Fashion Revolution Week was created to raise awareness around where and how fashion goods are produced after the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza complex killed 1,134 people and injured over 2,500 just outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The collapse was the deadliest in the history of the garment industry. Fashion Revolution encourages consumer transparency within the fashion industry and demands clothing be produced in safe, clean environments.

Our friends at Nisolo are celebrating Fashion Revolution Week through a curated Conscious Closet featuring 16 of our favorite ethical brands that are making it easier to shop responsibly. Many of these brands are on in our guide to Ethical & Fair Trade Clothing for their ethical labor practices and environmentally conscious production processes.

Participating brands in the giveaway include Yellow 108, which uses recycled materials to produce hats and other accessories, and Vitamin A, which makes sustainably produced swimwear. Other participating brands include Taylor StitchApolis and Zady.  

Giveaway ends 5/2. Enter here! Good luck!