Bye, Bacteria

For being extra-mindful about germs and bacteria on-the-go, we love carrying travel-sized hand sanitizers, especially for whenever good ol’-fashioned soap and water aren’t available.

But with hundreds of sanitizers touting impossible standards of efficacy or working with questionable ingredients, what exactly should we be looking for? The CDC suggests formulas that include more than 60 percent alcohol; you can read its hand hygiene recommendations here.

We’ve found hand sanitizers that are sustainable, safe, and super easy to bring with you wherever you go; many can be refilled or recycled as an added bonus. Stay hyper-vigilant and healthy, everyone! For at-home hygiene, check out our guide to all-natural body washes and home cleaning supplies!

1. PUR Home

Made In | USA
Natural Ingredients | Vitamin E, aloe vera
Features | Contains emollients for hydration, three scents
| $4 for 4 oz.

PUR Home’s hand sanitizer will stop bacteria in its tracks. Made with 70 percent alcohol, Vitamin E, and moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated, this natural sanitizer comes in three scents: unscented, lavender, and rose geranium.

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2. Organic Bath Co.

Made In | Boston, MA
Natural Ingredients | Organic essential oils, purified water
Features | Recyclable packaging, four scents, gives back
| $8 for 2 oz.

Organic Bath Co.’s organic hand sanitizers come in four different scents, along with one “give back” option that donates an ounce of sanitizer to an organization in need for each ounce sold. Made in the USA, this cruelty-free and vegan formula keeps your hands soft without any greasy residue.

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3. YIELD Design

Made In | Spanish Fork, Utah
Natural Ingredients | Coconut oil, cypress oil, essential oils, distilled water
Features | Glass bottles, recyclable/refillable packaging, three scents
| $10 for 1 oz. bottle

This fast-acting hand sanitizer from YIELD Design is made with 70 percent ethyl alcohol, distilled water, and organic and essential oils for a refreshing, aromatic clean. You can pick up YIELD Design’s spray sanitizer in 1 oz., 4 oz., and 10 oz. refill sizes in varying scents.

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4. Eleusis

Made In | Portland, OR
Natural Ingredients | Organic witch hazel, organic coconut alcohol, essential oils
Features | Glass bottles, unscented or scented, refillable/recyclable, two scents
| $40 for set of two 2.4 oz. bottles

Eleusis’ hand sanitizer blends together organic witch hazel, coconut and cane alcohols, and essential oils for the best in all natural care. These glass bottles—sold in a set of two—are filled and shipped from Oregon, ready to be refilled whenever you are.

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5. Jao

Made In | Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Natural Ingredients | Corn-based ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, essential oils
Features | Multipurpose, refillable/recyclable packaging
| $10 for 2 oz. bottle

The ultimate multipurpose disinfectant, Jao’s Refresher disinfects your hands and works on your body and face. This award-winning mix is made up of 98.5 percent natural ingredients including antiseptic essential oils like geranium and calendula. You can also get 4 oz. or 8 oz. sizes, plus refills.

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6. Herbivore Botanicals

Made In | Seattle, WA
Natural Ingredients | Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, essential oils, plant and leaf extracts
Features | Glass bottles, recyclable packaging, cruelty-free, two scents
| $12 for 2 oz. bottle

Soothe your mind and your skin with Herbivore Botanicals’ hand purifying gel, made with 75 percent alcohol, aloe vera, and powerful hyaluronic acid. Available in pink grapefruit and lavender scents, each formula is poured into recyclable glass bottles for the best in sustainability.

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7. Package Free

Made In | New York City, NY
Natural Ingredients | Vegetable glycerin (palm oil-free), purified water
Features | Glass bottles, recyclable/refillable packaging, unscented
| $12 for 2 oz. bottle

Ward off germs with Package Free’s Hand Sanitizer using 80 percent ethanol and vegetable glycerin (no palm oil here). The sanitizer itself is fully compostable, as the glass bottle, pump, and label are all recyclable. Natural, effective, and unscented.

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8. by Humankind

Made In | New York City, NY
Natural Ingredients | Hyaluronic acids, witch hazel, essential oils
Features | Aluminum bottles, recyclable/refillable packaging, carbon neutral, three scents
| $15 for a set of three 2.4 oz. bottles

by Humankind’s hand sanitizer set comes in three pocket-sized 2.4 oz recyclable aluminum bottles. You can specify with or without a pump, too, to save on plastic waste. Formulated with hyaluronic acid to keep hands soft and hydrated, this formula is available in three scents, including an unscented option. You can even mix and match to try all three!

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9. Purdy & Figg

Made In | Buckinghamshire, UK
Natural Ingredients | Witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, essential oils
Features | Glass bottles, refillable/recyclable packaging, three scents
| £5.99 for 1.69 oz (50 ml) bottle

If you’re in the UK or Europe, you can pick up a sanitizing spray, full set, or 250 ml refills from Purdy & Figg. With three distinct scents available, each is made with antibacterial essential oils like naiouli (a natural antiseptic) and vetiver. Purdy & Figg is also working on a recycling program for its sanitizers to make refills easier than ever. The brand offers international shipping, too.

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10. Nala

Made In | Vancouver, Canada
Natural Ingredients | Essential oils
Features | Gives back
| $13 CAD for 2 oz. (59 ml) bottle

Canadian-based Nala offers an aromatic eucalyptus and lemongrass sanitizer that keeps you free from germs. A portion of proceeds support Covenant House Vancouver, a nonprofit offering essential services to youth experiencing homelessness amidst COVID-19.

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11. Nikau

Made In | Byron Bay, Australia
Natural Ingredients | Sugar-based ethanol, aloe vera, essential oils
Features | Glass bottles, small batch, recyclable packaging, two scents
| $16 AUS for 3.4 oz (100 ml) bottle

Nikau, an Australian brand, makes botanical hand sanitizers in small batches using only natural ingredients including sugar-based ethanol. Add 100 percent aloe vera, essential oils, and a recyclable glass bottle, and you’re sustainable and protected.

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