGeek 

About | SeatGeek is the easiest way to find great deals on tickets to thousands of sporting events, concerts, festivals, and Broadway shows
Price | Free

I could be SeatGeek’s official spokesperson. I have been telling my friends about this for the past couple years because it has changed the game. From concerts to sporting events, rather than searching through all the different sites, it does it all for you and makes it super easy to resell or get last minute tickets at the best prices. Its biggest flaw is the name is surprisingly hard to pronounce so get ready to repeat yourself, but it’s so worth it. 

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10. Adobe Lightroom

About | Make amazing photos, from anywhere
Price | Free

Everyone has an Instagram account they envy and aspire to be like. Adobe Lightroom helps you edit your photos like a pro. Experiment with new looks and see the potential from some of your favorite images. Download Lightroom and get ready to become Insta-famous!

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11. MapMyRun 

AboutTrack and map every run with MapMyRun and get feedback and stats to improve your performance
Price | Free

Created by Under Armour, MapMyRun works for established runners to improve their time and see mile-by-mile breakdowns as well as those taking their first steps out the door. Explore new routes—or write messages through your path to your friends. Participate in challenges and set goals to assist you on training for that marathon on your bucket list.

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Sarah Spoljaric is a California girl through and through. She has a BA in World History from one of the top 10 greenest campuses in the world; The University of California, Merced and is a Content Curator for the visual travel app Trepic. She has a background in museum curating, loves reading women’s travel journals and is in search of the perfect IPA. She’s passionate about exploring this beautiful world that ethically-produced goods help to protect. Say hi on Instagram!