Taking our emotional and spiritual health seriously begins with ourselves and the women in our community.

As women, we naturally make time for connection, embracing our loved ones with an open heart and a listening ear. We are nurturers, leaders and guides who deeply honor having a safe place to be our ultimate feminine selves.

Having a space to gather together and focus on health, wellness and spirituality brings a breath of calm in our busy, hectic lives. These 8 centers aim to help women learn and grow from one another in a  holistic and modern way. 


Location | Los Angeles, CA

Center Mission | Loom describes itself as a place  “weaving together reproductive, pregnancy, the feminine body and the parenting journey.”  This center offers a variety of courses and one-on-one support for women, mothers & mothers to-be. Loom is creating an entirely new perspective on women’s health and education through their modern and dynamic atmosphere. Offering classes such as “Period Coaching”, a class designed for planning for a family called “Kin”, and a class partners can take together called “It Takes Two.” They also have classes for breastfeeding and postpartum. Basically you can find any class needed for a woman’s journey, all set in a cool, inexpensive, and supportive environment.

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Space By Mama Medicine

Location | New York, NY

Center Mission | This space was started by Deborah Hanekamp— a woman who has become renowned for her unique healing abilities through her esoteric spiritual rituals. She started the space to host women, couples and individuals in healing through her training. She meets with her clients to help work through pain, loss and hardship. Her approach is rooted in tradition, with a modern and fresh approach.  She offers one-on-one as well as community-driven events set in a clean, feminine space. 

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Chicago Women’s Health Center

Location | Chicago, IL

Center Mission | CWHC opened its doors in 1975 in multiple locations during the time of Roe V. Wade. The goal was to create a safe place for women and individuals to receive the health care that they needed at affordable costs. Some of the programs they created that have become stronger today are: “lesbian health care, feminist psychotherapy, birthing practices and midwifery, workplace health issues and access to new or alternative methods of contraception.” These are just a few out of their long list of inclusive health services. As healthcare becomes more personalized, we love that they are rooted in helping women to receive proper health care in all forms.

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WMN Space

Location | Los Angeles, CA

Center Mission | WMN Space is designed to be a retreat-like center offering support for women, both physically and mentally, in a safe feminine space. The center was started by Paula Mallis—a woman who experienced a shift in her consciousness when she became pregnant. Through this shift, she wanted to create a space for other women to feel empowered on their own unique journey and experience a shift in caring for themselves. This center offers a variety of holistic treatments, body work, therapy, spiritual counseling and all-women events and workshops. 

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Location | Multiple Locations

Center Mission | With locations in multiple cities around the US, this center is open to all people both women and men. Omega opened in 1970 as a mecca for holistic healing in the arts, science, religion and all things innovative in terms of health. Omega offers a separate branch called the “Omega Women’s Leadership Center” with an aim to bring women together to encourage leadership and “foster a balance between masculine and feminine principles.” Through events and mentorship programs for old and young women to learn from one another. The center also offers a variety of holistic care services such as body therapy and wellness one-on-ones.

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Girls Inc.

Location | Multiple Locations

Center Mission | This non-profit organization offers centers all over the US specializing in programs for girls 6-18. Utilizing a mentorship and “research-based programming” that equips the girls they work with confidence and inspiration to navigate gender, economics, and society. This organization is the oldest on our list, started in 1864. Girls Inc. has continued to grow with the decades as the needs for girls changes. 

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Parsley Health

Location | New York, Los Angeles & San Francisco

Center Mission | This organization was founded by Robin Berzin, a doctor who wanted to create a more modern approach to health and wellness. She founded the idea of using care care in the form of “Functional Medicine” which is what she describes as an “evidence-based, high tech approach to holistic medicine.” Being that this is a more medical-focused office, we are excited about the strong feminine influence associated with the approach. Rooted in “real patient relationships” and a more one-on-one, warm and inviting way to get health care, Parsley Health’s goal is to have personalized health care that meets specific needs of patients. 

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Motherhood Center 

Location | Houston, TX

Center Mission | This center was started by a practicing Doula named Gabriela Gerhart. She was getting so many referrals for her services she decided to expand and create a focused center for mothers and women. Today, the center has 11 departments for maternity care, women’s health and overall community support. The center even has a photography studio that can be used for newborns. The center believes that through continued health and wellness education a woman’s birthing journey can be made easier and grounded in feelings of compassion and understanding. 

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Courtney Jay Higgins is the Content Strategist at The Good Trade. She is also a Yoga Instructor, vegetarian, wellness and fashion enthusiast. Originally from Colorado, her soul found California when she came to get her degree in Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute Of Design & Merchandising. She has a background in telling a story through writing, creative direction and content creation. Her online blog hosts her unique perspective on the mergence of fashion and spirituality.