All In Favor, Raise Your Paw

For many of us, the last few years have meant spending a lot of time at home; consequently, our pets have too. Our furry friends. Our shaggy soulmates. (Our dependents who live in our homes for free.)

Just as we’ve taken this time to reevaluate and revive our spaces, it only feels right that we consider giving our pets’ pads an upgrade, too. When you remember that, for dogs specifically, sleeping a lot can be a sign of their happiness, a good bed suddenly becomes more than just a place to lay their heads, but a contributing factor to their good health.

Brentwood Home, the longtime Los Angeles-based maker of eco-friendly mattresses, bedding, and yoga mats, is extending its signature qualities to cushions for our whiskered cuties. Using the same CertiPUR-US® certified foams that make up its handcrafted mattresses—and boasting the same Greenguard Gold® certification that ensures low chemical emissions—these durable, nontoxic dog beds are designed for orthopedic support while also being machine washable and waterproof (the liner).

As there are six pets on the TGT team (including two rabbits 🐰), we wanted to give our buds the best and try out Brentwood’s Dog Bed collection. With two types, three colors, and four sizes to choose from, here’s what we thought! 🐾

Senior Editor

Almost 11 years old, Kya is the oldest of the TGT dog fam and has likely gone through the most “beds” in her life (quotes because she will literally create a bed out of anything, piles of laundry included). Since I adopted her as a tiny pup—imagine 6 pounds of brown fluffy husky (!!!)—she’s more than tripled in size. Many of her once-cushy beds have thus turned into pancakes and have either been donated to Goodwill or placed in various corners of the apartment—you know, so she has options. 👑

Now that she’s getting older though—and because I refuse to ever live with carpet—I’ve been eager to get her a more comfortable and long-term bedding solution, ideally something sustainable and made with nontoxic materials. Bonus for style too, since she likes to be front and center of everything, even if that means lying directly in front of the TV.

The Runyon Dog Bed seems to check all those boxes, and so I was eager to try it. The packaging was amusingly large when it arrived—I chose the large bed for Kya (46 x 29 in.; $289)—and I wondered if I’d accidentally ordered myself a twin mattress. But who doesn’t like receiving large packages?

While it is more than enough room for her 60+ pounds, I’m glad she has the extra space to stretch out when she pleases. I also love how the bed looks nice—a surprisingly hard ask for dog beds. The furniture-grade fabric is gorgeous (I opted for Mocha, a beautiful mid-century brown that matches my decor), machine washable, and waterproof. The stitching also looks high-end, and I imagine it will hold its shape and continue looking new (no pilling, please), unlike some of the cheaper beds she’s used over the years.

The furniture-grade fabric is gorgeous, machine washable, and waterproof. The stitching also looks high-end.
— Kayti

One concern I have is that, because we live in Los Angeles and she’s a husky (beat that oxymoron), heat can be an issue in the summer months. Girl has a lot of fur, and so I will be curious to see if she gravitates towards her bed or the hardwood floor once the temps start crawling—though this is most definitely a ‘her’ issue and bears no reflection on Brentwood or the bed. 

Overall, I’m really satisfied with this bed, and it seems she is too. She loves to curl up in one corner and prop her snout on the brim. She looks cozy enough to make me jealous for my own bed, which is a good prompt to get more sleep. 

Partnerships Lead

Tucker is my 9-year-old, lanky-legged sweetheart. He’s part terrier, part hound, and sheds a lot. That small detail though, the one about his limbs, always ends up playing a big role when it comes to buying him a bed. This is because when’s he not curling himself into a ball so tight he can literally rest his head on his own thigh, he’s lying on one side in true “play dead” fashion, legs straight out, stiff, like they got stuck that way. Or he’s lying down with his head upright, his eyes alert, and his long floppy paws crossed—like a gentleman 🎩—as if looking over his compound. The point is, he needs room for his leggy lower body.

