Conscious Vloggers We Love

Searching for content on minimalism or need quick tips from a zero-waste pioneer? YouTube has you covered. The online content platform is home to thousands of sustainable and intentional living vloggers, all of whom are making useful and engaging content for their audiences. Because, if you haven't heard, videos are what’s hot in 2019. 

We anticipate that we’ll be spending a lot of time watching and learning this year. Here’s a list of who we’re following!

1. Matt D’Avella

Watch For | Professional, quality videos about minimalism & mindful living 
Start With | Get Your New Year's Resolutions to Stick

Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker and the creator of the award-winning documentary Minimalism. He invites YouTube viewers into his home as he shares about everyday topics from a minimalist perspective, including wellness routines, habits, finances, and mindful living spaces. Matt also hosts The Ground Up Show, a weekly podcast for creatives, featuring interviews with inspiring industry leaders. When we’re not tuning in on iTunes, we love watching the video recordings of each episode on his Youtube channel. 

Matt D’Avella on YouTube


2. Ahsante the Artist 

Subscribe For | Self-care advice & social and cultural awareness talks from a Harvard grad
Start With | How to Be a Good Ally - Identity, Privilege, Resistance

Learn, grow, do better, and be better is the mission behind Ahsante the Artist’s thriving Youtube channel. Focusing on content that inspires social awareness and encourages self care, Ahsante’s videos are both entertaining and moving—we always find ourselves challenged to better humans after consuming her content.

Ahsante the Artist on YouTube


3. Meghan Livingstone

Watch For | Warm and inviting videos about holistic living & wellness
Start With | Digestion 101 | The Basics + 5 Keys to Better Digestion

For YouTube videos about holistic and healthy living, Meghan Livingstone’s channel is where you can find us in 2019. A Toronto-based blogger and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Meghan’s warm personality shines through every video and we love her healthy recipe suggestions, simple living tips, and thoughts on self care. She’s also an excellent source for videos about gut health and digestion.

Meghan Livingstone on YouTube


4. The Girl Gone Green

Watch For | Practical tips and encouragement for zero waste living
Start With | Reducing Your Waste on the Go

Manuela Baron is The Girl Gone Green, and she’s talking about all things zero waste and sustainability on her Youtube channel. Bringing viewers content from abroad, as well as from her home in Florida, she’s on a mission to practice zero waste living regardless of where she’s at in the world, and she encourages others to do the same. Video topics include grocery store hauls, sustainable gift guides, zero waste Q&A’s, plant-based diet inspiration, and intentional living.

The Girl Gone Green on YouTube


5. The Minimalists

Watch For | Answers to all your questions about becoming a minimalist  
Start With | How Can We Apply Minimalism to Our Job?

After subscribing to Matt D’Avella, head on over to The Minimalists channel for even more videos about minimalism and intentional living. Hosted by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (stars of the Minimalism documentary), we are especially digging the Living Room Conversations series where the two guys answer viewer questions about leading more simple and meaningful lives. Like D’Avella, The Minimalists also publish video recordings of their acclaimed podcast.

The Minimalists on YouTube


6. Dearly Bethany

Watch For | Capsule wardrobe and ethical fashion inspiration 
Start With | How I Transform My Outfits from Basic to Chic

You may remember Bethany, aka Dearly Bethany or ‘The Outfits Girl,’ from when she hosted our Fashion Friday Video Series back in 2018. Well, she hasn’t stopped vlogging, and we love watching her channel for capsule wardrobes and minimalist fashion inspiration. Catch her on Youtube this year as she continues creating content—she has a goal of publishing 100 videos in 2019!

Dearly Bethany on YouTube


7. Amy Maxine

Subscribe For | Natural wellness tips and clean beauty tutorials
Start With | My Natural Skincare Routine

Have you ever wondered how to make your own beauty products? Amy Maxine has a video for that. A British Youtube personality loved especially for her episodes about caring for and styling naturally curly hair, Amy’s content is informative, inspiring, and all about embracing natural and more simplistic living. She’s also a new mom (or mum as they say in England). So, expect more episodes in 2019 about positive parenting and natural baby food.

Amy Maxine on YouTube


8. Lavendaire

Watch For | Personal growth and wellness talks
Start With | How to Live Your Best Life in 2019

With nearly 800,000 followers, Aileen Xu champions personal growth and development for creatives, dreamers, and artists alike. Her channel Lavendaire has a philosophy of being “for the artist of life,” and is loved by many for videos about goal setting, vision boards, decluttering challenges, and financial planning advice. This is one you’ll definitely want to binge while setting intentions for the New Year.

Lavendaire on YouTube


9. Shelbizleee

Watch For | Eco-realist tips and attaining a zero-waste lifestyle 
Start With | Which Reusable Straw is Best?

Shelbizleee (pronounced shell-biz-ul) is an eco-realist. She’s passionate about ditching plastic straws, thrift shop hauls, and speaking out against body shaming. We love her Youtube channel for real talks about all things zero-waste living, as well as her product reviews and the day-in-the-life videos she makes with her partner, Madison.

Shelbizleee on YouTube



Kayti Christian, a staff writer for The Good Trade, is a storyteller, creator, activist, and avid traveler hailing from Colorado, now living in London. With 30+ stamps in her passport, she is passionate about responsible tourism and is always looking for new ways to be a more conscious traveler. She is currently pursuing her MA in Creative Nonfiction Writing at City, University of London.