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If you’re looking to incorporate more movement and meditation into your year, yoga brings together the best of both worlds. A practice that originated in ancient India focused on poses and intentional breathing, yoga can help you stay grounded and calm. It’s also a great way to add some movement to your day.

Luckily, these online yoga platforms offer on-demand and live classes so that you can practice from your home. All you need is a good yoga mat (we have a few in mind!) and a reliable internet connection.

May they help renew your mind, body, and spirit!

1. Goodbodyfeel

Instructor | 8+ teachers
Best For | Inclusivity and accessibility
Membership Fee | Starting at $9–25/class or $40/mo

Goodbodyfeel is a yoga, pilates, and cardio studio based out of Ontario. With a commitment to community, inclusivity, and accessibility, the platform offers live and streamed classes centered around mindful movement and social justice. Classes are offered on a sliding scale from $9–$25, along with membership options and exclusive opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. With eight different instructors and 10+ classes, you’ll feel stronger and more empowered than ever.

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2. Tejal Patel

Instructor | Tejal Patel
Best For | Mindful yoga and meditation
Membership Fee | Starting at $7/class

Tejal Patel of Tejal Yoga brings together traditional yoga and social justice via live and on-demand workout classes. Using the Indian philosophies of yoga, Tejal is committed to diverse representation for all communities of colors and body types. You can drop into a morning meditation, access on-demand classes, or join a BIPOC-centered session as part of her regular offerings. Tejal also specializes in private, prenatal, and semi-private classes. Find her weekly schedule on Instagram.

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3. Joyn

Instructor | Anna Champman
Best For | Body-neutral, fat-positive classes
Membership Fee | Starting at $9.99/mo

Joyn knows that all bodies deserve to move joyfully; that’s why this platform is dedicated to encouraging, inclusive, and accepting yoga classes for everyone. Resident yogi Anna works with trainers to create on-demand sessions that meet you where you are, including at your desk, in a chair, or on the mat. With a month-long free trial, you can test-drive classes before committing; and at $9.99/mo, it’s one of the most affordable memberships out there.

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4. Sky Ting

Instructor | 60+ teachers
Best For | Affordable live classes
Membership Fee | Starting at $20/mo or $200/year

Sky Ting, named after a Chinatown storefront, offers classes using asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques. Varying in length, level, duration, and style, you can find an archive of 240+ on-demand classes for $20/month or $200/year. And if you’d rather pop into a live class, they are only $5/each for non-members. Dive even deeper into yoga practices with Sky Ting’s workshops and training programs!

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5. Obé

Instructor | 7 yoga teachers
Best For | 15-day yoga program
Membership Fee | Starting at $27/mo or $199/year

Whether you’re just starting yoga or you’re a seasoned pro, Obé has something for you. This online fitness platform offers everything from dance to HIIT to barre, plus more than 500 on-demand classes for yoga. We especially love the Yoga Deep Dive, a 15-day program that feels like a mini-retreat. However you yoga, you’ll find soothing colors, high energy, and an effective workout here!

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6. The Noble Art of Yoga

Instructor | Donna Noble
Best For | UK-based yoga
Membership Fee | Starting at £99/mo

Donna Noble started The Noble Art of Yoga after suffering from Bells Palsy and discovering how yoga relieved her mind and body. Since then, she’s strived to bring yoga to the masses with beginner-friendly classes, retreats, and body-positive workshops that prove every body is a yoga body. For an even more personalized experience, Donna also offers monthly memberships that include two classes a week and one 120-min masterclass a month.

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7. Alo Moves

Instructor | 60+ teachers
Best For | Prenatal yoga
Membership Fee | Starting at $20/mo or $199/year

Alo Moves brings yoga to your living room, with more than 60 certified instructors and hundreds of yoga sessions. And for mamas-to-be, we love Alo’s prenatal classes, which will safely take you from the first to the third trimester. It’s the perfect gift for an expecting mother who wants to bring together movement and meditation!

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8. Modo Yoga

Instructor | 10+ teachers
Best For | French and Spanish classes
Membership Fee | Starting at $19.99/mo or $199/year

Modo Yoga is an international hub for yogis offering both on-demand and live classes. Offline, they are a global community of 70+ studios across three continents (North America, Australia, and Europe); and we love that the company prioritizes giving back and sustainability through “karma” classes and environmental initiatives. You can even find several classes taught in French and Spanish.

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Free YouTube Classes

9. Return to Kemet

Instructor | Sarah Wesley and Tony Khepera Heru
Best For | Kemetic yoga
Membership Fee | Free, paid workshops/programs available

For a calming and gentle practice inspired by African spirituality, Return to Kemet’s YouTube is our go-to. Here, you’ll find 15–40 minute classes from instructors Sarah and Tony that will channel your divine feminine, restore your energy, and keep you balanced. The duo also hosts Kemetic wellness retreats, immersive live sessions, and private workshops in addition to their free online classes.

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10. Shona Vertue

Instructor | Shona Vertue
Best For | Strengthening yoga
Membership Fee | Free, paid workshops/programs available

Shona Vertue, an Australian now residing in London, is best known for the Vertue Method. Her online videos blend yoga with low-impact aerobics and weights so that you can strengthen and stretch simultaneously. With well-known clients like David Beckham and dozens of videos to pick from, it’s easy to see why Shona is one of YouTube’s favorite free yoga channels.

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11. Yoga with Adriene

Instructor | Adriene Mishler
Best For | Prescriptive yoga to meet your immediate needs (tension, grief, anxiety)
Membership Fee | Free, paid workshops/programs available

With more than eight million followers, Yoga With Adriene is perhaps the largest online community for yoga—and growing. Whether you’re looking for a one-off session based on your mood or body area (upper vs. lower) or want to practice consistency with a 30-day program, Adriene offers gentle and nurturing guidance every step of the way. We especially love how specific her sessions are, with dedicated videos for gardeners, surfers, kids, and everyone in between. 

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