My fiancé and I, we’ve gone too small; we’ve bought a bed that flattened so quickly, we could roll it up like a carpet. We’ve also gone too big and bought one that ended up partially obstructing the doorway to our kitchen for months. It only ever got replaced because I finally got the Griffith Dog Bed from Brentwood.

A “just right” rectangle, a la Goldilocks, the Griffith nestles perfectly alongside my bookcase and I no longer have to step over or around it to cross a door threshold. I got the medium size (34 x 24 in.; $159) in the Sandstone color, a perfect choice since Tucker’s shedded white hairs would have become a personal eyesore on a darker-colored cushion. And no matter where he lies on it, or for how long, the middle never sinks into a permanent dip. (I can’t even the same for my own couch.)

I greatly appreciate the bed’s two-inches of high-density gel memory foam and two inches of orthopedic support base for Tucker’s aging joints.
— Danielle

As energetic as Tuck is—and it is an insatiable amount!—he’s only a year out from being considered “senior” and I can see that shift most when he gets so excited about something—leaping high off our bed and onto the floor; tiptoe-ing on his hind legs for a dangling treat; speeding into the house and toward his water bowl after a walk—that he loses his footing and slip-and-slides unbothered until he finds it. This is why I greatly appreciate the bed’s two inches of high-density gel memory foam and two inches of orthopedic support base for his aging joints.

Tucker also really loves, during a game of catch, to treat his bed like a home plate of sorts. After a successful snag of his toy, he dodges us (the opposition), races to his bed, and jumps onto it with such force that it becomes a surfboard barreling toward an unassuming victim—often my poor Monstera plant. I can only ever shut my eyes and hope for the best—which is why I also really loved the Griffith bed’s non-slip bottom. Granted, it appears to work better on carpet than hardwood and was no match for Tucker’s pouncing, so I added a rug pad underneath and it hasn’t moved an inch since. My plants are thankful!


If you know me IRL, you know that I believe my dog Rosie deserves the best. Not because I’m biased (though I am), but because she’s a rescue from an abusive hoarding situation. Without getting into too many details, Rosie’s overcome a number of challenges including a lack of food, water, electricity, or heat in the middle of winter, so we’ve spent many months treating her anxiety and trauma and trying to care for her in the best way.

Nowadays, Rosie loves her little luxuries; she adores her dog bed gifted from my parents. And when she’s on the couch, she likes to perch her head on the armrests like a cat. Those are specifically the reasons I wanted to have her try out Brentwood Home’s Runyon Dog Bed (starting at $189). Equipped with a sturdy bolster for her head and plenty of space, I wanted to see if the world’s “most stylish, supportive, indestructible, and waterproof dog bed ever made” would meet Rosie’s standards.

When it arrived, my husband and I easily unpackaged the bed in the same way that online mattresses are shipped nowadays. We rolled it out and let it “decompress” a bit, though it immediately fluffed up. Suffice it to say, both of our jaws dropped when we saw how big this dog bed is. To be fair, we did order size large, but wowza. 

Not only can my 60 lb. dog comfortably rest in the Runyon, but I can too, sitting fully cross-legged! When we laid the dog bed next to our own queen-sized bed that I share with my husband, I was almost envious of how much room she had to herself, ha. (She seems to love having that much room to splay out, too!)

Available in three neutral colors, we opted for the Sandstone and I’m already grateful for that in hindsight. It matches almost any room while still hiding any shed fur or stains, and I love that it’s machine washable, unlike her old bed. Easy to clean, blend in, and move around? Check, check, and check.

Easy to clean, blend in, and move around? Check, check, and check.
— Henah

As far as comfort goes, the double layers of foam feel luxurious and durable. Rosie doesn’t have any orthopedic issues (yet, fingers crossed it stays that way!) but I’m hoping that as she ages, this bed will keep her supported and comfortable through the years. 

All this, plus the bed has a waterproof liner and replaceable polyester blend cover, and it’s Climate Neutral and Greenguard Gold® certified? Rosie deserved the best—and she got it.