Inspired By The Fight Against Cancer

Behind every brand there is a story. It often starts with a bit of desperation and inspiration, a need that goes unfulfilled until ideas strike, markets are researched, and businesses are born. Every entrepreneur can point to the catalyst for their creativity, sometimes finding it where you least expect. The fight against cancer, for example, has inspired these seven businesses. There are 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States, all of whom have fought in one way or another to build a life after their last clean scan, and a few of whom have fought to build businesses, too. These seven entrepreneurs source creativity from great adversity to build businesses that we love. 


Fighting and surviving cancer is a physical, mental, and emotional feat. Dr. Ritu Tirvedi-Purohit has seen that struggle up close. A clinical psychologist focusing on oncology, Dr. Trivedi-Purohit founded Thriveosity as a means to improve the quality of life for her cancer patients, as well as their families and caregivers. Inspired to provide more than just clinical care, the business closes a gap by addressing nutrition, cognition, skin care, and aromatherapy products for its customers. Today, Thriveosity offers five different subscription boxes filled with products that help cancer patients and caregivers of any age thrive.

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Their are currently 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States. David is one of them. David Luks was healthy, active, and recently married when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After the tumor was removed, Luks was inspired to redefine what it meant to live a healthy life. He leveraged his experience as a marketing executive with PepsiCo to launch Honeydrop—a line of gluten-free and GMO-free juices containing raw, medicinal-grade honey. The company also donates 1% of all proceeds to local beekeepers.

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AnaOno Intimates

Dana Donofree was just 27 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a double mastectomy and reconstruction, she founded AnaOno out of her own desire for beautiful lingerie that would fit her new body. Building on Donofree’s decade of experience in fashion and design, AnaOno improves the lives and confidence of women around the world whose bodies have been transformed by breast reconstruction, breast surgery, or mastectomy. Their hidden seams, wire-free styles, and four-way stretch fabric are just a few of the features that help eliminate pain points for their customers.

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Thrive Causemetics

By 2022, one in every five Americans will have been impacted by cancer. Karissa Bodnar was just 24 when she lost her friend Kristy to the disease. Inspired by Kristy’s life, Karissa launched a beauty brand that empowers women worldwide. For every product purchased, Thrive Causemetics donates a product to a woman whose life has been impacted by cancer or domestic violence. Developed in Seattle, WA their clean vegan products are cruelty-free without any sulfates, parabens, or toxins. 

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Daily Greens

One in every eight American women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Shauna Martin was a young mom when she was diagnosed. After spending two years in treatment fighting for her life, she launched Daily Greens to bring her passion for green juice and its myriad health benefits to households across the country. The line of cold-pressed green juices  are 100% organic and loaded with fiber and nutrients, and they outline helpful tips for cleanses on their website.

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Sweet Loren’s

When Loren was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma she became very careful with everything she put in her body. She cut out artificial flavors, corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils while increasing her intake of whole food ingredients. Desperate to satisfy her sweet tooth, she came up with a cookie recipe based on unrefined cane sugar, whole grains, and natural ingredients and started taking orders from family and friends. Today, Sweet Loren’s offers four flavors of place-and-bake cookie dough that satisfies your sweet tooth without compromising on quality.

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Lee Rhodes was a young mother with three small children when she was diagnosed with cancer for the first time. Three diagnoses later, she’s not only a survivor but a successful CEO of a multimillion dollar company. It was during her first battle with cancer that Rhodes found hope in the flicker of a hand blown candle and was inspired to launch a line of glass votives for every occasion. Today, Glassybaby offers more than 400 colors all handblown by local artisans in Seattle, WA. A portion of all sales is donated to charities.

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Many of us have watched love ones and friends battle cancer. We have watched them become violently ill, lose their hair, and endure the side effects of chemotherapy while they fight for their lives. Some of us have been the ones fighting. This fall you can help produce a documentary that will share their stories and shed light on the complexities of life after cancer. Learn more at The Last Clean Scan.