Make A Toast With These Champagne Flutes 🥂

Whether you’re enjoying the new year or a new promotion, what better way to celebrate than with a toast?

Say hello to these champagne glasses, flutes, saucers, and coupes! Almost all are artisan-made, mouth-blown, or sustainably crafted with glass, which can be infinitely recycled. Whether you’re a sparkling cider and flute fan or a cocktail coupe lover, these glasses are sure to tickle your fancy. (Oh, and don’t forget to grab the actual beverage—these wine, beer, and liquor brands give back, and here are our favorite non-alcoholic elixirs.) Cheers!

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1. Ferm Living

Ethics | Sustainable glass, ethically made in China
Range | Champagne saucers
Ships To | US
Price Range | $55 for two

For sparkle and style, look no further than Ferm Living’s Ripple Champagne Saucers. Gorgeously designed and then mouth-blown, each one is thoughtfully and ethically made—and also one-of-a-kind. Choose from the timeless clear glasses or the sleek smoke color, either of which is sure to impress any and all guests.

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2. Estelle Colored Glass

Ethics | Sustainable glass, artisan-made in Poland
Range | Colored champagne coupes
Ships To | Worldwide
Price Range | $195 for six

Estelle Colored Glass is a luxury glassware brand inspired by jewel tones and soft pastels. Available in six different colors, these are designed in North Carolina and then crafted in Poland by a 100-year-old glassmaking company. So not only are these glasses expertly made, but they also benefit multiple small businesses (including this Black woman-owned brand!) along the way.

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3. Hawkins New York

Ethics | Lead-free sustainable crystal, responsibly made in Hungary
Range | Champagne coupes
Ships To | Worldwide
Price Range | $30 for one

Hawkins New York teams up with small brands worldwide, from Portugal to Morocco, for thoughtfully curated home goods. We especially love the Crystalline Champagne Coupe for every kind of champagne cocktail. These delicate glasses are made with lead-free crystal in Hungary and they truly look equally vintage and glitzy on any bar cart. Cheers to that!

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4. Magda Made

Ethics | Recycled glass, ethically made in Colombia, fair wages & labor, carbon-neutral shipping
Range | Champagne flutes
Ships To | Worldwide
Price Range | $70 for four or $100 for six

Pour one out for—or into—Magda Made’s beautiful champagne flutes. 😉 The brand uses only sustainable materials (in this case, recycled glass) for its home goods, working with Colombian artisans to make designs come to life. Employees receive fair wages with economic development opportunities and are guaranteed safe working conditions. Enjoy these handmade and unique champagne glasses for years to come.

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5. Uncommon Goods

Ethics | Certified B Corp, recycled glass, responsibly made in Morocco
Range | Stemless champagne flutes
Ships To | US
Price Range | $36 for six

Uncommon Goods says these stemless flutes are “half a dozen reasons to pop some bubbly.” Say no more! Each of these lovelies is handblown in Morocco with recycled wine bottles, purposely designed with a sturdy bottom instead of the all-too-familiar flimsy stem. Best of all, they’re dishwasher-safe! If you’re looking to gift wedding champagne flutes, consider Uncommon Goods’ custom etched glasses as well.

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6. Karen Jai Home

Ethics | Sustainable handblown glass
Range | Champagne glasses, coupes, & flutes
Ships To | Worldwide
Price Range | $28–$48 for one

Karen Jai Home is a Black woman-owned luxury brand for design lovers, and consider us obsessed! This curated collection features hand-blown tinted coupes, gold-rimmed glasses, and classy flutes, unlike any drinkware you’ve ever seen before. (Our favorites include the Rosebank Glass, the Malmö Glass, and the Viana Glass—swoon!)

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7. NUDE Glass

Ethics | Sustainable lead-free crystal, responsibly made in Turkey
Range | Champagne glasses & coupes
Ships To | US
Price Range | $37–$144 for two

NUDE Glass teamed up with renowned mixologist Rémy Savage for the NUDE Savage Collection that’s perfect for cocktail lovers. Each champagne glass or coupe is cut from lead-free crystal for a simple and sophisticated silhouette. And yes, they’re strong enough to withstand the dishwasher, too! Embrace celebratory moments with these glasses and skip the hand-washing the morning after.

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8. Ichendorf Milano

Ethics | Sustainable glass, handmade
Range | Champagne flutes & coupes
Ships To | Varies based on stockist
Price Range | $22 for one

Ichendorf Milano, based in Italy but originally from Germany, is a glassware company partnering with innovative designers. Take Studio Mist-O’s Tutu Flutes, for example, available in clear and pink and inspired by women’s tutu skirts. These are handmade and lamp-worked with borosilicate glass (like Pyrex), so recycling is a bit harder, but they’re intentionally made to last. Turn heads (and glasses!) with these eclectic flutes.

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9. LSA International

Ethics | Sustainable glass, handmade in Eastern Europe
Range | Champagne glasses, flutes, & saucers
Ships To | UK
Price Range | £30+ for two, £45+ for four

LSA International is a glass design studio based in London, with shipping options across the UK. Whether you prefer champagne, sparkling cider, or prosecco for your celebrations, this brand has beautifully designed flutes, saucers, and glasses for your choice of drink. Opt for the iridescent pearl saucers, champagne serving set, or our favorite, the Moya Champagne Flutes, with a flared stem.

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Featured image from Ferm Living

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