Bring Nature Indoors 🌿

“Having plants to care for and nurture during this time adds meaning and rhythm to the day.”

Plants bring life into our living spaces. They are one of the most natural and sustainable decor options—especially when propagated. In the last few years, perhaps more than ever, we’ve found it essential to bring nature indoors, to keep us company but also to benefit our mental health. Especially for those of us living alone or without pets, having plants to care for and nurture adds meaning and rhythm to the day. Some studies even show that simply being around soil can boost our mood and reduce stress.

Of course, we always suggest shopping locally for flowers and plants, in order to minimize carbon emissions and support your neighborhood nurseries. We recommend checking in with nearby stores before shopping online, in case those businesses also offer delivery services.

Otherwise, check out the following online marketplaces and websites for houseplants! Order some for yourself and send a plant to a friend (or a few). Bring a bit of nature indoors!

Looking to try your hand at indoor gardening too? Try these indoor vertical gardens to green up your space even further.

1. The Sill

Best For | Houseplants for beginners Sustainable Feature | Recyclable & compostable packaging Price | Small plants start at $20 Delivers To | Contiguous US

Whether you’re after low-light pothos or a pet-friendly palm, look no further than The Sill. The company is headquartered in New York (with brick-and-mortar stores around the city and in California), but most plant parents do their shopping online. That’s because The Sill ships plants and flowers right to your doorstep—perfect for city dwellers. The woman-founded, community-driven business also sells pots and even plant-inspired decor. Don’t miss the online workshops (perfect for beginners), the Plant Care Library, or the recurring subscription option.

Order The Sill Houseplants

2. The Bouqs Co.

Best For | Giftable plants Sustainable Feature | Direct sourcing from sustainable & eco-friendly farms Price | Small plants start at $28 Delivers To | USA except Alaska

Sustainability matters when it comes to greenery, of course. That’s why The Bouqs Co. is all about transparency and eco-friendly practices. The brand teams up directly with farms that prioritize sustainable stewardship like recycling water and minimizing waste. In addition to gorgeous bouquets that last for days, you can also order the most adorable low-maintenance plants as gifts. Discounted subscriptions are available to keep reminding a loved one that you care.

Order The Bouqs Co. Houseplants

3. Patch

Best For | Plants for specific spaces Sustainable Feature | Shipped from suppliers on demand to minimize carbon footprint Price | Small plants starting at ÂŁ5 Delivers To | Across the UK except for Northern Ireland & channel islands

Hunting for a plant to fit in that living room nook? How about an air-purifying option for your nightstand? Whichever space you need to liven with greenery, Patch most certainly has the solution. This online garden center prides itself on helping London-based & UK dwellers find the perfect plants for their flats (or office spaces). The company will even hand-deliver your order—including any needed pots or accessories! Delivery is free over £50.

Order Patch Houseplants

4. Bloomscape

Best For | Houseplants straight from the greenhouse Sustainable Feature | Eco-friendly pots Price | Small plants starting at $29 Delivers To | Contiguous US

Bloomscape believes everyone should live with a little more green, which is why the family-owned company ships houseplants nationwide. These plants come directly from the greenhouse, meaning they’ve been cared for by experts and kept in optimal conditions up until arriving on your doorstep. We especially love that these plants come in ecopots, made with 80 percent recycled plastics harvested from the oceans and stone dust. Order a few plants for you, then send some to a friend. Orders over $75 ship free.

Order Bloomscape Houseplants

5. Tennessee Tropicals

Best For | Rare tropical plants Sustainable Feature | Third-generation nursery Price | Small plants starting at $12 Delivers To | Contiguous US

For unique and unusual tropical plants you won’t find elsewhere, we love Tennessee Tropicals’ very affordable options! This third-generation online shop and nursery from Springfield offers all kinds of greenery, from Ficus Teneke to Pink Lady Peperomia to a stunning variegated Florida Banana plant. The brand also regularly updates its website, Facebook, and Instagram with current inventory. Wow your neighbors with one of Tennessee Tropicals’ sought-after goods.

Order Tennessee Tropicals Houseplants

6. Urban Stems

Best For | Florals for loved ones Sustainable Feature | Sourced via Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms Price | Small plants starting at $30 Delivers To | USA

We prefer Urban Stems when shopping for a loved one, as the online store organizes plants and flowers by occasion and stems. If you want to say “I love you,” try sending the cream-colored micro orchids; if you’re sending to a sustainable friend, opt for the stunning dried bouquets. Urban Stems, of course, has plants for your home, too. There’s nothing wrong with sending flowers and greenery to yourself! It’s happiness delivered (sometimes within a day!).

Order Urban Stems Houseplants

7. Bosque

Best For | Houseplants down under Sustainable Feature | One tree planted with each plant gifted Price | Small plants starting at $42 AUD Delivers To | VIC, NSW, QLD & ACT

Bosque believes a plant is more than an afterthought. Instead, it’s a conscious choice to bring a bit of the wild into your home and indulge in a breath of fresh air. This Australian hub for indoor plants is perfect for bringing the outdoors inside. Whether you’re shopping for a peace lily, a ficus, or a hardy succulent, the online shop has verdant friends for you (delivered in eco-friendly packaging). Don’t sleep on the gift boxes and subscription options, either.

Order Bosque Houseplants


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