Products For Mom & Baby

Breastfeeding can be a super sweet part of motherhood. In addition to the benefits for baby (immune system and brain benefits, reduced risk of allergies, eczema, asthma, and diseases such as cancer and diabetes) and the benefits for mama (saves money, reduces stress, can expedite weight loss, and reduces the risk of diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis), breastfeeding is a bonding experience that floods both mother and baby with oxytocin, also known as the love hormone.

If you’re unable to breastfeed or prefer not to, you should never feel bad. A fed baby is the best kind of baby, after all, whether that’s by formula or nursing.

Because there are so many products to choose from along your breastfeeding journey, here are some that are safe, effective, and consciously-made. (Looking to support a loved one who’s just become a parent? Here’s our roundup of gifts for new parents).

1. Willow(R) Wearable Breast Pump

The Willow was the first pump to offer women a hands-free pumping experience. In the past year, I have used mine while ordering in a coffee shop, sitting in a restaurant, working at my desk, driving in my car, and even once while checking into a spa for a massage, unbeknownst to anyone I interacted with. And in 2019, the Willow turn a conscious corner, replacing the requisite to use disposable plastic bags with a new reusable milk container.

Shop | $500

2. Haakaa

The Haakaa is a no-tech breast pump alternative that works simply through suction. It’s particularly great for middle-of-the-night feeding sessions, allowing you to breastfeed on one side while collecting a supply on the other.

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3. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Options™ Glass Wide-Neck Bottle

If you plan to pump and bottle-feed your baby, you’ll need to stock up on bottles. And while most plastic bottles are now BPA-free, there are still other chemicals from plastic that can leach into the bottle’s contents. These glass bottles from Dr. Brown’s offer a nontoxic alternative. As a bonus, they reduce air intake, which in turn reduces gas and colic. The preemie nipple is great for mimicking the flow of breastmilk from nursing.

Shop | $8.25

4. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

Those early days of breastfeeding are made much more comfortable by a good nipple butter, which you can apply before and after feedings to moisturize your skin as it adjusts to its new job. Since this product is going to go into your baby’s mouth, the ingredients matter immensely. Earth Mama’s nipple butter is 100 percent organic, non-GMO, and includes no petroleum, parabens, or lanolin. Bonus: you can use it to moisturize lips, cheeks, heels, cuticles, and elbows, too!

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5. MoonWomb by Sustainable Baby Co

During pregnancy and new motherhood, you learn to love pillows like never before. A body pillow is a must for comfortable sleep, especially during the third trimester, and a great nursing pillow can mean a better position for baby to latch during breastfeeding. Luckily, the MoonWomb from Sustainable Baby Co is designed to support you during pregnancy, nursing, and serious snuggles. This 100 percent organic pillow includes a small pocket where you can add sachets of lavender and chamomile to help calm and soothe your little one.

Shop | $135

6. Ably Travel Blanket

A blanket to bring with you on the go is a great and versatile staple for your diaper bag, whether used as a cover-up, makeshift nursing pillow, or to wrap up baby to keep them cozy as they feed. The Ably Travel Blanket is sustainably and ethically-made, and it also repels liquid and is stain-resistant. The product has been tested to shake off the toughest of stains, such as red wine and coffee, so you can rest assured it will remain clean and comfortable through spilled milk and other accidents.

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7. The Cocoon by Amma

Whether or not you’re an activist for public displays of breastfeeding, you may happen on occasion into a setting where you want to cover babe up a bit, even if just to help them concentrate on nursing as they become more aware of and distracted by the world around them. The Cocoon by Amma is the nursing cover of women’s dreams, providing a stylish alternative to breastfeeding covers that is 100 percent organic and made in the USA. It’s so beautiful it can be worn as a shirt, shawl, or even a bathing suit cover when you’re not nursing.

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8. The 24/7 bra by Boob

A great nursing bra will be with you from the end of pregnancy (when nothing seems to fit and your cup size is growing as quickly as your belly) until the end of your breastfeeding journey. You’re going to want something that will fit you through a range of sizes and is comfortable above all else. In addition to being all of those things, the 24/7 bra is also moisture-wicking (because, hello leaky lifestyle), sustainably-made, and certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX(R).

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Danielle Finck is the founder and CEO of Elle Communications, a conscious communications agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco that represents mission-centered brands, nonprofits, social enterprises, CSR teams, sustainably made products, activists, and leaders who are making the world a better place through their ideas and endeavors. She lives in Venice, CA with her son, Weston, and her husband, Adam. Connect with her on Instagram here.